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review ¶ E-book, or Kindle E-pub × Meredith Miller Violence in the small suburban town of Highbone Long Island is escalating and best friends Joan and Daisy are finding themselves in the centre of itJoan has always been fascinated by the inner workings of living things dogfish eels stingrays But the she sees of life outside her microscope th. You know how someone will say something is strange but in a good way That is exactly what I think when I am reading books by Meredith Miller Strange but definitely in a good way that makes you want to know How We Learned to Lie is one of those books with whimsy tons of allure and a heavy focus on character developmentThe story begins with blood and ends with blood Joan and Daisy are best friends They have been ever since that fateful day when Daisy found Joan in the river He thought she was dead but she was just testing the limits of holding one's breath Joan has a mother who would rather run a theatre than be at home with her kids and Daisy has a mother who is pretty much DOA His father is in jail while Joan's father is actually in her life Many things about their lives bond them together but one thing tears them apart and sends their worlds spinning out of control Daisy's brother Robbie showing up at Joan's doorstep with blood all over his hands Daisy and Joan need each other now than ever but too many things are wrenching them apartThe author gave us the point of view of the same events from both Daisy and Joan I enjoyed seeing the same thing from both perspectives When we were with Joan we really didn't get to know Daisy very well because he was uiet kept to himself and was always tinkering with something I thought Joan would understand Daisy's tinkerings because of how she felt about science and cutting things open but she always seemed to try and push him further than she should have I actually liked Daisy's perspective a bit better It seemed a bit real and a whole lot sadder I could definitely see how they drifted apart Doesn't make it any less heartbreaking thoughAside from the character development the book also had a mystery ish plot There were violent acts murders and drugs being soldtaken All of this happening doesn't sound so strange but considering the size of the town and the fact that the book took place in the early 1980's it was definitely concerning And the person who MIGHT be doing these things Even concerning especially for Daisy and JoanIn the end I loved how this book though not connected took place in the same town as the author's previous book Little Wrecks It felt nice to read the name Highbone and actually recognize it I always enjoy when authors give us readers those little tidbits to hold on toOverall I gave the book 45 stars

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Free download How We Learned to Lie ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Violence in the small suburban town of Highbone Long Island is escalating and best friends Joan and Daisy are finding themselves in the centre of itJoan has always been fascinated by the inner workings of living things dogfish eels stingrays But the she s Om putting everyone close to them in dangerWhen tragedy strikes too close to home Joan and Daisy need each other than ever But no matter how hard they try their secrets and lies have driven them apart It’s only a matter of time before their friendship just like their town goes up in flames. Summary Joan Harris and Daisy McNamara have been childhood friends ever since the day that Daisy found Joan floating in the river and thought she was dead Joan was really just trying to see how long she could hold her breath They were forever friends until one night changes all that Joan runs into Daisy's older brother Robbie covered in blood and this single event causes their world to spiral out of control Their friendship had always been built in trust and love and now Joan and Daisy are lying to each other without meaning to This is a story of a friendship that should have lastedOpinion The writing in this book is beautiful and lyrical and heavily focused on character development Miller has a way with words that makes me salivate and dream about my own writing style achieving the same level as her The style reminds me uite a bit of Celeste Ng and it's mostly this writing style that helped the book earn all it's stars This one is one that focuses on character development than anything else We get to see how sixteen years old best friends Daisy and Joan are inseparable until one violence filled summer changes that all The two start lying to each other without realizing that they are and they just can't seem to stop We see phone phreaking look it up it's a real thing obsessed Daisy struggle to keep his failing family apart With an older brother who seems to be directly involved with the violence in the town a father who's in jail for a white collar crime and a mother who barely gets out of bed Daisy only has Joan as his constant until he doesn't Then there's observant science obssessed Joan who lives with her Grampa father two older brothers and a mother who lives at home but spends all her time living in the city to follow her dream of being in theater Her rock and constant was Daisy until he wasn't Everything changes on the night that Joan runs into Daisy's older brother Robbie and Robbie's hands are covered in blood Joan suspects the worst when another guy Ray disappears from school This is the first lie Joan tells Daisy just to protect him but it proves to spiral their friendshipMiller structures the book with each chapter being from the point of view of Joan or Daisy which works because we get to see two different sides of the same event What doesn't work about this is the timeline of events in the story At the same time that the story moves forward it also takes steps back For example Daisy explained the night of the hurricane in detail and Joan's next chapter starts discussing from the day before the hurricane So it made things kind of confusing until I got used to the style at about 25% of my Kindle ARC Also the subplot as it was with the drugs murders and violence take on a super twisted turn and it just seemed ridiculously far fetched I didn't like that this was a subplot but it's because I'm a fiend for murder mysteries The story overall does focus on those times in our lives when we grow apart from our closest friends It's happened to us all and this story really captures this process That's why I gave it as many stars as I did even though some may argue that nothing happened

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How We Learned to LieE she realizes that people aren’t as easy to read as cells on a slide and no one not even Daisy tells the truthDaisy’s always wished he had a family like Joan’s and that desire has only grown since his dad went to jail But not even Joan can help Daisy keep his deadbeat older brother fr. This book was provided to me from Edelweiss and The Fantastic Flying Book Club in exchange for an honest review I swear on my bookshelf that this has not affected my opinion of the bookThis review and other bookish shenanigans can be found on my original blog Crazy for YAAnyone who has friends which I hope includes everyone reading this knows that friendship is not always pretty Friends bicker over food directions clothes Contrary to popular belief best friends are not the same person friendship does not erase a person's uniue personality However when friendship is even addressed which is not as often as I would like the focus is on the happy sunshine version of friendship that involves warm fuzzy feelings without the hardships of friendship Friends are supporting characters and stay true to their assigned role supporting the character in everything that they do without much conflictHow We Learned to Lie thankfully does not cater to the picture perfect vision of friendship or life Highbone is not a nice town and Daisy and Joan's friendship is not perfect And they are both interesting in their imperfections You may not like Highbone but you will love to hate it You will learn who works it how it works and maybe even why it works that way it doesThe story is told through the alternating perspectives of both Daisy and Joan with each voice distinctive and evocative I didn't even need the chapter headings to tell which character was speaking At some points I couldn't even believe that the POVs were written by the same author Daisy and Joan aren't opposites exactly but they are complements to each other both in style and personality Each one was fully fleshed out as a character with their own worldviews desires and complications I have to admit that I liked Daisy's chapters probably just because I can relate to him but Joan's chapters were also enlightening Miller's descriptive and thoughtful style pervades both voices and adds consistency in a world driven by disasterHow We Learned to Lie is very much a character driven story Daisy's and Joan's experiences and contrasting perceptions of those experiences create the entire story Even though I enjoyed both of their voices I wished that there was action The beginning of the novel started off slowly with foundation for suspense than action The novel is told as if Daisy and Joan are actually telling the reader a story around a campfire a scary story with background and underlying tension than forward motion There were constant hints about something huge happening but the pay off was very small in the first two thirds of the storyAs a character driven novel How We Learned to Lie excels in telling a story focused on friendship family and all of the relationships that define our lives the good the bad and the deadly The nasty and gritty details of life are not sugar coated but rather dealt with through the struggles of two brutally honest teenagers Despite the title this story does not lie about the hardships of life or the difficulties of being a teenager in a world that wants to eat you alive