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EPUB ¾ MOBI Global Discontents î 9781250146182 FREE è In a compelling new set of interviews Noam Chomsky identifies the dry kindling of discontent around the world that could soon catch fireIn wide ranging discussions with David Barsamian his longtime interlocutor Noam Chomsky asks us to consider the world we are leIled by climate change and the growing potential for nuclear war If the current system is incapable of dealing with these threats he argues it's up to us to radically change itThese twelve interviews examine the latest developments around the globe the rise of ISIS the reach of state surveillance g This is a series of interviews with Chomsky concerning events of the day From Edward Snowden to the problems with Obama's tenure how the Republican party is no longer a normal political party and the disaster of Trump and how we are closer to midnight on Bulletin of Atomic Scientists iconic doomsday clock than any other time during the cold war Grim dispatches from someone in the know

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In a compelling new set of interviews Noam Chomsky identifies the dry kindling of discontent around the world that could soon catch fireIn wide ranging discussions with David Barsamian his longtime interlocutor Noam Chomsky asks us to consider the world we are leaving to our grandchildren one imper Understanding global politics is like string art; it's not complete until you can see all the threads intersectChomsky lambasts nearly every nation state that makes the news in this book both US political parties and if you can't comprehend the United States as an imperialist power then this book is going to be a huge miss for you Chomsky's the person that stands up and says The Emperor is Naked You've written about a democracy deficitDeficit is an understatement Iran just had an election and people criticized it rightly because you can't even enter Iranian political system unless you're vetted by clerics That's terrible of course But what happens here US? You can't enter the political system unless you're vetted by concentrations of private capital If you can't raise millions of dollars you're out Is that better? This exemplifies the discourse within the book uestions or thoughts are posed for Chomsky to extrapolate on The sections include State Spying and Democracy; A Tour of the Middle East; Power Systems Do Not Give Gifts; ISIS the Kurds and Turkey; Living Memory; Fearmongering; Alliances and Control; The Roots of Conflicts; Toward a Better Society; Elections and Voting; Crises and Organizing; The Trump Presidency Rocker wrote Political rights do not originate in parliaments they are rather forced upon parliaments from withoutFrom below in fact I think that's an accurate comment Power systems do not give gifts willingly In history you will occasionally find a benevolent dictator or a slave owner who decides to free his slaves but these are basically statistical errors Typically systems of power will try to consolidate sustain and expand their power That's true of parliaments too It's popular activism that compels change You said in a recent interview that US policies have succeeded in spreading jihadi terror from a small tribal area in Afghanistan to virtually the whole world from West Africa to Levant to Southeast Asia How did they do that?When the only method you have is to use your comparative advantage in violence you will always make the situation worse The military analyst Andrew Cockburn points out that every time you kill a leader you think it's a big triumph But what you're doing almost invariably is replacing him with a younger competent violent leader It happens over and over So when people say these actions are free recruitment advertising; they're serious The uestion that Chomsky keeps coming back around to is what is your objective? Sometimes solving a problem isn't the fun or palatable option and the money game makes everything worse When you're an activist you have to think about the people you're trying to protect and not just make yourself feel good I recommend this book if you're still working out a comprehensive worldview because Chomsky does a good job highlighting cause and effect in essentialist terms Short sweet and to the point Favorite uote The efforts that go into trying to ensure the end of humanity are impressive If there were somebody from outer space watching this they could only conclude that humans are an absolutely unviable species an evolutionary error tending toward self destruction

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Global Discontents Rowing anger over economic ineuality conflicts in the Middle East and the presidency of Donald Trump In personal reflections on his Philadelphia childhood Chomsky also describes his own intellectual journey and the development of his uncompromising stance as America's premier dissident intellectual Noam calls Obama’s drone campaign “the world’s leading international terrorist campaign” and says “it’s pure terrorism on a scale that Al aeda couldn’t dream of Further this campaign is generating terrorists and is known to be doing so” Obama “has prosecuted whistle blowers than all presidents in the entire history of the country combined” Under Obama we also get the Holder v Humanitarian Law Project case where Obama’s administration changes “giving material support” to terrorist organizations to include merely giving advice “Turkey has jailed journalists than any other country” “The human species at the moment is destroying its own commons The environment is a common possession and we are destroying it It’s a striking fact that the ones trying to defend the commons are mostly indigenous populations” “Hume is one of my favorite philosophers but he wrote some essays that are pretty awful – like his essay on national character which is very racist” Note that the media rarely covers the many reports that the IPCC estimates are too optimistic Noam gets a dozen reuests a day to be interviewed Libertarianism in the US is about “Why should I pay for something I personally don’t benefit from?” Society must “enrich and empower the rich and powerful period” “It’s trying to undermine the heretical subversive conception that you ought to care about other people You’ve got to get rid of that notion” Classical theorist Adam Smith thought “the fundamental human drive was sympathy and mutual support” – the opposite of today’s libertarianism Of a shallow topic Noam said to the interviewer “That’s interesting But you can learn things much easily just by opening the pages of a serious book” Instead of accepting the Zionist insult of “self hating Jew” Noam considers himself choosing the biblical path of Elijah who opposed evil Noam believes supporters of Israel have been contributing to its destruction ever since Israel consciously choose expansion over security and diplomacy in the 70’s “The three countries that are most supportive of Israel are the United States Australia and Canada – all settler colonial societies that virtually exterminated their indigenous populations” A single beheading by ISIS is horrifying; but searching for pieces of non white human remains bombed by US or Israeli planes is finding at best “a mistake” “The concept that we could act as a law abiding state is unimaginable” Modern Ira was created by Britain to keep Ira oil out of Turkey’s hands Then to keep Ira under control the British created Kuwait to deprive Ira of sea access “Take a look at Africa Almost all the difficulties there trace back to the establishment of borders by the imperial powers – England France Belgium to a lesser extent Germany which took no account of the nature of the populations just drew boundaries where they wanted them Naturally that leads to conflict” “The United States is holding Guantanamo Bay only to impede and undermine Cuba’s development It’s a major port” We have much less of a claim to Guantanamo Bay which we took at gunpoint than Russia has to Crimea Thanks to US Cuba sanctions “If say a European manufacturer of medical euipment used a little piece of nickel imported from Cuba his business would be banned from international commerce” How many US students learn that “The Cubans drove the South Africans out of Angola and compelled them to leave Namibia”? Nelson Mandela noted that this “destroyed the myth of the invincible white man” “I don’t even think the phrase ‘double standards’ is appropriate There is a single standard If they do it to us it’s a horrible crime If we do much worse to the