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review Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï Liveandlove10 R that he just can’t resist With the bite of lemon meringue pie and the sugar of sweet tea Surviving Adam Meade is a sexy and compelling young adult novel about two strong willed people who think they know what they want but have no idea what they need. I'm in a bit of a reading slump so I switched back to YA for a bitThis one has many cute one liners but these two go getters sometimes go a bit overboard in their verbal sparring Nevertheless the story was often cute but we've been here before The writing was good and the author did try to inject a bit of realism in the story Relationships ARE hard and no woman should lose herself and follow her partner in all things in order to keep things happy Into every life a little rain must fall etc I'm scoring this one a 35 out of 5

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Surviving Adam Meade Read & Download ´ 104 ✓ Seventeen year old Claire Collins has a plan get into college and leave North Carolina behind What she doesn’t have is an idea for how to get rid of the local football star and womanizer extraordinaire — Adam Meade who she can’t even avoid despite many efforts because Claire’s dad is Seventeen year old Claire Collins has a plan get into college and leave North Carolina behind What she doesn’t have is an idea for how to get rid of the local football star and womanizer extraordinaire Adam Meade who she can’t even avoid despite ma. I was really excited to read this Counting down the days to it's release But it was a major let down from the beginning The moment Adam tells her she'll be replaced if she can't manage to bring ice on the field I wasn't feeling him or his attitude From there they immediately didn't like each other Which wasn't surprising or upsetting Adam acted like a jerk 90% of the time and Claire was rather whiny She talks a lot about the demise of her previous relationship without much detail to help us understand why she was so heartbroken so it's really repetitive For about half the book she's determined to go visit the old town in order to see her ex but once she an Adam have a near kiss in the locker room all her attention is on him instead That was confusing because it isn't exactly clear when they start becoming friendly than friends or why It just kind of happens one night at Tate's place I didn't feel their chemistry honestly It came off like a story about how a boy is mean on the playground but that means he likes youSaid boy also had a lot of sad background story I didn't like either With his cancer ridden grandmother and deceased parentssister I felt like it was used as an excuse for why he's so bitchy than anything else Then Clair's big thing was the whole heartbreak That wasn't explained much beyond that she and Seth had been together since early high school and planned on attending the same collage It seems unrealistic to me that they wouldn't end up working it out not after being together for 3 years and ending up at the same collage But she meets Adam who is a dick let's be real so she ignores Seth trying to fix things I know it's a story about teenagers but when I was a teenager and thought I was in love with someone I didn't rush into new relationships mere months later Most women don't So it's basically a book about how a girl rebounds a jackass But it's cool cause he's southern and cute UghI'm also annoyed that the cover for this book was used on another authors book as well

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Surviving Adam MeadeNy efforts because Claire’s dad is the high school football coach Seventeen year old Adam Meade never fails He always gets what he wants until he meets Claire the new girl who leaves him unnerved pissed off and confused But there’s something about he. Surviving Adam Meade is Shannon Klare's debut novel It tells the story of Claire Collins' senior year The problem she had to change schools because of her dad's job She left behind her a past and a passion for football That was until she befriended Riley and met Adam MeadeHonestly this book could have used at least another hundred pages I spent half the book asking myself if I hadn't read over whole paragraphs because I couldn't believe everything was happening that fast I would have liked to have context and depth justifying explaining the characters' actions Instead everything felt forced the relationships the friendships the character's development I would have liked special or just basic moments between the characters to get to know them better to get a sense of what they had in common why they were friends etc I also didn't like the relationship between Claire and Adam THEre WERE CUTE MOMENTS THOUGH BOY THEY WERE CUTE But the relationship in itself felt empty not based on anything solid and everything felt rushed Their fights were unnatural to me as if they didn't need a good reason to fight but they just had to for the sake of the plot not really The characters also didn't really any depth in my opinion Claire was childish and her younger brother made me think the entire book that he should have been older because he was way mature that she was It was like everything became a reason to complain and get mad even when there was no real reason I would have liked to get to know Riley and Tate a little bit too I gave the second star for the absolutely delightful sarcastic conversations between Claire and Adam and because of the cute moments