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School of Fear 2 Download ☆ 8 ↠ Der Unterricht im »Phobinasium« geht weiter Mrs Wellington die Direktorin von Summerstone hat Madeleine Garrison Theo und Lulu zu einem Auffrischungskurs ins Phobinasium eingeladen Die vier geben zwar vor im letzten Jahr von ihren Ängsten geheilt worden zu sein doch Mrs Wellington weiß es besser Madeline hat ihr Imkerkostüm abgelegt trägt aber nachts einen Insektenschleier Theo überprüft nicht mehr per Handy ob seine Familie noch lebt sondern schleicht Eltern und Geschwistern nach Garrison spielt den begeisterten Surfer geht jedoch morgens nur an den Strand um mit nassen Haaren in der Schule zu erscheinen Und Lulu wartet. Ahh yes I finally got the second book and read it This series is sooo cute and I forgot how much I loved it 1000% recommend if you like reading middle grade books

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Stundenlang vor Aufzügen damit sie die enge Kabinen nicht allein betreten muss Und dann gibt es noch eine neue Schülerin Hyacinth die panische Angst davor hat allein gelassen zu werden Doch bevor sich die Fünf dem neuen Lehrplan stellen können müssen sie die Schule und Mrs Wellington aus großen Gefahren retten. Do you have a fear In the second book of School of Fear the foursome have been reuested by MrsWellington for a second mandatory year at The School of Fear Facing their fears is terrifying enough but when the four of them learn that they will be joined by a fifth studentHyhy things start to get even scarier Even worse the students uickly find themselves tasked with saving their school And because failing means spending the rest of their lives with their fears this is one test they all plan to passI absolutely positivley LOVED this book It really lived up to School of Fear and even pased it It made you feel like you were one of the four students and you got annoyed by Hyhy and her talking hamster You could really feel like part of the story and Class is Not Dismissed really shows how important friendship and sticking together isI would recommend this to any one who likes to get really deep into thier books and any one who liked School of Fear Do not read this if you have not read School of Fear because it will give away some of the parts and you won't be as happy

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School of Fear 2Der Unterricht im »Phobinasium« geht weiter Mrs Wellington die Direktorin von Summerstone hat Madeleine Garrison Theo und Lulu zu einem Auffrischungskurs ins Phobinasium eingeladen Die vier geben zwar vor im letzten Jahr von ihren Ängsten geheilt worden zu sein doch Mrs Wellington weiß es besser Madeline hat ihr. Class Is Not DismissedPLOT Lulu Theo Madeline and Garrett return for the summer to the School Of Fear seemingly cured from the last book But before they can even put their bags down good they're informed by Schmity and a distraught Mrs Wellington that there have been robberies going around town As well as the burglary that's taken place in the School for some of her most valuable items And then they're introduced to a new student who calls herself Hay Hay with her blunt ferret whose fear is being alone So they set out on the trail to find the thief and follow a note that says to meet them in an unknown location But the burglar isn't the only one that wants to see the demise of the school Could there be a traitor in their mist MY THOUGHTS We're introduced to new character Hay Hay who wasn't the most likable of characters Even though I found her annoying as a character I found her ferret's thoughts about each of them slightly amusing So I actually liked the ferret coughs Hay Hay than Hay Hay when she was being herself Just like in the first book School Of Fear there was a lot of back and forth of really good snark between the characters Particularly Theo and Lulu They both had the BEST lines in Class Is Not Dismissed The first part of the plot kind of bombed with the kidnapping When I found out who the kidnappers were and they're reasons I groaned like you have got to be kidding me Though although some of the things they named were lame I guess reasonably if I were an animal lover and I felt that passionately about the mistreatment of animals and I knew someone was mistreating an animal I would have wanted something done about it So although the neighbors came off as absurd at least their intentionshearts were in the right place They really didn't care about all Mrs Wellington's valuables wigs jewels etc They told her she could have all that stuff back They just wanted Macaroni to get the care he deserved As for the second plot I guess there's proof that there's someone for everyone in this world If someone actually married Mrs Wellington one of the most ridiculous characters in creation single ladies there’s still hopeIt was touching that the kid's all came together for Madeline and Mrs Wellington but it must have been a slow news day for this reporter This lady is OLD This school is all in her life that she has She's a former washed up beauty ueen Why go after her I didn't know that it was that publicized about Abernathy I really don't see her broadcasting that If I remember correctly in the first book she's very tight lipped about her failure with her former student Maybe I can see how a mysterious former student disappearing never to be heard from again around the time it happened might cause some attention but it's been YEARS To the people in that town probably this isn't news to them any if they've heard rumors So I think the reporter would just be digging up old dirt with this article Then I don't know if what Hay Hay did in the end excused what she did I didn't buy her whole Oh she's my bestie too Besties don't keep things from each other excuse It's kind of like a hidden lesson that you can't just go around assuming people are your friends uick She found out in the end that who she thought she could trust turned out not to have good intentions But then I don't really feel sorry for her because I don't think she was that innocent Hay Hay is a coward She's uick to do hurtful things and then can't own up to them And I'm glad Theo gives her a good telling off The end felt too easy I find it hard to believe that this little lying girl that can't sing a note captivates this grown man that's been living in a forest for YEARS So much that he's now under her spell and lures him back into civilization when no one else could by just the sound of her voice Unh hunh But it was interesting to hear about Abernathy's backstory and other than the part about him choosing to live in a forest because uh WHY when he could have just run away and been a recluse Really don't get the forest bit Oddly enough his fear is logically enough explained I laughed because they kept telling him if Mrs Wellington were their step mother they'd be scared too TOO TRUERATING 5