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The Queen Underneath Read & Download ↠ 104 Ñ The Above and the Under have a tenuous truce that is shattered after the death of both their respective rulers Gemma the new ueen of Under must throw history aside and team up with Tollan the heir to the Above throne in order to take down a power that seeks to rule them all Their group of rebThe Above and the Under have a tenuous truce that is shattered after the death of both their respective rulers Gemma the new ueen of Under must throw history aside and team up with Tollan the heir to the Above throne in order to. Review coming soon

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Take down a power that seeks to rule them all Their group of rebels is comprised of an assassin a sex worker and a palace servant from Above and we follow their uniue perspectives as they are forced to uestion previously held b. UPDATE found out this book is actually 17 and is NA so there's that I'm sorry but this book is a Hot Mess™ I really wanted to like it but I came out of it very very confused deeply unsatisfiedRight from the start I was just very very confused Because really big things happen in the first chapter and the way they're written is that they're downplayed Like Ooh the ueen of Under King of Above are both dead on the same day; cool beans I felt like this was what the whole novel was like the emphasis on some scenes were decidedly off The big ueer make out scene was less than a page long and did not get the buildup tension it deserved All the important parts of the novel were treated in an almost blasé manner and just kind of whizzed by the reader so if you weren't paying attention you wouldn't realize that something really important just happenedThis also links with how the pacing was just all over the place Some parts of the novel were especially slow they wander around and do nothing for uite a while while other important parts were zoomed past see previous examples I just don't understand why the emphasis similarly the pacing of the story was so out of whack I'm not really sure why the whole novel was like this was it a lack of plotting when writing or problems with writing style It just all felt off because there was barely any exposition before you're thrust into and uickly tugged out of the first really big moment The writing did feel extremely choppy at times and part of the reason why I think some scenes were severely downplayed was a result of the writing style just the way Filak writes And because of all these issues I wasn't able to really connect with any of the characters I'm sure they were cool but I just was very confused throughout this whole book and could barely grasp what was happening with the plot let alone the characters' internal complexities These execution problems were ultimately the story's downfall and I think this could have been redeeming the plot seemed to have some highlights even if it was paced funkily it ultimately flew over my head I did think the plot was semi decent but the whole world felt a little contrived There's Above there's Under and Above has a King and Under has a ueen and Under is where the pirates thieves assassins and sex workers live while Above is where a medieval style world is run I think Filak was trying to convey the message that Above which is traditionally portrayed as good because it doesn't have people in unsavory jobs may not be so good that Under was honorable but it did fall pretty flat as well This was something that did have a lot of potential but I still feel like the idea of people being sorted as a specific guild is a little derivative based on a lot of other YA out there Something else that had a lot of potential but also fell flat was the idea of sex positivity in this novel Sex is a little explicit in this novel than a lot of YA and at times I thought it was NA Apparently it is And based on some scenes Gemma the FMC calling out boys from Above about how she's allowed to have a lover that women can also have lovers enjoy sex I felt like Filak was trying to convey sex positivity But except for that one aforementioned example the way it was accomplished was by including semi explicit sex scenes or a scene that I think was supposed to be funny Gemma in a whorehouse faking moans etc while communicating with another prince on a pad of paper But the idea that explicit sex sex positivity isn't exactly true and this is another instance where this book failed for meThe last weird thing in this book that I can think of is how they substitute 'prick' for 'fuck' As in prick my life; why did I read this or pricking characters are having sex instead of solving the problem at hand all very true thoughts I thought while reading this I know other people have talked about it but the use of made up cursewords or similarly modern curse words in worlds that don't fit doesn't always work It's kind of worked in books like Across the Universe and LIFEL1K3 but I've never seen it 100% work in a book And it doesn't work in this one either although I can see how the pun with the briars on the cover comes into playUnfortunately I think this book's problems boils down to a lot of execution issues It had the potential to be a full well paced well plotted story but the whole vibe and pacing and message and almost everything was just very much not working I'm proud I managed to pull through and read the whole thing but I definitely wouldn't recommend you try it unfortunately There are just so many things that didn't work were messy in this novel that it'll end up painful than anything to read Thank you so much to Stacey Filak for sending me a copy of The ueen Underneath as part of her Twitter giveawayBlog | Instagram | Twitter

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The Queen UnderneathEliefs But even with war looming romance still grows Challenging gender roles and the expectation that every prince must have a princess Tollan discovers love with Elam a young man a sex worker and one of Gemma’s closest frien. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTHE UEEN UNDERNEATH grabbed me from the minute I pulled it out of the envelope from the publisher I'm not sure what exactly sucked me in maybe the gorgeous cover but I started reading and didn't stop until I was finished a few hours later Action packed and full of plot twists THE UEEN UNDERNEATH sucks the reader into the world of Yigris making you want to discover all of its secretsAnd secrets abound in THE UEEN UNDERNEATH There were a lot of twists that I did not see coming And once the action starts and it starts nearly immediately it does not stop until the end There are narrow escapes magical traps family reunions and lots of fighting and some loving There's also a Sleeping Beauty retelling vibe everybody falls asleep and brambles grow up around the buildings The issue there is that between all that and the huge cast of characters I felt sometimes the reader was just skimming the surfaceThere are certainly a lot of badass female characters in THE UEEN UNDERNEATH but I never felt like I really got to know any of them well except Gemma There is some explanation of motives and such but it was generally one character monologuing to another character The book did manage to touch on some interesting themes especially pertaining to how women are viewed which I wouldn't have minded if it had delved into All in all THE UEEN UNDERNEATH is a solid standalone fantasy that's entertaining as long as you don't mind that it's a bit superficialSexual content Brief but violent rape scene somewhat explicit sexual scenes