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Nobody RealR passion Everyone seems to know what's best for her Nobody just listens Not like her imaginary friend Thor Baker used to When Tara's older brother Morgan comes home from university Marcie thinks she might have someone who understands Then Thor Baker shows up In the real world Still strong still handsome still made to protect her. Synopsis It's about Marcie who just finished her school and can't decide what she wants to do next in life Her Mom abandoned her when she was a kid and she now lives with her aunt Coral and works at her dad's bookstoreIt's about Thor Baker who is Marcie's imaginary friend with bear hands She drew him when she was 7 and sends him away at 12 when he causes too much troubleThor passes the time doing what he does best demolishing buildings in the imaginary realm But when Marcie really needs a friend years later Thor becomes part of her life again It's too late now because he is about to fade in 14 daysReview This is not a contemporary romance It's intense and serious About our choices and figuring out ourselves I would categorize it as a mystery There's twists and turns throughout the whole novel It'll keep you guessing till the last page and then you'll realise your guesses were all wrongIt's very thought provoking and packs a whole load of aspects and issues Her dad was a very interesting character A wise and hilarious man whom I learned a lot from Nobody knows what'll make them happy Not until they find itThe plot is very uniue unlike anything I've ever read It's the kind of book that'll stick with me for a long whileI didn't like the pacing though It's over 400 pages long and Thor's POV is written in typewriter font which makes it even longer The only thing that kept me reading was the constant suspense Trust me you'll want to finish it if you start it to get all the answers It's captivating in a weird way

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The stunning and original new novel of love sacrifice and the power of the imagination from spoken word artist and acclaimed author of TAPE Steven Camden She's my Marcie And everyone else can just fall off the earth Marcie is seventeen and under pressure Pressure from Mum to go to University Pressure from Dad to rebel and find he. 35 stars I was sent a copy of this book by Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewTO ALLISA MY IMAGINARY FRIEND WHEN I WAS 9 YEARS OLD I’M SORRY I FORGOT ABOUT YOU I LOVE YOU THANK YOU FOR BEING COOLAnywayNobody Real follows the story of two characters – one who is real and one who is imaginary – as their paths re cross after years of distance Rekindling their friendship is just what they realise they need unfortunately they don’t have long before they will lose each other againThings I LikedThe humour in this book was right up my alley Random witty with a hint of suppressed aggression the one liners in this novel had me laughing out loud – and then being carefully watched by my concerned mother My favourite parts were all the exchanges between Marcie and her dad concerning Calvin the female kitten For example; “We went for a walk”“You don’t walk a cat” The humour was just on pointI don’t know why but that plot twist at the end like the very end after the one with her dad really took me by surprise Like who would have guessed Not me It wasn’t necessarily the most engaging storyline so when something jumps out at you like that it really takes you by surprise and leaves a bigger impact So good job on that I guessMarcie was a cool main character I love her She did no unreasonable wrong and was incredibly realistic I honestly did not find any wrong in her My favourite thing above all though was that she felt like a real teenager Like I promise you guys if you want to read a book about someone that isn’t a mix between 35 and 12 years old trying to pull off being 17 years old then this is the one for you I’m amazed at how well a middle aged man could perfectly capture what it’s like to be a 17 year old girl fresh out of high school Props to you Camden There were some really beautiful messages within the pages of this novel This book shows the balance between stability and instability; ”A rollercoaster’s only fun because you know you’re getting off at some point Nobody wants a rollercoaster forever” It shares the importance of euality judgement and kindness; “Don’t be mean If she’s an arse it’s got nothing to do with her weight” And encourages independence; “Can’t hitchhike someone else’s life Marcie” I was able to take a lot of important life lessons from this book especially being in my first year out of school Things I Didn’t LikeThe story wasn’t the most interesting I enjoyed it it was fun and light hearted and shocked me occasionally but I just didn’t really care There wasn’t much to the plot other than a post grad girl who is trying to figure her future out while living with a wacky dad and then her imaginary friend who is trying to get over her It sounds like a lot but each scene included one of these three plot points so by the end of it I kind of got bored of reading the same thing over and over again Maybe if there were a little romance I’d be interested but since there was next to none I can’t even give it that I enjoyed it I just wouldn’t read it again The writing style made it uick to read but hard to take everything in Short Detached Lines Words Thoughts It was all emotive and well done I loved it but just like the plot it made it difficult to read after a while I was zooming through the book but everything was slipping my mind because I was struggling to find the depth through the single word paragraphs In some places it worked but throughout the entire book is just too much There needed to be Funny intriguing and full of lovable characters Nobody Real was a great read with a number of plot twists that completely took me by surprise and left me feeling satisfied by the end However the lack of plot will keep me from picking it up again

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Read Ö Nobody Real 106 Ú The stunning and original new novel of love sacrifice and the power of the imagination from spoken word artist and acclaimed author of TAPE Steven Camden She's my Marcie And everyone else can just fall off the earth Marcie is seventeen and under pressure Pressure from Mum to go to University Pressure from Dad to rebel and find her paAnd to love her But Thor has his own ideas of what love and protection mean And what Thor wants might not be what's best for Marcie either As the story builds seen through Marcie's eyes and Thor's the stakes continue to grow until both find themselves having to choose between what they have always wanted and what they really nee. I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley The decision to review and my opinions are my ownNobody Real is a gritty reboot of the imaginary friend perfectly pitched at teens and young adultsIt is the emotion that is raw and disturbing here rather than the actions Steve Camden has perfectly captured the disastrous swirlingly chaotic importance of the emotional transition from child to adult in a way that is compellingly real If you needed tissues for Bing Bong Inside Out then you’re going to need shares in Kleenex for this oneI love the imagination and creativity that brought this uniue plot and characters alive and somehow made them so plausible that a boy with bear paws felt as natural a best friend as any other I also loved the balance of anger and control; mischief and responsibility; joy and despair; grasping to hold on to loved ones and thrusting them viciously away Marcie and Thor teeter between worlds and states as they try to find a base for themselves and each otherI did occasionally become confused by whose viewpoint we were inhabiting despite the use of font and style to distinguish as it is uite unusual to read a book written in the second person as the characters address each other rather than the ‘audience’ The ‘you’ and ‘your’ combined with character pov shifts and flashbacks to muddy the plot waters but this actually worked just fine for a story about characters who are muddling their way through events as best they can and still trying to sort their pasts presents and futures into something resembling a lifeI confess I guessed completely wrong about the genesis of some of the side characters and was surprised by the denoument; I was completely led down the red herring path the author laid out which rarely happens and was therefore a pleasing twist That is despite the fact that the ending provided the only possible satisfying conclusion to the character arcs I had been wondering how the author was going to write himself out of the corner I thought he was in but it turns out he just needed to walk through the door that was there all alongOverall this was a fascinating and moving exploration of the transition from teen to young adult whilst dealing with trauma love loss and the need to find a path of one’s own 'Blissnoun 1 Supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment the feeling of being left alone in a room full of books on a rainy day with a good coffee and no adults giving you grief– Dictionary of Marcie Oxford Press'– Steve Camden Nobody RealReview by Steph Warren of Bookshine and Readbows bloghttpsbookshineandreadbowswordpres