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REVIEW ´ Biker Blues (Biker Blues, #2.1) ↠ This is PART 1 of a 3 part series It ends with a cliffhanger Both parts 2 and 3 are available as preorder as well This part 1 is part of the Sexy Bastards anthology out Feb 8 28th only An abused wife meets the most unlikeliest of angels a man who looks like the very devil himself He won't let her This is PART 1 of a 3 part series It ends with a cliffhanger Both parts 2 and 3 are available as preorder as well This part 1 is p. THE MOTORCYCLE THERAPIST SAVES THE ABUSED HOUSEWIFEThis is the second book that I have read by Dale Mayer and I loved it This book is the first book in a three part series and it ends in a cliffhanger but it will rock your socks off The author grabs your attention from the beginning of the book when Willow is rescued and till the end of the book with the dramatic cliffhanger This book is recommended for mature readers 18 and over because of the abuse of Willow and the explicit sex You will absolutely love this bookThe first book typically introduces you to Willow a house wife that has been beaten and broken by her piece of S husband Greg Willow is on a bridge after having escaped from Greg one time contemplating ending her own life The abuse is so extensive and has gone on for so long she feels as though she has no choice but to end her own life Cash finds her on the bridge and attempting to stop her from jumping startles her and causes her to fall before she has decided if she is going to jump or not Cash rescues her and takes her home with him Once he gets her to his house she realizes that she has seen him talking to her husband and begins to wonder if he is just like him Cash undresses her to put her in warm water to warm her up and then realizes the extent of her abuse It really makes him mad to think that someone would hurt a woman that bad He also becomes emotionally attached to her He has decided to help her find herself and her strength in order to get better He lets her know he is a therapist when she can figure out why he was talking in what seemed to her riddles He was just trying to let her know that she had options and they did not include be beaten She tries to let him know that since Greg suspects she is at his house that he will stop at nothing to get her backNo Spoilers ARC free book given for an honest review


Art of the Sexy Bastards anthology out Feb 8 28th only An abused wife meets the most unlikeliest of angels a man who looks like th. Part one in the series Very emotional and very moving story about an abused wife both mentally and physical The book is amazing and Verdi inspirational in the sense of strength in escaping and taking back ones life I was very moved and enjoyed reading about willows and cash's story so far I really love how at the start of the book it's in third person as if willow isn't even a person just a by standing I love the different prospective of willow and how it starts to change to first person as she starts to lose her chains and become an individual and independent womenWillow is broken and beaten to the point of wanting to kill herself Living with a violent and crowd of a husband Willow has reached rock bottom until her unsual meeting with cash The strength it takes for a women as broken and beaten as willow is outstanding in her recovery and taking back her life Losing her invisible chains and breaking habits shows an amazing inner strength for both the healing and taking back co trolCash is a a very caring and understanding man as he knows what willow is going through from his past Wanting to help her and heal her cash must prove to be a patient person to prevent willow from going back into her she'll It also helps to be a therapist to understand the motions and feelings she's feelThis story is amazing and heart warm But it does end on a cliff hanger When all sees to be going willow the past and person she is running from makes an appearance which causing willow back into her she'll Cash and willow must over co e the threat and presentance of Greg in ord to be happy and life a life You do it read about her abuse apart from when willow speaks to cases about it But if you don't not like toread about it Then this is not about you But if you like moving and inspirational story then this is for you This is a book to take your time and read to fully appreciateReceived this as an arc in exchange for an honest

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Biker Blues Biker Blues #2 1E very devil himself He won't let her give up Nor will he let her go Will he be yet another captor or will he become her salvation. I have read a few books by Dale Mayer and this one certainly did not disappointWhile it seems that these events could have occurred over the space of a month there really is only a day that passes in the story The fast pace moves the story along beautifully without lags that could happen since there is a lot that we learn from the individual characters inner thoughts The story itself is interesting and uniue Normally with presented with a character that contemplates suicide I tend to feel that they are weak but the timing of the story and her background really helped me sympathize with her characterBoth Willow and Cash are strong characters in their own rights You would think that a big biker like Cash would completely overshadow the abused Willow but their interplay is all give and take The reader can easily see Willow as a survivor stronger than she could possibly know At the same time you have Cash who is both smart and emotionally intelligent His large physical presence is comforting in and of itself but it is his understanding nature that really draws Willow and the reader in I also like how Cash's house is described It is very warm and inviting from the beginning The way that it is described versus how Willow's home with Greg is portrayed really highlights the difference between the men and Willow's feelings towards themAll in all fantastic read I can't wait to start the next one