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READ Û Blood Will Out ´ Ari Sullivan is alive—for nowShe wakes at the bottom of a cistern confused injured and alone with only the shadowy recollection of a low pitched voice and a gloved hand No one can hear her screams And the person who put her there is coming back The killer is planning a gruesome masterpiece a fairytale tableau of innocence and blood mVal Stroud Bellows fantasizing about their two point four kids future together Safe in her small hometown of Dempsey Hollow But now her community has turned very dangerous and Ari may not be the only intended victi. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read this bookI seriously think this book needs to be reformatted or something; the chapter headings sometimes appeared at the end of the paragraph and then the word say it was 'Ari' appeared like thisAri shoutedIt was super annoying It looks unprofessional and threw me off every time Add to that the blatant spelling errors and times there was no space between words and the whole book just appeared like it wasn't ready to be published yet Also the writing is clunky and repetitive and I just generally didn't enjoy it I will say i was surprised at the 'serial' killer but because the writing wasn't leading me any where let alone towards understandingThere are elements of a story here but it needs a bit of editing I actually considered DNFing numerous times but continued on simply because it was an ARC Two stars

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Ari Sullivan is alive for nowShe wakes at the bottom of a cistern confused injured and alone with only the shadowy recollection of a low pitched voice and a gloved hand No one can hear her screams And the person wh. ☾⋆ — 1 ★arc provided from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review thank you Penguin Random House Canada i don’t mean to sound nasty but this is probably one of the worst books i’ve read in my entire life i don’t even know where to begin it wasn’t an enjoyable read that’s for sure it was barely even entertaining and for a supposed thriller and the definition of the word ‘thriller’ in all its forms a novel play or movie with an exciting plot typically involving crime or espionage this book was just a big old farce the writing was probably the worst part i don’t know how this book made it past anyone’s desk with a sign of approval or if Jo Treggiari’s editors and proofreaders were just flat out lying to her when they sent the manuscript back to her with positive feedback from inconsistent missing personalities and bland characters to probably the worst metaphors i’ve ever encountered in any book ever i took to highlighting some of the peak moments of this book such as ● “Slowly her prefrontal lobe threaded the memories together” ● “He was close near enough to smell the pond water in his hair”● “ just a few hairs curling around his nipples”● “Ditto bitch goddess”● “You’ve been staring at Miranda for half an hour” “Not Miranda her boobage”● “She could smell something sweet and gassy like rotten potatoes in a plastic bag” that is so BEYOND specific i have no idea what to do with myself ● “ want to peel him like a green stick” ● “She jumped back about ten feet”● “Gwen had worked at the truck stop when she wasn’t working at the bar heh heh” YES THE “HEH HEH” WAS PHYSICALLY WRITTEN INTO THE FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEWi don’t even want to get into the actual plot because it was so beyond boring that i don’t even think it’s worth it i truly honestly didn’t care who was the killer i didn’t care about any of the characters who were getting killed either and everything was so inexplicably predictable the murderer’s pov chapters were maybe the silver lining of this book but in the end the person who was actually the killer turned out to be somebody who was so intrinsically irrelevant to the story that i was actually furious for a second there also HUGE TRIGGER WARNING FOR ANIMAL ABUSE i know i said i don’t mean to sound nasty and i don’t but this book was truthfully a total waste of time


Blood Will OutO put her there is coming back The killer is planning a gruesome masterpiece a fairytale tableau of innocence and blood meticulously designedUntil now Ari was happy to spend her days pining for handsome recent arri. I received an ARC of this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis is your typical story about a girl who gets kidnapped and tries to run away from the killer all the while the reader is trying to figure out who the killer actually is There was one thought constantly running through my mind while reading this entire book which was when is the book going to end I had too many problems with this story to even remotely enjoy it 1 I know this book isn't going to be published until next year but that doesn't mean you don't have to format the ebook properly for your early readers I mean the formatting and structure was just AWFUL2 Most of the paragraphs weren't indented 3 The ha ha's in parentheses in inner thought dialogue was so unsophisticated 4 Sentences were randomly split in the middle and started on the next line5 Spelling mistakes6 Grammar mistakes7 And too many mistakes to rememberThis novel is supposed to a YA SuspenseThriller Books of this genre are supposed to make me think and wonder They're supposed to keep me at the edge of my seat trying to discern who the killer it But this author didn't make me feel any of those things I didn't even care about discovering who the psychopath was due to me constantly counting down the pages until I was done Not to mention how cheesy and repetitive the writing wasAlas I did complete the book But only because it wouldn't have been fair for to give this book a bad review without finishing it especially because it hasn't been released yetBut god the book DRAGGED It pulled me in at the beginning The story starts with the protagonist gaining consciousness in the bottom of a cistern not knowing how she got there But then I was half way through the bookAND SHE WAS STILL IN THE SAME SPOT I kid you not You spend half the book reading about the protagonist being stuck at the bottom of a well The little amount of time she spent in consciousness shouldn't have taken up 50% of the story There's only so many different ways you could describe a character feeling cold scared and alone Honestly this story had good potential I know there are a lot of murder mystery books out there but a good YA one is hard to find And that's another thing This is both YA and not YA It's YA in the sense that the writing isn't sophisticated enough to be considered Adult Its way too easy to read and understand But it's also not YA because part of the story is told from a psychopath's point of view And that POV is very descriptive in the killings and the slicings and the sadistic feelings the murderer experiences during vile actions It's justtoo descriptive to be considered young adult If anything it should be New AdultI wouldn't recommend this book to anyone If you're a huge fan of mysterythriller books then there's a good chance you'd hate this Because you've probably read much much better But if you've never really given your reading attention to this particular genre and would like to try it then maybe you'd enjoy this