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Nothing Happened Read ´ 8 ´ This modern day retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing takes place at the idyllic Camp Dogberry where sisters Bee and Hana Leonato have grown up Their parents own the place and every summer they look forward to leading little campers in crafts swimming in the lake playing games of capture the flag and sproutball anHe legendary counselor partiesThis year the camp drama isn’t just on the improv stage Bee and longtime counselor Ben have a will they or won’t they romance that’s complicated by events that happened or didn’t happen last summer Meanwhile Hana is falling hard for the kind but insecure Claudia putting them both in the crosshairs of re. Do you dear reader of this review know how much I wanted to like this Do you know how much I was ready to shout this book from the rooftops I was ready to personally mail a physical copy to everyone I know I was ready to do some Disney Channel crap and “accidentally” text a picture of the cover to the entire school I was SO excited to read this So it was probably one of my biggest book disappointments of 2017 when Nothing Happened turned out to be meh Before I begin though I should put a disclaimer I’ve been in a reading slump for the past idk like two or ten months and every time I think it’s finally gone for good it pops up again like so who knows This might be my reading slump talking but uh this book was not for meOne thing this book did get right was the D R A M A Though it didn’t hit the Much Ado About NothingShakespeare comedy vibe right on the nose it got the spirit of all the capital D Drama in Much Ado down to a tee Also if there’s one thing that could make Much Ado About Nothing perhaps my all time favorite Shakespeare play better it’s putting ueer girls in it Make Shakespeare Gay AgainBut uh that was pretty much all I liked The characters were all way too flat and boring I couldn’t connect to any of them Not one I think this was partly due to the fact that there were waaaaaaaayyyyyy too many narrators We were introduced to five new narrators all in first person within the first fifteen percent of the novel And I couldn’t tell any of them apart much less any of the side characters Though Much Ado does have a lot of storylines that all happen at the same time I think that this could have been handled in a better way instead of having 5 first person narrators I can’t really talk about plot because you know it’s just Much Ado About Nothing Just go read the blurb for Much Ado About Nothing And then picture it at a summer camp There you go The writing was juvenile and choppy I usually don’t mind juvenile writing when the book is written for a young audience but the majority of these characters are 18 and 19 years old and yet the way they spoke and the way the book wrote their actions made it seem like they were in seventh grade They definitely had the issues that a lot of late teenagers have but the writing wasn’t on the same level The dialogue also didn’t flow well and if there is one thing I physically cannot read it’s choppy dialogue So yeah that’s about it Props to the author for putting sapphic girls into my favorite Shakespeare show but the execution of the story and characters itself makes me cry because as said before I wanted to like this so bad So freaking bad

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This modern day retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing takes place at the idyllic Camp Dogberry where sisters Bee and Hana Leonato have grown up Their parents own the place and every summer they look forward to leading little campers in crafts swimming in the lake playing games of capture the flag and sproutball and of course t. 25 stars rounded upThis was okay Meh Nothing Happened is a uirky modern retelling of Shakespeare's comedy Much Ado About Nothing The drama unfolds at a summer camp Camp Dogberry on the coast of Maine I did have some fun with this one but there were definitely some issues For me personally it felt a bit young in comparison with most of the YA Contemporary I read That feel held throughout the story so I have a feeling this one would be enjoyed by individuals who fall within the tween categoryTo be clear there's nothing wrong with thatWith this in mind there is a lot of drinking in this book so maybe not I'm not uite sure who the intended audience was I guessAnother slight issue I had was that the story follows multiple POVs and cycles through these views rather uickly and steadily It was hard to follow in the beginning as you are learning the characters their personalities and backgrounds Multiple times I had to skip back to the chapter header to remind myself who I was reading from at any given point For me I felt the characters lacked their own voices They all sounded the sameThe story did move fairly uickly pushed by heavy drama and angst But really if you read the synopsis that's what we're here for I did like the relationship between the sisters Bee and Hana Bee is older and was adopted from Ethiopia Hana the younger one battles depression I thought these aspects of the girl's lives were really well handled The romantic relationships were a mess but again that's what brought the drama No one was communicating everything was getting blown out of proportion and on and on it went Claudia Hana's love interest was hugely self conscious and jealous and I'm not sure if she actually learned anything by the culmination of the storyWith all of this being said however it was good It was a uick read and would be perfect to take on a weekend holiday or to the beach I am sure teens will find it fun and relatable The relationships were dramatic over the top and actually believable I want to thank the publisher Disney Hyperion for providing me with an early copy to read and review As always I appreciate the opportunity

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Nothing HappenedSident troublemaker John who spreads a vicious rumor that could tear them apartAs the counselors juggle their camp responsibilities with simmering drama that comes to a head at the Fourth of July sparkler party they’ll have to swallow their pride and find the courage to untangle the truth whether it leads to heartbreak or happily ever aft. I received an electronic copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI have to say I was a bit disappointed in this book It had a lot of my buzzwords in it Shakespeare retelling specifically of my favorite Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing LGBT characters summer camp setting POC characters and As a concept for an Ado retelling this works changing the estate to a summer camp makes sense and everyone's relationship to one another makes sense too like Hana and Bee being adoptive sisters John being the stepbrother and The route the author took to modernize the story makes senseUnfortunately the writing itself was so damn corny I literally outwardly cringed all the time There were exclamation points where there definitely shouldn't have been any the characters would seemingly start talking to the reader randomly sometimes new characters or camp rules were introduced without any explanation which left me confused Kangaroo court for example was first introduced as a reference to a past drama from like 3 years prior And then the next time Kangaroo court happens we're in the middle of it without knowing what the hell it isI will say I really loved Bee as a character She is fierce and wonderful and I just adored her completelyI wish I could give this stars because I am in love with the idea of this book But for me it ended up feeling childish and a bit unpolished