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Read & Download Ù Sadia AUTHOR Colleen Nelson á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Book Award — Winner Young Adult • High Plains Book Award — Winner Young Adult • Red Maple Fiction Award — ShortlistedSadia wishes life in high school was as straightforward as a gamTo get noticed by the popular crowd and has started de jabbing removing her hijab at school every morning Sadia’s mom had warned her that navigating high school could be tricky As much as she hates to admit it her mom was rightWhen tryouts for an elite basketball team are announced Sadia jumps at the opportunity Her talent speaks for itself Her head. This is the story of Sadia Nazreen and Amira Sadia and Amira are Syrian Muslims while Nazreen is an Egyptian Muslim who have all found their way to Canada Sadia and Nazreen have been in Canada for a while and they have had the time to adjust to the ways of life there Amira on the other hand is new to Canada and has a lot of hurdles to cross before she can settle in The language barrier is just one example The book explores the barriers and conflicts that these girls faceFrankly I wasn’t sure what to expect from the book On one hand the blurb of the book indicated that it would be informative about the cultural differences On the other hand I wasn’t really sure if the Canadian Author would be able to do justice to the protagonist’s characters I actually checked out the author’s Goodreads profile and website to see if she had any related experience Only thing I could connect is that she has been a teacher for about a decade and so may have had interactions with Muslim girls as her studentsThe author has done a good job with her portrayal of Sadia Nazreen and Amira At least I feel so because the characters felt very real to me First is Amira a Syrian refugee I could understand if not relate to her homesickness as she was forced to leave her country Leaving Syria and moving to Canada was not a choice that she or her family consciously made Sadia on the other hand had moved to Canada before the borders were locked down She sees it as a blessing in a form I admired her conviction and faith Nazreen confused me though I kind of understood the peer pressure she had trouble handling What I did not understand was her attitude towards Sadia Was she just jealous that she did not have the same faith or conviction Or was she just indifferent and used Sadia when neededRead the full review on Bookish Indulgences with b00k r3vi3ws

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Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Book Award Winner Young Adult • High Plains Book Award Winner Young Adult • Red Maple Fiction Award ShortlistedSadia wishes life in high school was as straightforward as a game of basketballFifteen year old Sadia Ahmadi is passionate about one thing basketball Her best friend Mariam on the other hand wants. Sadia is a novel about a Muslim teen's experience in high school as she plays basketball and her relationship with her friends and family I went into this book with high expectations and thought that it would be similar to The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas meaning that it would address issues plaguing society today This book went in that direction but it didn't uite hit the mark Colleen Nelson provided examples of problems that I know are faced by Muslims today and I really enjoyed that because it gave me insight into the issue faced today The way Colleen Nelson tackled these issues were thought provoking and informative The main reason why it didn't hit the spot for me was that the plot just wasn't there I felt like the plot wasn't well executed and instead of being one synonymous plot where these occasions happened it was as if they pieced together microagressions and racist occasions together to make the book There wasn't really a conflict so nothing got resolved and it didn't follow the arc that is usually taken for writing books At the end of the day this book was uite enjoyable to read and I found myself interested to find out what happened next I recommend this book for everyone because the message is so important and kudos for touching on a subject that is controversial in today's society I received this ARC from net galley in exchange for my honest review

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Sadia AUTHOR Colleen NelsScarf on the other hand is a problem; especially when a discriminatory rule means she has to choose between removing her hijab and not playing Mariam Sadia’s parents and her teammates all have different opinions about what she should do But it is Sadia who has to find the courage to stand up for herself and fight for what is right on and off the cou. No one wants to be a refugee No one wants to leave their homeland to live somewhere far away away from friends away from family away from things that aren't familiarAnd Sadia isn't technically a refugee Her family emigrated to Canada when her father decided Syria had gotten too dangerous so while she had seen some bad things they left before it got really bad Sadia is interested in basketball and her friends and family She does not want to be reminded about coming to Canada and having to fit in It is hard enough to fit in with her hijab without having to help a new refugee from Syria who just came to Canada and speaks little to no EnglishI liked how this story is told from Sadia's point of view Although she is the other for most readers of this book those who are not emegrants and are not muslim because she has lived her long enough to know the customs she brings the reader into her world so we can see what is going on with her from racial rules that say she can't play basketball with a hijab to her mother being sworn at the bus stopGood story for all kids Good for muslim kids who need to see themselves in books so they know they have a place in Western society Good for everyone else to see the sameAnd the underlying them of helping others that runs very strongly through this book but does not hit you over the had with a two by four These kids are very human and make mistakes but when they see a problem they try to solve itGreat book Good additon to any library or school or homeThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review