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Free read º Zombie Abbey à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï 1920 England And the three teenage Clarke sisters thought what they’d wear to dinner was their biggest problem Lady Kate the entitled eldest Lady Grace lost in the middle and wishing she were braver Lady Lizzy so endlessly sunny it’s easy to underestimate her Then thIng young duke; and Fanny Rogers the unsinkable kitchen maidUpstairs Downstairs Toss in some farmers and villagers None of them ever expected to work together for any reasonBut none of them had ever seen anything like th. I want to thank Entangled Teen for sending this book to me last year for an honest review I received this book like I said last year I picked it up right when I got it but then I put it down I tend to do that when my TBR changes Overall this is a fluff horror novel set in 1920 Englandwith zombies 3 starsI have to say I did have some objections with this book The first being the time frame This is set in 1920 They do talk about a war I'm assuming its WWI but the characters feel older than the twentieth century I know nothing of English or British history and the ways a large household is run However while reading this it reminded me of a house run in the Georgian era which was between 1738 1820 or so In this book there is the homestead Porthampton Abbey where our well to do family live The father Martin Clarke his wife Fedelia and their three daughters Katherine Elizabeth and Grace The dowager Clarke and Fedelia's father also live in the house with a large staff of maids cooks footmen and butler The men and women are helped with dressing and doing their hair Porthampton Abbey is out in the country which is near the small town that holds the estate's farmers Outside of that circle is the village Now again I'm not used to English ways and in the 1920's this kind of set up might have still been going strong but here in the States we didn't preside over a 'village' at least not to my knowledgeWith the weird feeling timeline out of the way the second grievance I have is the idiocy of the family in general They were uite unaware of the dangers that were taking place in the book literally up until the end Remind me about the end I don't want to forget that small nugget At the beginning of the book Martin Clarke has invited a handful of guests to his house in order to intrigue his eldest daughter into marrying one of the gentlemen Again in 1920did women still not have property I would have to research and I don't want to The three gentlemen to tempt Lady Kate are Merry the Duke and cousin Benedict All rather dullards as wellLet's get on with the review This rich household is out on a stroll along the estate when Lady Lizzie shoots and kills the Duke's valet who tried to eat her sister Kate This strangeness is alarming to all involved but since it is unpleasant his Lordship decides to ignore it Lady Kate is in the same mind frame as her father usually and she too pretends nothing has happened This goes on several times Zombies come out of the woodwork Lady Lizzie kills the attacker and the family go about their business as usual Slowly Lizzie and then Grace decide this is ridiculous If there is one then two there has to be and they decide to speak out about thisThe book goes on from there The house ends up being a somewhat fortress Where Daniel the footman and war veteran takes charge to fortify the house with weapons and trenches The book never goes into where the zombies came from How they were created and what happens at the endIf I had to put this book into a genre it would be soft horror historical fiction family drama There isn't much growth among characters The plot is pretty weak and like I said before the characters are ridiculousWith all that being said I can not deny it was entertaining I even cried a bit at the end I mean that says something about myself I think than the writing I'm a sap when it comes to familyShould you read this book It's okay It's pretty long for what it is and doesn't actually have an ending as I would like it It ends with a beginning If you like period pieces with zombies you might like it I wouldn't compare it to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies because the latter family are well aware of the dangers of zombies and are taught how to fight at a young age This was just a fluff story that had a bit of zombies thrown in

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Ssly sunny it’s easy to underestimate her Then there’s Will Harvey the proud to die for and possibly die with stable boy; Daniel Murray the resourceful second footman with a secret; Raymond Allen the unfortunate look. Sheer curiosity had me picking up this book It blends the popular Downton Abbey setting and characters with a zombie epidemic in a farce that dares the reader not to laughZombie Abbey offers an Upstairs Downstairs look at life on an English estate shortly after WWI An earl his countess his mother and her father along with their three daughters and their many servants and the local village welcome guests just as a mysterious and dreadful outbreak begins in the village The family estate is entailed away from the female line so Kate must marry and marry well Hence the suitors coming to visit If her eye strays toward the handsome stable boy well then Once the zombie outbreak becomes known the separation of class starts to fall apart because its an 'everyone needs to stick together' situation And the highborns learn that class doesn't preserve the distinction of intelligence and ability in a crisisAlright so this was meant to be fun and I was amused at times but I never really settled into this book Moderately engaged at best but definitely a story that kept me amused throughout I hoped it was just going to be one that started slow and picked up speed after the first introduction to world characters and the beginning to the plot The pace picked up a little but not much My interest was spotty Part of this was because I liked some characters and enjoyed when they got the narration or were involved in the story but others just left me irritated I skimmed a lot trying to get to parts that things were happening Then just when I thought that yes we were getting some place it was near the end and the ending was left open Is there another book coming I don't know If there is then this ending works If not then I definitely feel disappointed My favorite storyline was Lady Grace and Daniel the Footman Grace was the nicest of the earl's three daughters and just uietly did the right thing and had a good attitude She is called upon to be the real heroine of the three sisters at a crisis point She catches Daniel's eye when most people notice her older and younger sisters for their vibrant and stronger looks and personalities Daniel is than he seems and it comes out when the zombie trouble comes knockingI had a soft spot for the poor duke who struggles with his shyer personality and looks But lord did I want to smack arrogant and self absorbed Lady Kate the eldest daughter She was written well as a class conscious snob who is spoiled so that she judges people on their looks and class Lady Lizzy was still growing up but had flashes of brilliance in her outspokenness Will the stable boy was broody but he did sustain some huge losses and had the misfortune to have a crush on Kate Grandmother the Dowager was hilarious I thought she made scenes sparkleSo I liked it but didn't love it I was off pace from the book the entire time and I'll take that as being on me rather than the book It's a good spot to start for those who want to dip their toe into a monster mash up but don't want to get terrified out of their skull I thought the strong Downton Abbey vibes will appeal to that fan group but zombie lovers who might want to see them in a historical setting will get something tooMy thanks to Entangled Teen for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review

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Zombie Abbey1920 England And the three teenage Clarke sisters thought what they’d wear to dinner was their biggest problem Lady Kate the entitled eldest Lady Grace lost in the middle and wishing she were braver Lady Lizzy so endle. Zombie Abbey is the first book of this kind I've read I know there are uite a lot of this kind of books out there and I was curious I didn't know what to expect and once I signed up I'll admit I was a little scared to read it Porthampton Abbey has similarities to Downtown Abbey The wealthy family with 3 female daughters; Lizzy Grace and Kate A well orchestrated staff with a butler footmen maids and even a cat The cast is uirky and fitting to the times Katherine Clarke is the eldest sister of 3 She needs to marry well if she wants to continue enjoying the finer things in life The upstairs story is set and we are straight into hearing about a strange death in the village The hot stable boy's uncle was the deceased Will Harvey has always had a set place at Porthampton Abbey He may be handsome but not good enough for a Lady Kate is taught to stay away from him even though she would like to know him betterMeanwhile downstairs Fanny Rogers is preparing the house for the day She has many tasks but her mind is set firmly on the gossip What a strange deathLizzy wants to marry for love She isn't interested in entertaining the suitors her father has invited to the house for Katherine Grace is her total opposite and desperate to impress They are all different and they all need to get their priorities in order before it's too late People are dropping dead but it's the living who may lose their lifeThis had a good historical story The upper class too snobby to see what is in front of them and the lower class having big dreams The zombie element gives the story a spooky but comical twist It weaned out the brave the stupid and the downright crazy 4 stars out of 5 I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review