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Tell Me No Lies Review Ì 102 á A riveting novel about secrecy complicated friendships and heartbreak set against the iconic backdrop of the late 1980s   Lizzy Swift is a senior in high school emerging from her nerd chrysalis to become a social butterfly She starts dating popular Matt Ashley whom she’s been pining for since freshman year She’s deliOpening art scene As Lizzy begins to uestion her own long held dreams the changes in her life mirror the upheaval of a decade marked by a drug epidemic and the AIDS crisis She’s no longer sure of her Ivy League ambition While she has a special connection with Matt something’s missing And Claire carries around a mysterious sadness and talks about a breakup so bad she changed schools but she won’t tell the whole story Lizzy wants Clair. Thank you to Algonuin Young Readers for the free review copyLizzy Swift has always felt invisible She isn’t part of the jocks or the popular kids She feels barely noticed by her own best friends–but it’s senior year so she’s determined to end her high school career on a high note Lizzy gets a perfect chance to start over when the new girl Claire Reynolds joins her AP art class Suddenly she’s going to clubs staying out late and hanging out with a new group of friends Tell Me No Lies set in the late 1980s reads like a classic teen movie about discovering yourselfContemporary YA readers will find a familiar story in this book set to the backdrop of a different time period Adele Griffin perfectly captures the agony of the last year of high school with loads of 1980s references Like high school seniors today Lizzy and her friends have to finish college applications–but race to the post office to make sure they’re mailed by the due date Nothing can easily be googled and music has to be played from cassettes Griffin also touches on the AIDS epidemic and how it effected even the smallest towns in America during the 1980s The music TV and pop culture references set this book securely in the ’80s But Griffin also includes the timeless feeling of being a wallflower Lizzy yearns to find something exciting to remember for the rest of her life when she thinks about her senior year She’s sick of staying in every weekend with her two best friends Mimi and Gage She immediately claims the new girl as her gateway to fun and creating a new version of herself But being friends with Claire is than she bargained for–Claire is moody unpredictable and has a secret from her old schoolWhile Lizzy is trying to find acceptance from Claire she also shifts other aspects of her life to fit in better She finally gets noticed by her longtime crush Matt Ashley and spends less time with Gage and Mimi Her grades start slipping and her parents try to crack down on her social life She also racks up credit card debt trying to keep up with her new lifestyle and has to have some embarrassing conversations about her financial situation Her longtime dream of going to Princeton is in flux when she gets a push in a different direction Lizzy is ready to step out and try to live without regret so she starts to change her longtime plans She doesn’t want to hide in the shadows of the halls of her high school any This book is a slow paced but introspective look at growing up and being true to who you really are Teen readers who are dealing with similar issues will connect with Lizzy’s struggles regardless of the time periodThe book begins with a flashback to Lizzy experiencing a seizure during chorus due to epilepsy She immediately dubs this experience as mortifying and spends the rest of her high school career trying to avoid triggers for seizures and hoping that no one remembers her condition Lizzy attends therapy sessions in the book and feels like she needs to hide her epilepsy from her new friends Therapy is shown in a positive light and several characters talk about the benefits of meeting with their therapists She struggles with accepting herself and hides what she can’t control Throughout the book Lizzy learns that everyone deals with some kind of inner struggle regardless of what their lives look like from the outsideThis book is a slower paced YA novel that still manages to reveal a few secrets and has some suspenseful moments It covers first loves heartbreak family relationships and friendships It deals with death by suicide the AIDS epidemic and uncertain futures because of diagnoses Even with the tougher topics it would be a good choice for a less experienced reader who might find a familiar character in Lizzy and her longing to be a different version of herself Tell Me No Lies provides a window into the 1980s through a character that teens from today can relate to

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E to confide in her even as she keeps her own embarrassing secrets     Before too long the heady thrill of her new life starts to crumble under insecurities and deceptions  When the truth emerges from the wreckage will it be too late for Lizzy Claire and Matt to save their love and friendships     Tell Me No Lies a companion to the acclaimed Be True to Me is a novel of unflinching emotional honesty about secrecy lies love and identity. Full review on Flipping Through the PagesActual rating 35 stars Trigger warnings suicide seizures mentions of rape and AIDSTell Me No Lies is an entertaining read It is set in late 80’s and follows the life of Lizzie our MC and the changes she is acuiring to Lizzie has Epilepsy and she often fights with mild concussions and rare seizures This is a secret she never wants to talk about with anyone because she was ashamed of it When a new girl Claire enters her school Lizzie finds a new friend