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CHARACTERS ´ Baby Fever A Real Man #3 ´ He’s done being the bad boy he’s ready to be a father DEX I’ve never seen myself settling down But then life reality hell my biological clock slapped me right across the face I knew what I wanted A baby At thirty nine I was having a severe case of baby fever and that meant convincing the one woman To be mine and be the mother of my child EVA I’ve always wanted Dex He’s all raw power and cut muscle He’s the epitome of what a real man is He throws me a curve ball and says he wants me not only as his woman but the mother of his child I’ll be honest; it’s what I’ve always wanted DEX Eva deserves better than me but I’m too selfish and. Sadly I felt this book was a bust It had so much potential but decided trying harder is never betterLots of things either confused me or annoyed me Case in pointHero is 39 and all of a sudden has baby fever He wants a kid like yesterday and only his best friend's sister will do Why did he have baby fever Did something happen Was it because he was almost 40 It never gets answered so you can come up with your own theoryHero is a bad boy Again why He said when he was younger he was in some bar brawls but that was younger He has tattoos so I guess that's a bad boy He doesn't really drink and DOES NOT sleep around Infact it's been years since his last hook up So why the bad boy Also this is stupid but for me it bugged me I had no idea what he did for a living Can he even afford kidsThe h was weird And not in a good way She's been in love with the H since her teen years He shows up at the bar is showing her he is interested in her she is super excited but when he asks her out she's like why Why do you want to go out What do you want to talk to me about Let me call my brother so he can tag along What They go out he lays it out that he wants her has always wanted wants her forever carry my kid and still she asks him what do you want from me Hello He just saidFinally it took like 3 chapters to have sex let me clarify They make out he gets her naked and continues to rub his cock telling her everything he's going to to her once he's inside her For like 3 chapters I was like omg Yes you're going pound her can you shut the fuck up and do it already Omg I'd be so annoyed if my husband spent an hour just talking I'd be out Like nevermind homie I'll do it myself I did like the epilogues those were a plus and cute


He’s done being the bad boy he’s ready to be a father DEX I’ve never seen myself settling down But then life reality hell my biological clock slapped me right across the face I knew what I wanted A baby At thirty nine I was having a severe case of baby fever and that meant convincing the one woman I’ve always wanted but knew was too good for me. DNF 54%Holy shit I give up Disclaimer I have had 2 hours of sleep in the last 30 hours so I am not responsible for the shenanigans that I am sure are about to ensue End disclaimerNow I've been known to love me some smut with negligible plot virtually nonexistent character building and a grammar performance akin to that of a 2007 Britney VMA performancebut this really took it to a whole new level for me And I've read and loved some pretty heinous shit in my time Now before ya'll start saying I'm being mean let me clarify I don't think this book is total shit cause it's not And I don't think Jenika Snow's books andor writing is shit because I'm not saying that either I'm merely saying that I just don't think Jenika Snow's brand of smut is in my smut wheelhouse Cause we all be fancy with our individualism like that edited to add yes this^^^ was an intentional butchering of the English language people Not that I don't lurve the helpful grammar Nazi messages I get from people I've never heard from before telling me that my grammar is ahem atrociousbut so is some people's sense of humor apparently AnyIActuallyHaveAnEnglishDegree shocking I know as I was sayingEveryone is different I love Alexa Riley smut and some people can't stand it and some people like Eat Pray Love esue chick lit and I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a spork So PEACE homies Aside from my dislike of the circuitous and redundant writing style I also didn't like how damp this book was Or should I say how damp Eva wasSeriously this woman should really watch her hydration levels because I've never read about someone leaking from their nethers with such freuency It's a wonder she didn't leave a snail trail everywhere she went Britney does NOT approve My other issue Well here are some uotes for your perusal If I put my hand between your legs and touched your pussy would you be wet for me EvaDo you want to get off with my big dick shoved up your tight pussyYou want to feel me filling you up with my cum making you slick and hot from itYou want my cock in you don't you babyI want to be so deep in you EvaI want to pump you so full of my cum it comes out of you and makes your panties wet the next dayI'm going to fuck you so hard EvaYou ready for me Here is a review from my homie Nanci It explains this book's suck factor in detail and is just plain better than mine all around me at

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Baby Fever A Real Man #3I want her too badly to back away Nothing will stop me from making her mine and putting my baby inside her Warning This book is short and right to the point like the kind of story that gives you whiplash Of course it's unbelievable dirty in the good kind of way and is filled with insta everything If you want some baby making goodness you make enjoy thi. I uite enjoyed this little novella and here's why I wanted to go raw inside her fill her with my cum and put my baby in her bellyI wanted to breed with her like I was some kind of fucking animal I wanted her to grow big with my child and just thinking about getting her pregnant made me hard“I want to fuck you with nothing between us I want to be so far in you so damn deep that when I fill you up my seed comes out of you days later”I wanted my baby in her I wanted her as my woman I wanted her as only mineI was insatiable when it came to her and filling her with my cum; putting my babies inside of her only made me want her I am unapologetic in my love of an OTT alpha male who wants to put his baby in his woman's belly