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Read Runners and Riders Return to Amston #1 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Juliet loved growing up at the seaside although it meant lonely hours chasing after the other beach rats while her mother worked as a seamstress Juliet never expected her seaman father to inherit a fortune and move the family Ued the East Coast for years Juliet sees it as the opportunity to fit in learn tricks and make eyes at one of the hottest members What the gang does isn’t really wrongright She’s used to being a pawn for the Runners but she starts to uestion what she sees as harmless fun when the gang uses her to attack a young officerJonathan Montgomery vowed to end the Runners after they murdered his family He joined the Riders an elite po. My very first Steampunk novel Admittedly the first few chapters of this story were confusing as the author lays the groundwork and backstories for the major players in the plot namely Juliet and Jonathan Once past that point however the story unfolded and kept me turning pages late into the night especially past the halfway point I read the second half of this book in a few hours it was that engrossingMs Elizabeth's storytelling is superb weaving clear descriptions that allow the reader a clear mental image of settings and characters and the mysteries that flow just under the surface of the main plot unfold with surprising twists and turnsThat said readers should be prepared for a few bumps in the road especially if small inconsistent details throw you out of the realm of belief I ran across a few scenes in the book where some small detail changed from paragraph to paragraph minor editing misses that for me anyway were just enough that I had to work a little harder for a few pages to slip back into the realm of the storyOverall I loved this story and will be reading the seuel The Secrets of Bennett Hall next in truth I've already started it so that I can have the review ready for you by its release date

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Juliet loved growing up at the seaside although it meant lonely hours chasing after the other beach rats while her mother worked as a seamstress Juliet never expected her seaman father to inherit a fortune and move the family to New Addison City Suddenly her mother is a socialite and Juliet is best friends with a strong willed girl who actually likes her When Juliet’s new friend welcomes her to the Runners a gang that has plag. With Juliet’s father at sea often than he was home she was a lonely child So when Anna befriended her while on holidays Juliet was delighted And when her father inherited money and moved Juliet and her mother to New Addison City she was over the moon – for that was where Anna lived Anna had a mind of her own and Juliet followed her around doing her utmost to make her happy With the friendship came rules – Anna taught Juliet how to steal; how to pick a lock and how to deviously do everything she had been taught not to The Runners was an evil gang of thieves and criminals who had ruled the east coast for a very long time Anna and her family were an integral part of the Runners – Juliet felt honoured to be accepted into their gang But as time moved along Juliet began to feel a sense of horror at what was unfolding in front of her – especially when she was used in a despicable wayJonathan Montgomery and his little sister were orphaned after their family was murdered by the Runners To that aim he studied hard and became a member of the Riders the elite police force whose sole purpose was to remove the Runners from existence With his posting being New Addison City it wasn’t long before he met Lizzie a young woman who caught his eye But she was a mysterious young lady; he longed to learn her secrets but the Runners took priorityWould Juliet continue on her destructive path with the Runners And would Jonathan and the Riders succeed in their mission Runners and Riders by Jordan Elizabeth Mierak is another in the Treasure Chronicle Series and I enjoyed it very much There was very little connection with the previous two books in the series with a new set of characters to enhance the experience With a mixture of science fiction steampunk and fantasy Runners and Riders is an entertaining read and one I have no hesitation in recommending highlyWith thanks to the author for this copy to read in exchange for my honest review

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Runners and Riders Return to Amston #1Lice force dedicated to stopping the Runners’ crime spree They have put him in New Addison City but rookie mistakes follow Jonathan as he struggles to accomplish his goal until a young woman feeds him inside information to bring down the Runners Between murders and secrets Juliet will need to find her strength to help Jonathan before the founder of the Runners crawls up from the sewers amongst her inventions to burn down the c. I love the way Jordan writes Interesting and uniue storylines and characters It is very easy to like and root for them There were several very clever plot twists Although Anna is an insipid character a short story about her wouldn't go amiss I was very entertained and will continue to read from this author I can recommend Gbash