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CHARACTERS Ô The Summer Boys ¿ Everyone in Tenney’s Harbor Maine has heard of the Garrison tragedy A mysterious fire A family of five reduced to one For people like Pearl Haskins—whose dad was the caretaker of the Garrison property when the house went up in flames—the whispers about that night are than upsetting They hurt With her disgraced fatheEveryone in Tenney’s Harbor Maine has heard of the Garrison tragedy A mysterious fire A family of five reduced to one For people like Pearl Haskins whose dad was the caretaker of the Garrison property when the house went up in flames the whispers about that night are than upsetting They hurt With her disgraced father now trying to find steady work in between booze benders Pearl is stuck waiting tables at the town’s country club where the rich town. It seemed everyone felt fascination meets revulsion in Tristan Garrison's presence followed by but the police cleared him; they let him go didn't they Somehow it wasn't a comfort Not at allOver the past year I've become an avid fan of Gillian French; her writing is so character driven and atmospheric that it takes little to no effort in being transported to the setting of each of her novels When I first saw the cover reveal for  The Lies They Tell I knew I had to get my hands on a copy and I'm so glad I did This story was a seamless blend of mystery suspense and intrigue while also maintaining a traditional YA Contemporary feel which is no easy feat If you enjoy a plot that deals with dark heavy content while sustaining a lighter summer read feel this may be the book for youAs stated above this is a character driven novel that centers around the past and present; the reader is guided along a thrilling path where both sides of the story are open ended  Who really torched the Garrison estate Why did Tristan survive Will Pearl clear her father's name and reinstate his good reputation How much danger is she really in As the reader we find the answer to all these uestions and and while I've heard that some people had this one solved from the beginning and others were 100% shocked by the ending I think I was blissfully somewhere in between The answer to the whodunnit did cross my mind a few times but I still felt that I grappled with other solutions and genuinely felt the stun at the big reveal regardless of my prior thoughtsI can't really say about the plot for fear of spoilers but if we're being honest my favorite things to talk about here are the characters and atmosphere I have always dreamed of traveling seaside in Maine and each time the urge hits me I grab one of two authors Stephen King and Gillian French While their writing style and content are on opposite ends of the spectrum I find they both deliver the setting immaculately in their novels and fill a void in my reading soul that I didn't even know existed before The writing is lush and descriptive in a natural way; instead of telling you what a summer in Tenney's Harbor is like she says Here let me show you The characters fit right into this style of writing as well; emotion is conveyed effectively and I felt those moments with Pearl as she experienced innocent young love with Reese turmoil over her father's situation and terror as she realizes who murdered Tristan's entire familyThe sign of excellent YA fiction is when it can reach beyond the scope of teenagers and lure in readers of all ages and the author has given us such an excellent example of this with The Lies They Tell While a good bit of the middle portion is a slow burn I believe the patient character intrigued reader will really take to this growing build up and find themselves gripped from beginning to end Highly recommended for those looking for a book that's not too dark but not too light over the summerMany thanks to the author and publisher for providing me an advance review copy Mood board images acuired via We Heart It and can be found on my original post HERE

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Speople come in the summer to flaunt their money and gossip about one anotherThis year a group of privileged boys has made a point of sitting in Pearl’s section throwing careless insults her way while also attempting to flirt Though she’s repulsed by everything they stand for she’s drawn to the uiet leader of the pack Tristan the last surviving Garrison He wasn’t home the night a blaze took his entire family and the sadness coming off him in w. My Book ish Blog | InstaI was really hoping this was going to be sweaty atmospheric summer thriller But I only got 1 out of 2 from that listDepending on what’s important to you – the atmosphere or the thrills – you’re either going to love this or notImmediately upon starting this I got a Revenge meets Gossip Girl meets Riverdale vibe It’s got that spoiled teens with no adult supervision in the Hamptons thing going onIt’s very rich versus poor The pool owners and the pool cleaners The haves and the have notsThe novel opens with a bang so to speak when the Haves suffer a tragedy the year prior – the Garrison estate goes up in flames killing four members of the family The only survivor is their teenage son Tristan The town is straight shooketh casting blame and suspicion on the members of the Have Nots because of course the poor people want to kill the “elites” Right ‘MuricaThis is definitely of a character driven novel than I was expecting and honestly the town of Tenney’s Harbour the coastal Maine community setting is really the most impressive character any way you look at it When the summer rolls around again and the rich people start doing whatever rich people do in the summer which I guess is infiltrate coastal towns and become country club zombies in white shorts I was immediately transported to a state I’ve never visited before but I felt like I hadIt was such a heightened romanticized idea of Maine that Gillian French painted that I could feel every colour used to bring it to lifePearl the main character is from “the other side of the tracks” Her father a single father and a drunk is a maintenance man for rich people but he isn’t getting very much work since the fire – he’s one of the Have Nots under suspicion Pearl serves rich people as a waitress at the country club The setting is created in such a way that as Pearl fluctuates between these two worlds you really feel the shift From the country club grounds where rich people are wearing boat shoes probably to the backrooms where the employees can be found being all resentful and shit From yacht parties with no adult supervision back to Pearl’s little house where she supervises her drunk ass dadThis is honestly the best part of the whole book It’s A next level setting And nothing else in the book lived up to thisThe idea is that Pearl is going to become friends with Tristan’s group of cliuey polo wearing dudebros to get the inside scoop on the fire so that her father will stop drinking and get his life back on