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characters Shatter the Suns ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ç No one is safe not with a horrifying new strain of Sleeping Sickness tearing through the population After fleeing the City with her friends Sev has one goal to find the cure her mother developed and put an end to the epidemic once and for all But decoding herOut “Port North” is easier said than doneNobody she talks to has heard of Port North and with only Tai ge and June on her side Sev fears Dr Yang will find the cure first and that he’ll use it to start a new world order under his ruleWith no leads Sev is running out of options until. Dear god I don't even know what to say Full review at Write Read Repeat Maybe hallelujah I finally reached the end of a book that felt like it was 2000 pages long I can't remember the last time it took me 3 weeks to finish a book I was consistently reading but good grief was this the book that never ends It wasn't a bad book at all but looking back I should have DNF'ed at 50% I wouldn't have missed a thing Let me be clear I'm gutted that I couldn't get behind this book The first in this trilogy was one of my favourite reads last year and set up for such a promising series And then I started reading this one and everything just sort of went downhill Seuel syndrome hit hardFor starters confusion was the riding emotion for the first 10% For me not the characters I thought I remembered what happened in the first I genuinely did And boy was I wrong Who is that character Who the f is this Where the hell are they WHAT IS GOING ONKnocked a whole star off right out the gate Then came the constant conversations and discussions between Sev and Tai ge and Sev and Howl and Sev and June This book probably would have been far enjoyable if it had been tightened up Maybe a hundred pages less It felt like nothing really happened because everything was bogged down by these conversations on trust or lack thereof Like we get it There's trust issues Moving on Any action was just lost in all these touchy feely chapters that followed or preceded it Another star lost Maybe it was the ARC version I got but man there was a disconnect at times Like transitions were missing When was that decided Why the heck is this happening Then again maybe I just drifted off and wasn't paying attention Let me repeat that this wasn't a bad book Sangster has incredible writing and she gets to the root of Sev's thoughts motivations and fears with surgical precision She is still as witty and delightful as ever as is Howl There's a dumbass love triangle but that was inevitable And I'm not mad with how it panned out I really don't know if I'll look for the third With the way this one went I think it would have been better as a duology

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She discovers someone hiding in the cargo hold of her heli plane Someone she thought was dead Someone with maps that could point the way to Port North if only she could read themUnfortunately the one person Sev never wants to see again might be the one person who can help her find the cu. A fascinating seuel that is character driven than plot driven As before I loved the characters and I can't wait to read the finale

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Shatter the SunsNo one is safe not with a horrifying new strain of Sleeping Sickness tearing through the population After fleeing the City with her friends Sev has one goal to find the cure her mother developed and put an end to the epidemic once and for all But decoding her mother’s last words to seek. Shatter the Suns by Caitlin Sangster is the second book in the Last Star Burning series The Last Star Burning series is a young adult science fictiondystopian fantasy read that continues over from book to book with Shatter the Suns picking up right after the first book left off so it is best to read the series in orderIn the first book readers were introduced to Sev who was branded as a traitor and criminal when she was only eight years old her only crime being her mother’s daughter Sev’s mother had betrayed their entire nation and her body was displayed in a paralyzed half sleep above Traitor’s Arch for all to see what happens when going against the city Sev’s mother had brought the same plague into their safe zone that now keeps her on display reminding all those of her crimesWhen Sev was out with her only friend who still treated her as if she were still the same girl before being branded a bomb exploded injuring them both When Sev awakens she found that the government was putting the blame for the bomb directly upon her so she had to either run or stay and possibly be killed for being a traitor Sev chose to run and this installment picks up where the last left off trying to find the cure for the Sleeping SicknessReading Last Star Burning last year the one thing I had absolutely loved with that opener to the series was that it had been non stop action and adventure with a strong female lead Starting out this second book of the series seemed the exact opposite of my feelings for the first book The story seemed to drag on and not really want to take off and go anywhere this time Really there wasn’t much in over a hundred pages and the one big thing that happened I was kind of scratching my head to remember as the author really didn’t do any kind of refreshing the story at the start of this book like most continuing series do So it may seem really odd but this series went from a 5 star opening down to 3 with this second installment and hopefully it was simply a case of that dreaded middle book slow downI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit