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characters Six Months to Live ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ½ Thirteen is supposed to be a great age—dances cheerleading boys—she never thought it would also include cancer Dawn Rochelle is about to face the toughest fight of her life—a fight she has to win Otherwise she has only six months to liveHt of her life a fight she has to win Otherwise she has only six months to live. I'm not sure how I got a hold of this book except that the title seemed compelling It turned out to be about a girl named Dawn who's diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia at age 13 This book was enjoyable for me for two reasons One I got to learn a ton of words I didn't know how to pronounce and associate them with medical terminology; and two I got very attached to the protagonist as she began her fight against cancer Now this book was extremely depressing No one wants to think about how terrible it must be to think you're getting weird bruises because you're a cheerleader and then find out you've got blood cancer and you have to get poisoned by chemotherapy until it dies just hoping you survive longer than the cancer And no one wants to think about how you get attached to your companion in cancer suffering your roommate and worrying about whether she'll survive too But I loved Dawn's will and her friendship with Sandy and even though I was horrified I appreciated that the author did not skimp on the details of how terrible cancer is If you don't want to read about stuff like the trauma of hair loss the horror of growing so skinny that your own bones can bruise you or the disgusting things chemotherapy can do to you do not read this book I had absolutely no experience with cancer in my family or among my friends so this was a huge wake up call for me and I still think about it sometimes Dawn's psychological fight against cancer was inspiring too She drew pictures of her favorite teddy bear killing cancer cells and used the image to make her stronger Watching Dawn and Sandy beat cancer go to cancer camp with other teens who'd had similar fights make lifelong friends and deal with sobering truths was really sad and inspiring and overall a great slice of human experience

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Ht it would also include cancer Dawn Rochelle is about to face the toughest fig. I bought this book when i was in the 3rd grade if i remember right I Have the first published addition I bought it and Mother Please Don't Die and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep all at our Book Fair that year The reason i bought the book was because when i was reading the back the word CANCER jumped out at me My Grandmother the most precious person in my life just told me she had breast cancer I know i was young and all but i've always been an old soul So anyways I bought all these books because they were about cancer I didn't know there where diffrent kinds of cancers and tumorsI just know my grandma had both I cried and cried when I read these books i cried and i worried But i guess in a way they also helped me prepair for what was to come in real life I lost my Beloved Grandma when I was 13 years oldshe fought long and she fought hard to stay with us as long as she couldshe died at the young age of 57 and I was there with her until her last breath I think that is the reason Lurlene McDaniel will always be a favorite author of mine She helped me understand and prepair for the hardest thing any of us ever have to go throughLosing those we love the most I'm 35 now and i read the Dawn Series over and over again even to this daythey make me sad and they make me happy because i remember reading them with my Grandma

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Six Months to LiveThirteen is supposed to be a great age dances cheerleading boys she never thoug. well she got seven months at least my beloved maggie succumbed to her cancer last night going dark for a bit to mourn the best cat i ever knew so it turns out my baby has the cancer and like the girl in this book she's been given six months but what i learned from this book no spoiler warning needed since the fact that this thing has seuels spoils it for you already is that six months can easily turn into years if you drink enough watermelon milkshakes and have a plucky attitudei mean look at her does this look like a cat with six months to live it does NOTapril may be the cruelest month but i'm not letting it take my catrecognizedear this articlehttpwwwvulturecom201406i was yes yes a million times yes how many times did i read this book seven thousand is my best guess from it i learned that cancer can be cured with a watermelon milkshake and a positive attitude which i think is still medically accurate and i also learned that i will never be one who cries at books nor at FIOS movies but that i still love this kind of grief porn like crazy lurlene mcdaniel you still rock my heart