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FREE DOWNLOAD Midnight Predator · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Though she was once a happy teenager with a wonderful family and a full life Turuoise Draka is now a hunter In a deadly world of vampires shapeshifters and mercenaries she'll track any prey if the price is right Her current assignment to assassinate Jeshikah one of tMercenaries she'll track any prey if the price is right Her current assignment to assassinate Jeshikah one of the cruelest vampires in history Her employer. view spoilerI loved everything about Midnight Predator TuruoiseAudraCatherine was a pretty impressive character with a uniue background Ravyn who also had a pretty uniue upbringing was annoying as fuck throughout the book WHY Oh because she would make her own plans all the god damn time But then again so did Turuoisesort ofmayberightOther annoying characters were Daryl and Jeshickah I wanted them to die so badly in this book I sort of got half of my wish granted and I'm not going to tell you who died or didn't die Read it for yourselfJaguar was pretty interesting and his background story definitely made me like him a smidge I was really hoping it was going to be a love story between him and Turuoise but I can take what little to nothing action I got from them I'm hoping something would eventually happen between them whether it's in another book throughout this series or only in my mindI'm super invested into this world that Amelia has created I've liked every book so far that I've read and I can't wait to read the next book within this series next month hide spoiler

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An unknown contact who wants the job done fast Her major obstacle she'll have to hide her strength and enter Midnight a fabled vampire realm as a human slav. So far my second least favorite volume of the Den of Shadows series other than In the Forests of the NightThe plot wasn't great It seemed to have an interesting potential theme but it never really went anywhere with it It's ending felt inconclusive Sure the main plot was resolved but Turuoise's inner choice wasn't; the book just sort of cut off right after the climax There were some tense scenes in the book's first half but they didn't really amount to muchThe characterization on the other hand was the best part of the book They're frustratingly underdeveloped for the first uarter of the book but after that it suddenly picks up In particular I found Jaguar to be a fascinating character; if only they did anything interesting with himOn the other side of the uality spectrum this is the first time that I've left an Atwater Rhodes book feeling like it was badly written I mean she wrote better prose when she was 13 for God's sake In this book she often seems to have a fascination with unusual and original metaphors and similes A small number of them worked for me Fate had a twisted sense of humor but most of them did notOverall this would be the worst volume of the series if not for In the Forests of the Night If you're a fan of the series you might as well try this fans are pretty divided over which books are the best However if you haven't read the series please start with Shattered Mirror or Demon in my View Both are much satisfying reads than this

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Midnight PredatorThough she was once a happy teenager with a wonderful family and a full life Turuoise Draka is now a hunter In a deadly world of vampires shapeshifters and. Though it was close I didn’t enjoy Midnight Predator uite as much as it’s three predecessors Before I get to properly reviewing the book there is one complaint I just have to get out of the way before anything else Turuoise Who names their bloody main character Turuoise It’s just just no I much preferred her original name Catherine or even her fake name Audra though even that sounds like it belongs to a Daedric Lord in Oblivion Personally I think that “Turuoise” should have been called Ravyn like her nemesis and her nemesis should have got the crappy name Turuoise shakes head sadly What a failure Anyway moving on – everything else in this book was far far better than that awful name so I eventually let the name faux pas pass and focused on the main story of the bookThe rather Hunger Games like beginning – the duel for leadership in an arena – drew me in from the moment I started reading Turuoise Draka and Ravyn are fighting for the leadership of the Crimson one of the three sections of the Bruja organisation Which as far as I can tell are assassins and hunters targeting both the natural and the super natural Turuoise God I hate that name and Ravyn’s fight is declared a draw and Ravyn gets to choose what they fight with a month from now And she chooses the whip which is apparently the only weapon Turuoise isn’t all that great at using In the intervening period before their next duel Turuoise and Ravyn decide to relax kick back and prepare oh no wait They’re going to just casually tootle off and try and take down the most hard core slave driving vampire they could find; Jeshickah Now that ladies and gentlemen is another good name Why why did Amelia’s awesome name making skills choose to desert her when naming the main character of this book No it’s okay I’m over it really I am Relatively soon into the book we meet Nathaniel the vampire who is going to help Turuoise and Ravyn get into the slave complex Midnight that is run by Jeshickah Again I