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Masue Two Monarchies Seuence #35 Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¶ Beauty met the Beast and there was Bloody murder It’s the Annual Ambassadorial Ball in Glause and Lady Isabella Farrah the daughter of New Civet’s Ambassador is feeling pleasantly scintillated In the library is Lord Pecus a charming geBeauty met the Beast and there was Bloody murder It’s the Annual Ambassadorial Ball in Glause and Lady Isabella Farrah the daughter of New Civet’s Ambassador is feeling pleasantly scintillated In the library is Lord Pecus a charming gentleman whose double mask hides a beastly face and who has decided that Isabella is the very person to break the Pecu. How in the world have I not raved about this book yet Well nothing to be done but to fix that at onceMASUE is a regency style fantastical retelling of Beauty and the Beast but it's also so much than that We have a murder mystery with magical elements we have a Commander of the Watch who happens to hide his face behind a mask because well you know why The dude's cursed but that does not at all bother our intrepid and seriously smart heroine Isabella She is such a pleasure to read even when she's under house arrest she doesn't sit still If you were to kidnap Sophy from Georgette Heyer's The Grand Sophy and put her in a room with Isabella they would probably turn the world upside down while becoming the best of friendsIsabella is strong loyal protective of her family and did I mention smart I love heroines that I can not only respect but would love to spend a day with Guaranteed it would not be a uiet dayWhat can I say Read it I sincerely doubt you'll be disappointed

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S curse In the ball room is young Lord Topher who is rapidly falling in love with an older woman And in the card room lying in a pool of his own blood is the body of one of Isabella’s oldest friends Raoul Civet’s Head Guardsman The papers sewn into his sash seem to suggest espionage gone wrong but Isabella is not so certain Lord Pecus as Commander of. You know that was a lot of fun to read I always enjoy Beauty and the Beast retellings so took a chance on this one It was definitely uirky and funright down my alley The take charge heroine Belle reminded me of The Grand Sophy and her interactions with the Beast were a joy as they each tried to outsmart the other solve the crime and protect each other and their friends and country mates The espionage element and murders added dramatic interest Very fun world building I am looking forward to the other 2 books in this series particularly Blackfoot coming in April The hero's character as introduced this book intrigues meI've found a new and enjoyable author and plan to work my way through Gingell's books

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Masue Two Monarchies Seuence #35The Watch is of the opinion that Isabella should keep out of the investigation and out of danger Isabella is of the opinion that it is her murder to investigate and that what a certain Beast Lord doesn’t know won’t hurt him Will Isabella find the murderer before Lord Pecus does or will she end her investigation as a bloody spatter on the parlour flo. Reread October 2019 Just as good on the reread as it was the first time around Isabella is who I want to be when I grow up and you can't go wrong with a few good murders to solveI love this book SO MUCH There's murder and magic and mayhem and mystery and masks There's a protagonist who mixes subtle snark with splendid smarts and substantial sneakery There are colorful characters and mysterious murdering madmen and a love interest with a very interesting curse There's humor and heart and happiness There's a subtle fairy tale retelling There's just so much to love here and I want to shout it from the rooftops Also I would like to point out how nice it is that the protagonist starts off the story unmarried at age 28 and is happy about it And she doesn't really have any particular plans to marry But at the same time she's not dramatic about it; she's just like No I'll get married when I'm ready but until then I'm happy to enjoy what I am As someone who is also unmarried but younger than 28 and who is starting to feel a bit of pressure from the fact that a lot of my friends are getting married or engaged or at the very least are seriously dating people I really appreciate an older unmarried heroine The fact that Isabelle is a wonderful protagonist in many other ways just makes everything better too And her relationship with her family is just super fun and ahhhhhh I love this book and these characters and I want