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How do you live after deathJulie Nolan is a pretty average girl with pretty average problems She’s been in love with her best friend Lorelei ever since they met in grade three Only Lorelei doesn’t know about it she’s too busy trying to set Julie up with Henry her ex who Julie finds in a w. First 2018 LGBT book read – My goal is to read fifty of them35 stars Julie the main character grows on you The first page is irksome because she proudly admits her teacher is in love with her and that is not something to be happy or boastful about But Julie receives a slap in the face early in the book and this particular slap that concerns her mother too starts to make her look at her family and friendship with Lorelei differentlyYou see her mother thinks she is dead so she makes Julie drive to graveyards talk about her in past tense and lie to her dad about it Actually because of Julie’s mother’s behaviour I felt as though there was magical realism in this storyBut there isn’t It’s simply a feeling though not an unreasonable one seeing that I have never encountered such a character before in my reads The ending though makes it clear that this was no magical realism story Lorelei is a manipulative girl Given her family’s relationship with religion you’d think she’d be less selfish and partyboy focused I often prayed for that moment Julie realizes her best friend is not her best friend after all to arriveOverall this is an emotional story Lorelei makes it hard to enjoy it than I did because she is shallow and has all the wrong priorities Fortunately Julie’s character development is admirable and seeing how much she cares for her mom warmed my heart She needs help It takes time for Julie to realize that mostly because she doesn’t want her family to fall apartAlthough I haven’t mentioned him so far there is another very important character in this story Henry Lorelei’s ex boyfriend and another character who grows on you That’s all I’ll say however because the rest you must discoverEnjoyed uite fast paced emotional and well written Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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Past TenseOrd vapidBut life gets complicated when Julie comes home to find her mother insisting that her heart is gone Pretty soon it becomes clear Julie’s mom believes that she has diedHow is Julie supposed to navigate her first year of high school now while she’s making midnight trips to the gravey. Julie Nolan is just another teenager who’s madly in love with her best friend Lorelei  She’s obsessed with her and spends a lot of time hunting down the perfect opportunity to come out and profess her undying love  Once she does she knows in her heart that Lorelei will reciprocate this love and they will live happily ever after  But Julie’s home life is getting in the way with her grand plans Her mother who just gave birth to Julie’s younger brother has started to act strangely  Her mother has become meek and muted  At night she takes Julie to the graveyard where she asks Julie to bury her and give a eulogy  She’s nothing like the vibrant full of life person she once was  She’s convinced that she doesn’t have a heartbeat that she isn’t breathing that she’s deadAt first Julie’s singular obsession with her best friend was a tad tedious  But do you remember when you were that age A crush or “being in love” would often demand all of your attention Star Spider does a fabulous job of replicating the teenage experience and manages to craft Julie into a three dimensional character Sure she’s obsessed with her best friend but she has other personality traits that she demonstrates and gets to develop over the course of the novel She shows compassion for her teacher who she thinks is in love with her She demonstrates maturity and a deep love and concern for her infant brother when her mother starts to act strangeThis brings me to the title “Past Tense” How clever At the graveyard Julie’s mother asks her to give a eulogy  She corrects her when she starts – saying that it has to be in past tense “Past Tense” aptly describes all the themes in this book  Julie is evolving into a new person and by the end she’s nothing like the person she was in the beginning of the bookAs the novel progresses Julie starts to develop self awareness There’s an event that’s a turning point for Julie but her evolution is gradual and beautifully conceived  Julie becomes able to evaluate her relationship with her best friend  She develops a friendship with a boy in her school Henry It’s refreshing to see that her new relationship isn’t insta love like what she had with Lorelei  Julie has grown and evolved into a person who can see beyond looks and superficial charm and she develops a true connection at a deeper level  This self realization is also demonstrated in her relationship with her mother  While giving the eulogy for her mother she says that her mother was “wonderful” Julie ruminates over this term the shallowness of it and how she should be able to probe deeper If nothing else when Julie’s mother truly does die Julie will be able to give a fabulous eulogyJulie’s relationship with her mother is fascinating  From the beginning of the book her mom is already suffering from some sort of mental illness yet we know that Julie and her mother were very close before the events of this book begin  Instead of just telling us that they were close Star Spider demonstrates this with absolutely heart wrenching little anecdotes at the beginning of each chapter  They’re short yet powerfully demonstrative of the relationship they once had  In the past her mother was dynamic and full of life and absolutely attentive to her daughter which makes it even

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Free download Past Tense í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ý How do you live after deathJulie Nolan is a pretty average girl with pretty average problems She’s been in love with her best friend Lorelei ever since they met in grade three Only Lorelei doesn’t know about it—she’s too busy trying to set Julie up with Henry her ex Ard to cover her mother with dirt lay flowers and make up eulogies And why is Henry the only person Julie feels comfortable turning to If she wants to get through this Julie’s going to have to find the strength she never knew she had and learn how to listen to both her mom’s heart and her o. With an authentic teenage voice I fell into PAST TENSE immediately A smooth read filled with the intense crushes that consume us in our teens I got caught up in Julie's crush on her best friend Lorelei But things are never easy and the complicated nature of female friendship came into play and all the while Julie's mother is in the midst of some sort of breakdown I can see why Star Spider's writing has been long listed for prizes as this was an engaging story with rising tension towards the end I thoroughly enjoyed PAST TENSE and would highly recommend it especially for Canadian readers familiar with Toronto as it's always awesome to recognize locations Big thanks to HarperCollins Canada and Frenzy for an ARC