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FREE READ Ö The Hero of Ages ↠ Who is the Hero of AgesTo end the Final Empire and restore freedom Vin killed the Lord Ruler But as a result the Deepness—the lethal form of the ubiuitous mists—is back along with increasingly heavy ashfalls and ever powerful earthuakes Humanity appears to be doomedHaving escaped death at the climax of The Well of AsTo be doomedHaving escaped death at the climax of The Well of Ascension only by becoming a Mistborn himself Emperor Elend Venture hopes to find clues left behind by the Lord Ruler that will allow him to save the world Vin is consumed with guilt at havi. Re read on AudioWell that ending I cried I finally got to find out all of the mysteries behind the mysteries in the book I loved how Spook's character grew so much in this book although some of it wasn't from a good place But sometimes you have to go to a bad place to get to the good place I fell in love with his character a lot in this book I got to find out about TenSoon and the Kandra I loved learning about that although I wanted to vaporize some of them TenSoon won my heart in the second book but so in this book I still love Sazed and he had such an important part in all the books I'm so happy for his ending in the book That's all short and sweet I love Brandon Sanderson even though he breaks my heart Vin Elend I will always love you both ♥ You've led us to die Fatren yelled He was covered in koloss blood though a patch on his shoulder looked to be his own Why Fatren demanded Elend simply pointed as the speck grew larger What is is Fatren asked over the chaos of battle Elend smiled The first of those armies I promised youVin fell from the sky in a tempest of horseshoes landing directly at the center of the koloss army MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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Ng been tricked into releasing the mystic force known as Ruin from the Well Ruin wants to end the world and its near omniscience and ability to warp reality make stopping it seem impossible She can't even discuss it with Elend lest Ruin learn their plan. See this review and like it on wwwbookbastionnetI've been avoiding writing this review for a week or so now both because I know it's going to be difficult to write and difficult to share what I recognize is an unpopular opinion We all can agree that Brandon Sanderson is magic I can't even bring myself to finish one work in progress yet he's constantly in the middle of multiple projects at the same time and is slowly building a greater shared universe for his novels that will probably one day eual the book euivalent of Marvel and DC's own universes of heroes I also recognize that he has slowly and deservedly amassed a very vocal fanbase who absolutely adore the way he writes and the stories he tellsAlso I can't argue against his creativity I've read 4 books by Sanderson at this point this series and The Way of Kings and each has managed to surprise me and astound me in the way Sanderson showcases his ability to craft worlds that feel real alive and full of history His magic systems are wildly creative and well thought out and are exactly what the best of fantasy should be So why didn't I love this book Maybe this was a case of too much of a good thing Yes the worldbuilding and magic is creative but the amount of information Sanderson packs into this trilogy was than a little bit exhausting especially when reading all three books pretty much in a row I think if I had put a year between reading each book I might have enjoyed it a little bit because if I'm being totally honest Brandon Sanderson has a habit of over delivering information that drives me crazySanderson opens each chapter in all 3 books with italicized passages that are essentially his worldbuilding notes In books 1 and 2 I didn't so much mind them as they directly connect to research Sazed and Vin were conducting over the course of the story In this book they're straight up infodumps pertaining to a new magic system that he clearly couldn't find another way to work into the storyI was left wondering what the point of all this information was and like an english major taking a math course wondering why I needed to know it Each chapter starts with a character performing a simple action Vin Pushing and Pulling herself through the mists Sazed arriving at a town Spook or another ancillary character entering a building This sets the scene for action the characters will get to eventuallyThe characters endlessly ruminate over past events in what I became certain was an attempt to pad the page count to ensure each of these books reached epic proportions If you take out all of the pointless trips down memory lane this 700 page book could have achieved the same ends in probably 300 pages Vin's inner monologue was still revisiting when she first met Kelsier or when she dressed as Valette in numerous chapters and those events happened over 5 years ago in book timeElend's inner monologue reminds us constantly that he used to be a scholar and is now a king Oh and in case you've forgotten what metal does what it's repeated basically in every chapter too You seriously could play a drinking game based on the repeated information alone though I hope you have a hearty liver and an ability to hold your alcohol if you tryThe story finally creeps forward in slowly increasing steps until the final 20% of the book or so when Sanderson abandons the earlier

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The Hero of AgesWho is the Hero of AgesTo end the Final Empire and restore freedom Vin killed the Lord Ruler But as a result the Deepness the lethal form of the ubiuitous mists is back along with increasingly heavy ashfalls and ever powerful earthuakes Humanity appears. This is not a review This is a story a story about a man who opened the first pages of Mistborn The Final EmpireBack in August 2016 there was a man who lived in emptiness He was probably clinically depressed but he would never know; he didn’t get himself checked His heart didn’t ache his smile was freely given but he was never happy; he felt empty every day Damages were added when he realized his hobbies didn’t interest him that much any which resulted in reluctant social interaction with his friends His insomnia was so acute that he couldn’t sleep without alcohol so he drowned in it every night These symptoms were most likely the aftermath of cumulative mental damage afflicted by those closest to him His best friend spread lies about him his closest cousin stole tons of money from him and then he lost his job and his then girlfriend dumped him He was alone He told himself this can’t be it There’s always a way to come back stronger He decided to do something new; he decided to fully immerse himself in reading novels There were countless choices out there and he didn’t know what to choose first but on the 1st of September 2016 he dived into the mist and hope was bornHe was completely addicted By the end of the trilogy reading fiction especially fantasy became a drug for him Amazed by the five year struggle the characters in the book became incredibly real to him and he lived through every single event with them He knew that the end of this trilogy was the beginning of what he hoped would be an everlasting adventure He knew that he had become deeply entrenched by the power of wordsThis is not a review; this is a story A story about a renewed man who closed the last page on The Hero of Ages as a different person from the one who first picked up the book A story about me rising out of the mist a better man “I am unfortunately the Hero of Ages” Picture The Hero of Ages by breath artI’ve read and reviewed than 200 novels within the past two and a half years I won’t lie; during that journey I’ve read series that I think are better than this trilogy However when it comes to a matter of importance this trilogy stands at the utmost top and there will never exist another that could change that situation for me Finishing this trilogy watered the flower of hope in my garden I found a lot of friends who have the same hobby as me I found a new job I found a new girlfriend who loves to read and understand my passions; I’m not empty anySome readers will consider Brandon Sanderson a weak author who doesn’t deserve his success Some will consider his books or characters to be poorly written Some will envy Sanderson because he’s successful than their favorite authors All of these are views they have every right to hold; after all we’re all entitled to our opinions For me he’s none of these things Sometimes I wonder if I would have become the man I am today if I had picked a different series to start my literary adventure Maybe I wouldn’t have fallen in love with fantasy novels so deeply; maybe all the blessings I mentioned before would not have aligned with my stars However that’s a uestion I can’t answerI know that I haven’t talked about this concluding installment and what made the book superb But thinking about it when a book has managed to change the core of my lifest