have to mention the brilliance of the title – how Midnight Predator alludes to so many things the slave complex Turuoise being a predator within Midnight or possibly Jaguar was the Midnight Predator Whatever It sounds cool I’m moving on Nathaniel is the vampire who originally rescued Catherine Turuoise from Midnight and Lord Daryl’s clutches in the first place He’s a strange character – I like his attitude and he doesn’t seem to care for a lot of things but it’s also clear that he really cares for Turuoise But mainly he was just an awesome character because he was like the vampiric euivalent of a bad ass smuggler – one of those guys who can basically get on the cell phone and very coolly get you anything you need Like I said Awesome Nathaniel decides that the best or only way to get the two girls into Midnight is by selling them as slave girls – CatherineTuruoise now under the name of AudraNow this is probably just my personal opinion but I really think Jeshickah and Dominiue Vida from Shattered Mirror should get together and form a “Cold As Ice Bitch Club” But meh maybe that’s just me Jeshickah seems rather slick as a villain than the coldly furious Dominiue but you have to wonder why she cares so much about Midnight When you can see that all Midnight really is well it’s her own little kingdom with humans for slaves – humans that she and her trainers enjoy breaking while she gets to lord it over everyone else So yes Jeshickah is a seriously scary “woman” but she’s also rather petty – at least that’s how I saw her anywayThe greatest – and most pleasant – surprise in Midnight Predator was Jaguar He was utterly intriguing and my mind had a fine time trying to puzzle him out He seemed to be well nice compared to everyone else in Midnight at least but it only took Jeshickah or someone eually unpleasant for him to become as cold as ice painfully competent and very intimidating But the moment he had me won over was when he played in his private courtyard with his beautiful jaguars It was such a beautiful moment especially when he let his guard down long enough to snuggle with Audra or Turuoise or Catherine It was simply cute especially for a vampire capable of what Jaguar is capable of What I also found intriguing about Jaguar was his past You know he was a brutal trainer with the uncanny ability to see and manipulate human nature – and yet something in him inspires trust Soon enough you find out the source of that trust is the fact that he is ashamed of his past and one hundred years with Jeshickah has taught him to reach for something different other than blood and pain and suffering and manipulation And whatever he reached for he found it without losing his deadly competence – which to me is what makes him such an alluring characterThere were two other main vampires in Midnight Gabriel and Daryl Gabriel frankly he amused me Not only was he a vampire holding a name traditionally associated with angels but he just seemed so completely not bothered about anything Which was uite amusing to be honest because he wasn’t fazed by Jeshickah nor by Ravyn but still gave knives to the two assassins to try and help end Jeshickah’s life Typical vampire most of the time out for himself – but on the other hand he did offer Audra no I’m not going to spell the names out any her freedom is she won the duel And that’s what amused me about this character – is that I think he offered Audra’s freedom not because of any sense of kindness just because whatever the outcome it would amuse the hell out of him One thing I would like to know is if Gabriel and Ravyn ever got together because that was kind of hinted at a bit but never explained I’d like it if they did because they certainly suit each otherLord Daryl was a first class ass hole but even so I wish his and Catherine's history was fully explained than the brief flashbacks we get given Those are sad enough the death of Catherine's family and the abuse she went through at Daryl's hands Daryl was an interesting character for me because though he was of course strong compared to humans and enjoyed the fact compared to the rest of his vampire trainer counterparts he was relatively weak and incompetent Which of course made him one of the most dangerous and an intriguing character Not enough to want him to stay around I hated his ass almost immediately and my hatred only increased throughout the books The only times I smiled when Daryl was on the page was when Jaguar was busy taking him down a peg or tenteehee I loved that I’m glad that after Turuoise escaped Midnight she didn’t go back and lead the Crimson – though that would perhaps have been a less predictable ending I loved that Nathaniel taught her how to use the whip so that she could win the duel and I really liked that she connected with Gregory a friend from her old life because it allowed the reader – and Turuoise – to see of the original Catherine inside Turuoise That isn’t to say I wouldn’t have been mad as hell if Gregory and CatherineTuruoise had got back together – Catherine had become something extraordinary and she needed someone extraordinary by her side In any case I almost felt like giving Turuoise a high five when she proved she could win the duel for the leadership of Crimson gaining her freedom in the process and then stalking out to leave a humiliated Ravyn to lead the Crimson while she went to take her revenge on Lord Daryl insteadThough the ending was satisfying view spoilerin that the complete bastard Lord Daryl got killed hide spoiler