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PDF Ö BOOK Dead Promise Dead #2 FREE · LINDA WELLS ´ New York City becomes ground zero for a bioterrorism attack when a weaponized strain of avian influenza is released into the city subway The result is devastating—a deadly pandemic that threatens to tank the US economyEvidence leads FBI agents Georgiana Reed and MaAd a secret connection to a group known only as the Organization and its sinister Director who were operating to bring down the US economyWhen Chen’s love affair with a high ranking military officer puts the Organization at risk she is assassinatedAs Reed and Strickland draw closer to discovering the Director’s identity they struggle to hide the love affair they began in Dead Lov I left it a while before reviewing this book hoping a little delay would warm my feelings about it but sadly I can't go above 2 starsI really wanted to like the book It is a very brave and very difficult thing to go into writing after a career doing something completely different and I hope Linda Wells has a long and successful career as an author but sadly this book for me leaves a lot to be desiredThe premise and plot are really good and scarily plausible A bio terrorist attack an invisible enemy as it were and a race against time to halt it Not entirely original maybe but well delivered all the sameThere are two areas where the book falls short in my opinion One is the characters Well there are simply far too many of them It gets confusing and many of them have no real impact on the plot some just disappearing completely from the story at some point others being peripheral throughout and adding no value to the story whatsoever Other than adding yet love sex scenes the air crew character set and most of the hospital character set are completely superfluous Because there are too many characters few of them have any significant depth meaning you have little empathy with even the major charactersSecond is the writing itself The best writers leave us to fill in the spaces to draw our own conclusions and to use our imagination to add detail but unfortunately the writing here across both books in fact as they are definitely part 1 2 of the story rather than two of a series is highly repetitive and too literal in places We have to read about various characters for example watching a news bulletin which tells us what we have already read a few pages previously And we are told over and over again how this person or that person feels about a particular situation I feel the author is trying too hard to impress the plot and the characters upon us instead of having faith in her writing and in us as readers to get it More naïve writing than bad writing but it did border on tedious at times and it is testament to how much I wanted to like the book that I made it through as I came very close to giving up several timesMy final gripe is the ending which is all something of an anti climax The twist as to who was responsible was clever if a little far fetched in some ways but then the resolution was rather disappointing and over in a couple of pagesI hope Ms Wells perseveres and has great success but I think this book is not it Rather it is a step along the way a learning curve towards developing a style of writing to go with the clever imagination of an aspiring author

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E Now is not the time for emotional entanglements but passion has a way of sabotaging dutyChen’s grieving lover Colonel Maxwell Graham joins forces with Agents Reed and Strickland to hunt down the mysterious Director Can they stop the Organization’s twisted plot to destroy the United StatesThe government tries desperately to stem the chaos of the deadly pandemic But is it too lat A terrorist attack who done it with romance scattered inThis book was intriguing enough a virus is released and the authorities have to figure out who did it and why I was anxious to know what would happen and be uncovered Various chapters were narrated from the perspectives of varying characters which gave a nice perspective of all of the different pieces of the puzzle but was also often confusing Many of the characters' focuses were on romantic affairs rather than the plot which seemed extraneous Some of the characters appeared once or twice and then never returned and that made the story telling seem fragmented There was not much action unlike many other books in this genre but I didn't find myself necessarily wanting Then again there didn't seem to be much of a climax The mystery was slowly but surely solved and then it was over without any excitement or unexpected reveals Worth the read for people who like the genre and reading about relationships between people

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Dead Promise Dead #2New York City becomes ground zero for a bioterrorism attack when a weaponized strain of avian influenza is released into the city subway The result is devastating a deadly pandemic that threatens to tank the US economyEvidence leads FBI agents Georgiana Reed and Mark Strickland to a government research lab and a beautiful scientist Dr Suzy Chen She had access She had motive And she h The US struggles to fight a pandemic—with viral outbreaks in three major cities—while agencies search for the mastermind behind the biological assault in this seuelWells’ Dead Love 2013 latest novel picks up right where her preceding book left off She adeptly eases her audience into the story reintroducing characters with minimal exposition or recapping and even readers just joining the series shouldn’t be lost The no frills narrative complements the short chapters providing the tale with a brisk pace especially considering that it began in the midst of the action There’s a definite resolution—a couple of crucial deaths cap off some of the storylines—but plenty of lingering uestions remain enough for the series’ third entryA conventional thriller elevated by the author’s masterly juggling of characters and subplots Kirkus Reviews