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The Last Wish of Sasha Cade Free download ↠ 2 Ò The day Rauel has been dreading for months has finally arrived Sasha her best friend in the whole world the best friend in the whole world has died of cancer Rauel can’t imagine life without her She’s overwhelmed and brokenhearted And then a letter from Sasha arrives Has she somehowWaiting for her There’s a secret attached to this boy that only Sasha and now Rauel knowsThis boy Elijah might be just what Rauel needs to move on from her terrible loss But can Rauel remain true to herself while also honoring her friend’s final wis. If you look at my Goodreads updates you will see that I spent a good part of the beginning of this book in tears but it was all worth it Believe me Young paid me back ten fold for all my tears with that ending• Pro Though Sasha died in the beginning of the book I still felt like I got to know her so well via her letters videos and the flashbacks I could absolutely see why she was Rauel's best friend and was able to understand what a huge hole was left in Rauel's life without her • Pro Sick kids will always elicit a strong emotional response from me but that part was short lived in the book Most of this book was a celebration of the friendship Rauel and Sasha shared It was uite sweet heartwarming and endearing • Pro I really liked the romance These two were so adorable together It was a slow burn but when it finally happened I was all sorts of giddy • Pro I LOVED Elijah I have a soft spot for those who are able to overcome tough situations or who don't allow difficulty to hamper them or harden them Elijah's circumstances could have played out in a negative way but he looked for the silver linings established some goals and tried his hardest to work towards them • Pro The whole story was steeped in hope and helped along by the auxiliary characters Young assembled a fantastic supporting cast who actually gave a lot of support to both Rauel and Elijah Rauel's parents her boss the Reinharts seriously that couple put the heart in Reinhart they were all top notch • Pro The ending It is well known in these parts that I need a lot of closure and Young gave me an ending with so many answers I was jumping for joy at the conclusion and left with happy tears wetting my face Overall I may have started this book with tears of pain but I ended it with tears of joy A beautiful and heartwarming tale of love friendship and those bonds that last foreverARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

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The day Rauel has been dreading for months has finally arrived Sasha her best friend in the whole world the best friend in the whole world has died of cancer Rauel can’t imagine life without her She’s overwhelmed and brokenhearted And then a letter f. 45 starsIt’s rare that I find myself completely compelled by the charm of a dead character as much as I am by that of a living one—because of the death issue duh—and yet Sasha Cade stole my heart from the very first chapter The thing is that while Sasha Cade dies of cancer at an unexpected moment she departs from the living world leaving than one trace behind Her best friend Rauel—the narrator—wasn’t expecting to hear Sasha’s voice again nor read her post mortem words but that’s exactly what happens soon after she dies Because Sasha has something special planned for Rauel and a certain other person who means a lot to the deceased I am sad I am sad because I have a feeling that this book will not get the attention it deserves I even tried reuesting it for my library through Overdrive and I couldn’t find it or any of the other books from this publishing house I searched for Unfortunately oftentimes books from lesser known publishing houses don’t get enough attention and that’s a shame but here I am to speak in favour of this amazing story and hopefully encourage you to pick it up This is not a debut nor does it read like one The author knew what she was doing from the start It shows that she planned the plot carefully but not too carefully that it seems mechanical or that it’s too predictable But she wrote of grief friendship love and life so well that I for one had the impression she was an expert in those topics That’s absurd—no one can be an expert in all those things at once—but I sure felt all of the characters’ emotions as though everything was happening to me as well and I sure cried at least five times I am not kidding Some of the emotions are so intense that my eyes would water automatically upon reading about them THE LAST WISH OF SASHA CADE is close to perfect and I sure debated upping my rating to five stars but in the end I couldn’t grant it a perfect score because I did not find Rauel’s work situation to be all that realistic—no boss would be okay with their employee suddenly deciding to take multiple days off whether they know you or not especially if it’s been weeks since your friend died Her boss appeared too good to be true and Rauel should have been remorseful about leaving her boss on her own to take care of everything Further Rauel’s reaction to a certain character telling her about changing their living situation bothered me as it was kind of hypocritical But these are things that although they still matter they spoke of Rauel’s imperfection without causing me to dislike her and I can proudly say that this is one of the best books about friendship and teen romance I have read this summer I am extremely excited about what this publishing house will present us with next and wish them recognition in the future Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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The Last Wish of Sasha CadeRom Sasha arrives Has she somehow found a way to communicate from the afterlife In fact Sasha has planned an elaborate scavenger hunt for Rauel and when she follows the instructions to return to Sasha’s grave a mysterious stranger with striking eyes is. Sounds like a friendship version of PS I Love You so I'm obviously in