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Between Takes kindle ´ eBook · Teddy Sharpe is kind of famousHe also kind of already has Fourth of July plans But when he snags a last minute audition for a movie that could make or break his acting career his kind of plans are thrown off course by bad weather and a familiar strangerCareer his kind of plans are thrown off course by bad weather and a familiar strange This was a super cute read

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Teddy Sharpe is kind of famousHe also kind of already has Fourth of July plans But w I was lucky enough to read this book in its original form Between Takes on Wattpad I enjoyed it so much because it read kinda like an old fantasy of mine from my earliest writing days in which my books got made into a movie with Chloe Bennet as the leading lady and I got to date her The difference being that Teddy Sharpe and Bennett Caldwell are like Dylan O'Brien and Alex Evansley but that's okay The point is even though this style of book is normally very much not for me Alex's book was completely the opposite so much up my alley and enormously lovableNow she's got this new version of her book available for all of us to read and I'll be damned if I don't get them not to stock it at the Stanford Bookstore where I'll make it yet another Staff PickI did notice a few small changes in the road from BT to LST2 Like for instance the slight de aging of both Teddy and Bennett Teddy's now just a couple of months shy of 21 at the start of this book so he can't just get a bourbon on the rocks when he boards the flight to Charlotte And Bennett she's 18 so this one part where I remember from the original version of the story where Bennett muses about how her creative writing professor criticized her a bit for writing as if Parachutes was already a movie with trailer ready snappy dialogue Or something like that I'm honestly surprised my own creative writing professors never went there with my own writing but then again they never read than oh maybe twenty pages out of the hundreds I've created for my big old series And they were far less critical than this one classmate who was just the biggest assbutt of them allbut I'm not affected by his nonsense at allI also don't remember much of Liz and Will from the original version but I'm definitely not going to forget them as written here Will is so much me he's a ueer guy though gay not uite like little bi me surrounded by family who doesn't understand him in the slightest and I wouldn't be surprised if my own family were I ever to really be out to them would out me to anyone and everyone they could just to embarrass me The way Liz does among other truly atrocious things that make her the most supremely unlikable character in the whole book And I thought Burt Bridges was the actual worst back in Between Takes On a lighter note I actually have a friend named Liz whom I told about her namesake and she and I agreed this fictional Liz felt a little like she got possessed by the spirit of Mihai the worst neighbor in Bucharest or so Romanian Duolingo would have us believe in this little running jokeBut you know what? I'm very very glad I went and bought myself this book because I so badly need the lovely chemistry of #Shardwell5Ever in my life By sheer coincidence the week when Teddy and Bennett meet for the first time in my real life was marked by me trying an OKCupid date for the first time and getting totally stood up because I'm basically cursed to never be lovedYeah TedMm hmm He's got me peggedBut then there's Teddy and Bennett who are almost exactly what I want in a relationship A little insta lovey to be sure and maybe a little too reliant on repetitive lines for laughs like the alphabet of hepatitis bit but then Bennett also comments on repetition of lines being literally Teddy's job so there's that But the chemistry they have is Stonefield or Melwood grade beautiful and natural and I'm always there for that But then again there's a reason why this book gets a fair few references in my own manuscripts including a recently written bit in Peppermint where I have Alex Snow mention two clubbers being a Shardwell couples cosplay Not gonna lie if I ever do break my relationship curse get me a girl I can do this couples cosplay with I'm pretty sure I resemble Dylansorry Teddy enough to pull off that half already lol As for whoever's the lucky lady who gets to be my Bennett well all she's gotta do is make me a real sucker for a chick in a ball cap Not that I'm not already And the part I liked the best was how the Caldwell family was such a friendly and mellow bunch the kind of family I wish I had Certainly the kind that would've let me drink a little even while underage as long as I didn't cut too loose y'know Or the kind that would've let me be openly bi in peace seriously Will got the wrong branch of this family tree He deserves to be a Caldwell sib to Bennett and Tanner bothI remember Alex was working a bit on a seuel titled Outtakes at the time but I'm sure if she writes it now it'll have a different title I just hope it comes though I'm not sure I can handle a world where this is the only Shardwell tale we get And though I'm not sure I'll get to publish my own books through SwoonReads if I do I know me and mine will be in great company with Alex and hers Which reminds me I need to try and revive my SwoonReads account It's been dead for uite a while

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Between Takes Hen he snags a last minute audition for a movie that could make or break his acting So just to be clear I'm absolute trash for Hollywood romance I don't know why I guess it's just our culture's oh yeah that's right Kay blame it on someone else fascination with celebrities but when I saw the blurb saw that it was about a famous actor and an author I was completely hooked I had to read itAnyways what I noticed right off the bat was that the plot was extremely contrived To give you the set up of the book real uick the entire plot basically happens because1 Teddy Sharpe starts having a conversation with this random girl Bennett next to him on an airplane idk I feel like this is contrived like would that really happen? but that could just be because I'm socially awkward so you decide2 Inclement weather gets him stranded at the airport3 The random girl he was talking to at the airport decides to invite him to her home to stay the night instead of just getting a convenient and close hotel stranger danger kids4 Random girl's family immediately loves him and he stays there with this random family for the entire weekend how does nobody feel uncomfortable about this situation???Also let's just get out there that this girl Bennett published a huge bestseller in her sopho year of high school that seems extremely not realistic but also I applaud you girl that's amazing Also there's this plot point where someone had to get a whole new phone to avoid someone constantly texting and calling and I was like ok but have you heard of blocking the number? ALSO what felt the most contrived of all to me was view spoilerTeddy apparently blew and failed the audition but immediately got the part after just one audition? That he sucked at no callback or anything; also considering it's compared to the success of Hunger Games I assume there were tons of other actors there ones who probably didn't blow their audition? idk hide spoiler