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Vengeance ruled his day and nightsAn infamous sea captain of the British Royal Navy Devlin O’Neill is consumed with the need to destroy the man who brutally murdered his father Having nearly ruined the Earl of Eastleigh financially he is waiting to strike the final blow And his opportunity. When he was ten Devlin O’Neill witnessed his father’s murder and from that moment on hid life was dedicated to one thing only – revenge Now fourteen years later his vengeance is about to be complete with the help of a young American niece of the man who murdered his fatherLittle did he know that by kidnapping Virginia Hughes and holding her for ransom would be the turning point in his lifeI have really mixed feelings about this book On one hand it was a long historical swashbuckling adventure with multi layered and well developed characters and a great love story albeit long in the making which I like historicals used to be my favorite genre while on the other hand it was a tad too long too unevenly paced and those characters had a few layers too much on them alternating between annoying and plain stupidI love reformed rake storylines but Devlin was a bit too much of a bastard for almost the entire story with just a few sunny moments in between for me to actually appreciate him as a to die for love until death kind of hero And Virginia was just perfect as the heroine with all her idiosyncrasies a suitable counterbalance to Devlin and his many idiosyncrasiesI felt like I was watching a tennis match he was a brute she was naïve and loving then he decided to mellow a bit and she turned into a little bitch in the making The tag o war between them was rather headache inducing He pulled stunts she pulled stunts he hurt her she loved him he tired to be nice she hated him because he hurt her too much Make up your mind alreadyThis strange love story was a bit reminiscent of Kathleen E Woodiwiss’s bodice ripper from the seventies The Flame and the Flower with a reluctant sea captain without the revenge angle hero and a young naïve lady heroine though the marriage came a lot earlierThe gripping moments couldn’t compensate for the slow dragging ones the romance was too sparsely interwoven into the story the hero was too much of a whoring bastard for me to actually like him I wanted him to be bashed on the head with a heavy blunt objectand they say women cannot make up their minds the heroine was too mercurial and too glutton for punishment for my taste and the ending was too abrupt Devlin’s change of heart too sudden to actually be believable He had an entire and very thick book to see reason and he decided to in the last couple of pages UnbelievableThis book was too long too convoluted a tad sadistic a lot masochistic and I just wasn’t convinced 2 ½ stars

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The PrizeD alone hoping to convince her uncle to lend her the funds Instead she finds herself ruthlessly kidnapped by the notorious Devlin O’Neill As his hostage she will soon find her best laid plans thwarted by a passion that could seal their fates foreverLove conuered them both19 hrs and 10 mins. Arrogant Irish Hero Takes His RevengeSet in 1812 this is the story of Devlin O’Neill a daring sea captain in the British Royal Navy who is Irish by birth and loyalty He cares nothing for England only for Ireland and taking revenge on the Earl of Eastleigh the English soldier who brutally murdered his father when Devlin was only 10 Devlin becomes a success for the wealth it brings and the opportunity for revengeDevlin has risen to become a well educated successful officer recently knighted He freuently flies in the face of his orders but the British need him so they put up with his antics Now he is ready for the final blow to Eastleigh bankrupting him by reuiring a ransom for his American nieceAmerican Virginia Hughes was born and raised on Sweet Briar a tobacco plantation in Virginia With her parents gone she has one goal to pay off her father’s debts and rebuild her beloved Sweet Briar She sails to England hoping to convince her uncle the Earl of Eastleigh to lend her the funds On the way Devlin abducts herFor most of the book Devlin is a man who has steeled himself against all emotion to accomplish his daring sea adventures and his revenge Cold uncaring and willing to use anyone he must to meet his ends for 6 years he takes the Earl of Eastleigh’s wife as his mistress caring nothing for her And for most of the book it’s a tug of war between Devlin who shamelessly uses Virginia as well as others and his captiveAt the end of it Devlin finally realizes he has fallen in love with Virginia and wants a family but it was a fairly abrupt turnaround And Virginia just kept hanging in there through all his abuse except for brief periods of sanity It reminded me of Stormfire but lacked Monson’s fine touch or the angst of that story or a courageous heroine Still it was not dull and held my attentionIf you like bold arrogant Irish heroes you just might love this one

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review The Prize Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Vengeance ruled his day and nightsAn infamous sea captain of the British Royal Navy Devlin O’Neill is consumed with the need to destroy the man who brutally murdered his father Having nearly ruined the Earl of Eastleigh financially he is waiting to strike the final blow And his opportunity comes iComes in the form of a spirited young American woman the earl’s niece who is about to set his cold calculating world on firePride inflamed her spiritBorn and raised on a tobacco plantation orphan Virginia Hughes is determined to rebuild her beloved Sweet Briar Daringly she sails to Englan. I really liked this although it was VERY long and there were times when I wanted to kill both the H and the h However it kept my interest I had the audible version so I listened to it whenever I was in the car or doing housework Some may have considered the h TSTL but I liked her I think Joyce had the skill to pull off a heroine who did some really sillyimpetuous things and still have her be sympathetic and likeable She is only 18yrs old and had been sheltered her naivety was understandable Too often these heroines are 30 year olds in a 18yr old body Although there were times I wanted to shake her just as much as I want to shake my own teenage niece at times The H was harder to like He had a sympathetic back story father murdered in front of him but he took the revenge thing too far His mother and brother did not agree with his actions and they lost the H's father too Even though he seemed to think so he wasn't the only victim in the world He also should have known his father would never have condoned the way he hurt innocents in his determination to avenge him He did feel a lot of guilt over what he was doing to the h but kept on doing it for FAR too long In the end he does realize all of his mistakes and is on the path to making amends but things had to get pretty bad first He kidnapped the h off an American ship sailing to England because she was the niece of the man who killed her father He was a British navel officer and this was just before the War of 1812 started so he had no need or excuse to attack that ship and kill some of the crew aside from his revenge plot He brought the heroine onto his ship and then had one of his men sail the American ship However there was a big storm and due to the damage the H had done to the American ship it sank killing everyone aboard Pretty bad but not enough to stir his conscienceHe planned to ransom the h to her uncle who he knew could not afford it because the H had been slowly destroying him His revenge plan had been to ruin the man financially and basically torment him every way possible like screwing his wife rather than just outright kill him The h told him that she was going to lose her plantation if her uncle couldn't afford to help save it and if he had to pay a ransom she was pretty much screwed He had a twinge of guiltbut not much He took her to his home in Ireland and finally gave into his desire for her and took her virginity It wasn't rape but the way he behaved afterward was horrible He went and told his brother who was falling in love with Virginia that he should marry her to assuage his guilt and give his child a name if she was pregnant Then he sailed away without a word to her leaving her broken hearted His brother Sean was a real gentleman however and was a great friend to Virginia during the months the H was away Although he was hoping she'd someday forget about Devlin and consider him When Devlin came back he treated the h like a whore out of jealousy and asked his brother what it was like to fck her He got punched for that one once again some guilt and self disgust but not enough to stop his crapHe takes Virginia to London to try and ransom her and the uncle refuses So he decides to parade her around England as his mistress they weren't really sleeping together to humiliate the uncle and Virginia was just collateral damage This one really does blow up in his face and he starts to make amends and do the right thing at that point but is still obsessed with his vengeance and there are several examples of his being a stubborn jackass before the HEA finally comes