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free read The Duchess Deal · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ When girl meets Duke their marriage breaks all the rules Since his return from war the Duke of Ashbury’s to do list has been short and anything but sweet brooding glowering menacing London ne’er do wells by night Now there’s a new item on the list He needs an heir—whiGnant with his heir they need never share a bed againBut Emma is no pushover She has a few rules of her own They will have dinner together every evening With conversation And unlimited teasing Last and most importantly Once she’s seen the man beneath the scars he can’t stop her from falling in love. 45 StarsOverall Opinion This was a great beauty and the beast type story The Duke is scarred externally and internally by his ex and the h is the feisty seamstress to duchess that fixes him The banter and wit was awesome and probably one of my favorite things about it My absolute favorite was the H He was too funny and not as grumpy and horrible to deal with as he was made out to be and I loved that Emma simply became his weakness and his strength all in one The sexy times were pretty hot considering it's a HR too My only complaint is I wanted MORE The epilogue wasn't as in depth as I would've liked but again I'm a greedy reader I would recommend this to anyone especially those that are on the fence about HR and need that great book to get into the genre 🤗Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Emma and Ash's story Emma is desperate and calls on the Duke Ash for payment for her labor sewing his ex fiancé's wedding gown Ash is also desperate in that he needs a wife to produce an heir to pass his title on to They make an agreement and go into a marriage of convenience There are rules that get broken feelings that are unintentionally developed some sexy times and some laugh out loud momentsand they get a HEA endingPOV This alternated between focusing mainly on Emma and Ash in 3rd person narrativeOverall Pace of Story Good I never skimmed and I thought it flowed wellInstalove No they take a while to develop stronger feelingsH rating 5 stars Ash I loved him He cracked me up with his sarcastic humor I was heartbroken for him and what happened with his ex but I think he made such a great match with Emmah rating 45 stars Emma I really liked her She was a great combination of tough and sweet and just what the Duke neededSadness level Low no tissues neededPushPull Yes view spoiler The h pushes away emotionally some due to his past trauma and low self esteem that goes along with his scarred appearance hide spoiler

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When girl meets Duke their marriage breaks all the rules Since his return from war the Duke of Ashbury’s to do list has been short and anything but sweet brooding glowering menacing London ne’er do wells by night Now there’s a new item on the list He needs an heir which means he needs a wife When. “Lady Penny is a vegetarian” Miss Teague said “I’m afraid I don’t understand” “She doesn’t eat meat” Emma said He paused “I still don’t understand” I feel you dudeSo our hero is recently back from the war What war AnneI don't know It's a romance stop uizzing meAnywayWhile he was there Ash Duke of Ashbury had a teeny run in with some cannon fireIn other words he is a for real scarred hero Chunks of this guy are just missing Poof GoneWar is hell right So it's a good thing his fiancee was there to welcome him back from the arms of death with her unconditional loveOrnotSo due to this chick being a petty bitch he now thinks he needs a wife who is willing read desperate to lower herself and do the dirty deed with him lights off until he secures an heirBecause he's a MONSTER Doomed to walk alone for all eternityAlright Ash is a tad dramatic in that department In his defense the last woman he cared about vomited when she saw him I suppose that would be enough to make anyone think they were unlovable and hideousSo when he convinces the seamstress who sewed the now useless wedding dress for his now ex fiance to marry him he assumes her reaction to his sexual advances will look a little something like thisHowever because Emma isn't a petty bitch she sees Ash for the intelligent funny sexy man that he truly isunderneath a whole lotta self conscious snark To her the sexytimes are not at all an unwelcome chore that she has to simply endureIn fact when she looks at Ash GrowrEmma Awesome Human BeingLoved her She's got a great sense of humor and the kind of can do attitude that comes with being a survivor of her own battles Plus she has a cough adorable catThere's a lot to the story including a cute vigilante yes CUTE VIGILANTE sub plot that just made my dayOk Now I'm not one who seeks out romances with psychologically tortured heroes And I also don't actively look for romances with heroes who look all fucked up Not so much because I care what they look like sexy comes in all shapes sizes But I just don't like all the depressing emotional stuff that seems to go along with those 'scarred hero' stories I'm in it for the fluff and depressing monologues tend to kill my lady bonerBut this was cute charming and funny Sure he was afraid to show her what he looked like naked but it never got so dark that it made me want to pity him I couldn't be attracted to someone I pity whether it's mentally emotionally or physically And Ash was funny enough that I never really felt sorry for him Yeah he's got a bunch of burn scars and there are hunks of his hide missing but shrugs that's not the end of the world And by the end of the book he could see that tooThis was definitely a cute romance Recommended

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The Duchess DealEmma Gladstone a vicar’s daughter turned seamstress appears in his library wearing a wedding gown he decides on the spot that she’ll doHis terms are simple They will be husband and wife by night only No lights no kissing No uestions about his battle scars Last and most importantly Once she’s pre. Y’all Smutathon has turned me into historical romance trash and I have ZERO REGRETS Tessa Dare is my new ueen duchess don’t me