in her and tried to be free and bold as her Claire is also hiding a secret about his ex boyfriend Jay Matt was a long time crush of Lizzie and when he finally shows her that he feels the same for her she was happy but terrified at the same time But when the friendship between Claire Matt and Dave started growing Lizzie finds herself out of the loop and then finds a hard hitting truthI’m really conflicted in my opinions about this book While I really enjoyed the plot somehow I wasn’t able to connect to any of the characters as much as I wanted toWhat I Liked The plot of the story was my favorite The story starts in summer and goes all the way till April next year Lizzie was in the senior year and she goes through so many changes in that year She befriends with Claire Dave and Matt while handling her seizures In each part of the story there was some plot to get you hooked to the story and turn the pages I loved Gage and Mini’s characters They were Lizzie’s childhood friends and was always there for her However when Claire enters Lizzie’s life she very much parted distance with them because of the things she wanted from her life Mini and gage were kinds of a nerd as was Lizzie before meeting Claire It definitely hurt me when Lizzie was drifting apart from them Though I don’t know much about the era of the 80s in foreign I loved some of the backdrops I have no idea about the 80s music for other countries but it definitely sounded like the good ones as many have definitely praised for the music As the title states there are so many secrets involved with everyone Lizzie kept her epilepsy as a secret and doesn’t want to tell about it to her new friends Claire has this whole kind of secret about her ex Matt and Dave had their own secrets All these secrets perfectly align with the title of the book This story perfectly captured the changing lives of teenagers Each of them had different ambitions but at the same time they were not sure what they want from their lives While deciding their future they go through acceptance and love along with changing relationships and how they affect them I really liked the writing style of the author This book was definitely long but because of her writing style I was able to end it sooner than expected I loved how the author ended the story There is no definite conclusion but you can sure make it as you like it That ending left many possibilities but in the end friendship was the outcome that I gatheredWhat I didn’t like I was not able to connect to the main character Lizzy as much as I wanted to Lizzy was sure a wonderful character but sometimes her decisions felt flat I hated when she abandoned her childhood friends Gage and Mini for being with Claire This book was definitely slow in the beginning It took a lot of concentration to continue reading it to 20% But I am glad after that it was uite easy to go through it I love a book with friendships Though this book had many aspects of friendships I am sad that none of them felt real Gage Mini and Lizzie were a friend since childhood and yet Lizzie always finds herself drifting apart from them Lizzie and Claire’s friendship too took a hard turn While I appreciate the lots of turns and secrets in the story I somehow felt that these secrets stopped the overall growth of Lizzie’s character Those secrets turned her from her real ambitions and friends and she found herself in many difficult situations at times It was good to read the 80s references But being a person who doesn’t know much about that era it was really difficult to get all those music references I really rooted for Mimi’s brother Theo I really wished there was part of him in the storyOverall this was a good read and an entertaining one The plot of the story is really good and the author’s writing will keep you hooked until the end The story captures so many aspects like friendships love and than that acceptance It is a perfect read for the people who enjoy stories set in the 80s It also covers a lot of issues and I loved the way authored has handled epilepsy It’s definitely something to look out for this summer Thank you Algonuin Young Readers the author for providing me a copy n exchange for an honest reviewBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Google |

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Tell Me No LiesA riveting novel about secrecy complicated friendships and heartbreak set against the iconic backdrop of the late 1980s   Lizzy Swift is a senior in high school emerging from her nerd chrysalis to become a social butterfly She starts dating popular Matt Ashley whom she’s been pining for since freshman year She’s delighted when rebellious new girl Claire Reynolds introduces her to Center City Philadelphia clubs street life and the eye. 25 STARS Set in the 1980s Philadelphia TELL ME NO LIES explores high school senior Lizzie’s coming of age through her friendships love interest and career aspirations Adele Griffin’s writing and character development are always spot on though not enough happened in TELL ME NO LIES to hold my interest After graduating from college I moved in Philly in 1985 I loved having visited many of the places she mentioned drove the roads Lizzie and her friends did even if she did have a active social life than me In high school I had been a less talented version of good girl Lizzie the responsible student who didn’t have a lot of fun I was like her friends never having the longing to step out of the mold so in that way I understood Lizzie but couldn’t personally relateTELL ME NO LIES addresses the secrets we keep and our reasons which seem absolutely necessary at the time for keeping themTHEMES friendship LGBT AIDS sexual abuse coming of age