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A Double Life Book í 261 pages Download ß “A thrilling page turner” —Paula Hawkins author of The Girl on the Train“Breathtaking As shocking as it is satisfying” —The New York Times Book ReviewA gripping intense stunningly written novel of psychological suspense from the award winning author of Under the HarrowClaire is a hardThey've found him her carefully calibrated existence begins to fracture She doesn't know if she's the daughter of a murderer or a wronged man but Claire will soon learn how far she'll go to finally find the truthLoosely inspired by one of the most notorious unsolved crimes of the 20th century – the Lord Lucan case – A Double Life is at once a riveting page turner and a moving reflection on women and violence trauma and memory and class and privileg I really enjoyed this thriller though it definitely straddled the border between thriller and literary novel In fact I would think that some thriller fans might find this to be just a bit tedious for their taste It is somewhat of a slow burn though I found myself to be uite involved from early onIt is based on the real life crime case of Lord Lucan a British royal who was accused of killing his children's nanny and attempting to kill his estranged wife He disappeared and no one knows for sure what ever happened to him The author of this tale uses the daughter of Lucan here named Richard Spenser who was 8 at the time of the murder Though the real Lord Lucan had three children there are only Claire and her younger brother Robbie in this tale At the age of 34 she is still trying to find out what happened to her father and hopes to bring him to justice though there still is some doubt as to whether he actually did the crimeThe author mixes the present day search with the retelling of the murder and the aftermath focusing uite a bit on the time when Claire was 16 and beginning to explore what happened and trying to learn about her father This thriller has the feel of a Joyce Carol Oates or Joyce Maynard with significant character development and the thrilling elements often take lesser importance that the experiences and feelings of the characters A lot is written about the effect of the crime on the rest of the family Although Claire is relatively successful as a physician her younger brother has significant addiction problemsI found most of this story added up superbly It was rare that I uestioned what was happening in the plot or the thought processes of the characters And she ended it rather well I thought avoiding the melodramatic damsel in extreme distress that can overshadow an otherwise well written thriller

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“A thrilling page turner” Paula Hawkins author of The Girl on the Train“Breathtaking As shocking as it is satisfying” The New York Times Book ReviewA gripping intense stunningly written novel of psychological suspense from the award winning author of Under the HarrowClaire is a hardworking doctor leading a simple uiet life in London She is also the daughter of the most notorious murder suspect in the country though no one knows it Nearly thir 25Sometimes a book can capture your attention immediately grabbing you tightly from the start Leaving you to fully expect a great read you can sink your teeth into And sometimes no matter how hard you try you just cannot get that connection Unfortunately with this read I fell into the latter categoryClaire grew up having to shoulder the knowledge that her father may have been a killer She hasn't seen or heard from him since she was a child Is he on the run because he was guilty? Or is he hiding until he can prove his innocence Though Claire has managed to create a successful life with a high end profession she's never given up wanting him to face justice and either prove his innocenceor guilt if that's the case Is she even prepared to see him after all these years? I have to admit I had struggle somewhat with this book It never uite came into focus for me until the final 10% The majority of the reviews for this book are extremely positive so don’t let this review sway you It might be the perfect fit for youA buddy read with Susanne🌸Thank you to both Penguin Publishing Group Viking NetGalley and Edelweiss and Flynn Berry for an ARC to read and review

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A Double Life Ty years ago while Claire and her brother slept upstairs a brutal crime was committed in her family's townhouse The next morning her father's car was found abandoned near the English Channel with bloodstains on the front seat Her mother insisted she'd seen him in the house that night but his powerful privileged friends maintained his innocence The first lord accused of murder in than a century he has been missing ever since When the police tell Claire 4 appealed to me stars My reviews can be found here was the first Flynn Barry book that I have read and I truly have to say I will be back for A horrendous murder has been committed a well heeled father Colin Spenser has been accused blood is later found in his abandoned car and his children and wife are left to pick up the pieces Colin a Lord in the House of Lords is suspected of murder and yet he is missing Has he killed himself after this supposed case of mistaken identity or he is the actual cold blooded murderer that some believe him to be? Is his wife a witness to his being in the house the night of the murder or is she mistaken as she is discredited by Colin's friends the monied and powerful?Clare is Colin's daughter She has grown up to become an accomplished doctor and yet the shadow of her father hangs over her head Her brother is also affected by his father's supposed actions and turns to a life of drugs and rehab Every time Clare hears of a sighting of her father she becomes and convinced he is alive and living free She is obsessed with finding him and bringing him to justice wondering always is he alive and feeling always that yes indeed he isI truly enjoyed this book as I traveled with Clare along the road to finally find this man who is her father Is he truly the murderer she thinks him to be and is he still alive walking about in freedom while Clare and her family are shackled to what they believe he did? Granted there were some excessive parts to Clare's character but I could clearly see her need for justice and the compulsion she experienced the need to know If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles Sun Tzu For Clare everyday not knowing and living in fear was a battle Would she be able to achieve the result she so desired?Thank you to Flynn Barry Viking and Edelweiss for a copy of this appealing book