trackBut Pearl is kind of a boring main character The Haves she befriends are stereotypes we’ve seen in every other teen story since the beginning of time The girls are snotty and vapid The guys are one unattended drink away from becoming another white boy who’s given probation because “he’s a really good swimmer” after pulling a WeinsteinThe mystery of who started the fire and killed the Garrison family is answered almost immediately the culprit being completely obvious So much of the novel felt like a bad teen soap opera – who likes who and who wants to sleep with who and who has already slept with who – as it plodded on towards an ending I could see coming since the prologueIt was billed as a thriller I was expecting some goddamn thrillsInstead I got loafers and champagne and some snotty bitches pointing out that clearly Pearl doesn’t belong because she just a waitress while Pearl uietly thinks to herself “who set the fire” and planning to Molly Ringwald her way into a dress she hopes will help her fit in among designer labelsSo while the setting and the class divide was done to perfection the rest of this novel felt flat to me It’s definitely a sweaty atmospheric novel But it’s hardly a thriller barely a mystery It’s probably better categorized as contemporary YA And that’s just not my thingTHE BLURB IS A LIEThis was a letdown overall That cover though25 stars rounded down

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The Summer BoysAves is hard to ignore Befriending the summer boys might irk her to her core but inside their fold of elite parties and reckless whims could be answers to what happened the night of the fire And that’s just what she findsHidden beneath the glittering façade of wealth and luxury Pearl discovers a dark and twisted web of lies and betrayals that once untangled will leave no life in Tenney’s Harbor unchanged That isif it doesn’t take Pearl’s firs. Disclaimer This book was sent to me by the author Gillian French for an honest reviewA uadruple homicide rich Summer boys a drunk father and unattainable lovePearl Haskins is about to have the summer of her lifeThe Lies They Tell documents Pearl’s time working the summer at the Tenney’s Harbor Country Club as a server to the rich and dismissive families of the elite As a lower class working townie Pearl is well–aware of the divide between the Summer crowd and those who reside in TH year round The summer boys come from extreme wealth and they have reputations for starting flings with townie girls and discarding them by the end of summer Having resided there all her life and her father working as a caretaker for the homes of these families Pearl has always known to keep her distance and to not get involvedSo naturally when Bridges one of the summer boys who is close friends with Tristan Garrison asks Pearl out I was instantly screaming DON’T DO IT He’s playing a trick on you He just wants sex HAVEN’T YOU SEEN CARRIE But don’t worry guys she doesn’t get murdered or assaulted on their first outing or even the one after that whew The story takes the reader through Pearl’s summer as she gets to know the boys she has always seen at a distanceFor Pearl she justifies her time with them as a means to get closer to Tristan in order to learn the truth of the murders and in turn hopefully redeem her father’s reputation which had been soiled by rumors that he was drunk on the job on night of the murders But as she gets closer to Bridges and his friends she begins to see a new side of them They seem genuine and caring and she even begins to enjoy the friendships that begin to blossomOf course my favorite character in this story has to be Pearl She embodies the anxieties and stresses that being an eighteen year old girl represents She is sassy and has uick remarks to protect herself but deep down she just wants to feel accepted and desired like everyone else I was constantly smirking at her uick wit and ability to adapt to the situations she was thrown in The girl is sharp and knows how to handle herself and I love her for it When it comes to the summer boys this girl can hold her own but when it comes to her best friend ReesesighThat boy deserves to be slapped for the way he treats her in this and that’s all I am going to sayBut the real focus of this story is Tristan and the death that surrounds him After losing his entire family for some reason he comes back to TH to spend the summer with his friends – doing way too much cardio and barely eating Soon after the murders he was brought in by the police as a suspect but the charges were dropped after he provided an alibi and proof that he was hours away at the time of the crime Due to the trauma that he recently had to endure it’s not surprising that he acts distant and prefers to be alone But what is really intriguing about him is the thick fog of mystery that surrounds his character The author does an excellent job of making you dissect everything he says and does because you aren’t sure if you are supposed to love or hate himHe seems constantly lost in his thoughts and gives off the impression of not paying attention to anything around him but its actually the opposite He is sharp and opinionated but not in a malicious or cruel way His intelligence shines through and it is so easy to see the positive ualities in him that draw others in And to be honest he is just begging to be drooled over With his uninterested facial expressions uiet and closed off demeanor and resident tortured bad boy aura – it was impossible not to fall in love with him Tristan is the sorrowful beauty of a male who goes from king of the ball to social pariah overnight and that’s just the beginning of his intrigueThe author pulls you into the lives of the characters in such a natural and realistic way She perfectly showcases the awkward encounters between boys and girls the pressures and expectations that are put on you by your peers and the person you have to morph into the fit in These characters decisions are dictated by a look of expectancy or by a tension in the air that whispers prove yourself prove that you are worthy It made me angered and sad for what it means to be a teen but it also gives me a thrill for how well French was able to shed light on how it truly isI was hooked on this story from the first page until the last staying up into the wee hours of the morning to devour it It’s a steady paced YA mystery that gives subtle hints throughout the story but keeps the reader completely in the dark until the end As a true crime fanatic I gravitate towards stories that slowly blossom and give insight into the human psyche I want to know how the characters act to trauma or heated situations I want to witness their reactions read their body language and dissect the words and phrases they choose I want to decide who is at fault by the evidence presented and Gillian French allowed me to do just that In my book this was a win and I absolutely love that it ended with answers shrouded in even mystery