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Ghosts from Our Past Summary ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç As seen in the Sony Pictures 2016 film  Ghostbusters the ultimate guide to identifying understanding and engaging with any paranormal activity that plagues youYears before they made headlines with the Ghostbusters Erin Gilbert and Abby L Yates published the grou?Ectoplasm Cleanup Tips”;· Updates including “The Ghostbusters’ Arsenal” by Jillian Holtzmann and “Haunted History” by Patty Tolan;· A new Ghostbusting Resources appendix featuring the “Paranormal uickstart Guide” “Is It a Ghost A Handy uiz” “A Supernatural Stakeout Journal” “The Devil’s Dictionary Paraterminology You Need to Know”; and With this helpful and hilarious official Ghostbusters guide in hand you’ll be prepared for almost any spirit spook or spectre that comes your way As for the rest you know who to cal. Genuinely confused as to how much of this book is fact but diverting enough

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As seen in the Sony Pictures 2016 film  Ghostbusters the ultimate guide to identifying understanding and engaging with any paranormal activity that plagues youYears before they made headlines with the Ghostbusters Erin Gilbert and Abby L Yates published the groundbreaking study of the paranormal  Ghosts from Our Past Once lost to history this criminally underappreciated book is now back in print revised and somewhat updated for the new centuryAccording to Gilbert and Yates “extraordinary claims reuire extraordinary evidence” and whether yo. I haven't seen thew new Ghostbusters movie yet because I don't leave the house but I think the authors of the book are probably played to a T Just because I watch so many Melissa McCarthy movies and I know how funny she is would sum up one of the two authors of this book These women have a great sense of humor and they are so smart But I have to say some of my favorite parts of the book was in the beginning when they were younger and it led up to how they met They are two peas in a pod all about ghosts and science and they are hilarious I can't say that enough When Abby was telling one part of her story when she was younger it was just great Her parents were going to move and she was begging them to stay behind to finish out her school year with her freinds She would live with her aunt and uncle but that's not what happened They reminded me that I didn't have any friends at my old school So I lost that fight and packed my boxes My uncle gave me some tips on adjusting to a new environment Specifically to avoid being bullied by other girls I should walk up to the baddest looking girl on the first day and casually slip a shank into her side Perhaps it's a good thing I didn't stay behind with themI want to know the hell is this ↓I have been watching Ghost Hunting shows for years so I recognized every instrument they were talking about using in cases But there is another part that was rather funny Lets see if you can guess what it is Paratechnology Tool Kit The Basics • Audio Recorder• Batteries • Camera• Carbon Monoxide Detector• Compass• EMF Meter• First Aid Kit• Flashlight• Ghost Trap• Infrasound Monitoring Euiptment• Ion Detector• Motion Detector• Night vision Goggles I really want some of these• Notebook• PKE Meter• Proton Pack• Toilet Paper• Walkie Talkies • WatchThe book actually has information on all of these things but the one that I found funny was the toilet paper Not Technically paratechnology but it's better to be safe than sorry And while we're at it don't forget to pack an extra pair of underwearThere are actually several lists of different things in the book There are pictures and diagrams throughout the whole book I found the story about the Fox Sisters very interesting These sisters starting talking talk a spirit that was haunting their house in 1848 His nickname was Mr Splintfoot and they would talk to him by asking uestions and he would tap out a reply No one could ever explain where the sound was coming from So you have all kinds of neat stuff like that in the book I rather enjoyed myself in this little walk through the paranormal world that I love so much Just keep out those euations I would like to thank Blogging for Books for a print copy of this book in exchange for my honest review MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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Ghosts from Our PastU’re a believer or a skeptic you’ll find the information you’re seeking right here in this extraordinary book including· The childhood experiences that inspired Erin and Abby’s lifelong passion for the scientific study of the paranormal;· The history of ghosts and other supernatural entities the science that explains their existence and profiles of the groundbreaking paranormal researchers who have investigated them;· An illustrated guide to Class I through Class VII ghosts;· Helpful sidebars like “A Ghost by Any Other Name” and ?. Audiobook review Being a scientist wasn’t so appealing until now If you could sum up Ghosts from Our Past Both Literally and Figuratively The Study of the Paranormal in three words what would they beHilarious awesome and a little scary #IamaChickenDid you have an extreme reaction to this book Did it make you laugh or cryI laugh out loud most of the time but there were a few times when I was scared to death Oh My God I was with my headphones working on the computer while listening to the audiobook it was 1130pm almost the middle of the night the story was pretty interesting Erin was telling her first experience with a ghost and all of it sudden A GHOST WAS TALKING It was like a scary whisper that almost gave me a heart attack I have to warn everyone reading this review that I AM A CHICKEN I watch horror movies with my eyes closed and when I’m reading or listening horror books I do it during daylight where NO SUPERNATURAL BEING WILL HARM ME Anyway that night I had to sleep with the lights on and I made my best not to listen to the audiobook at night But overall the audiobook was so funny with great references to iconic people from the past and of course the experiences of the doctors Erin and Abby’s life as ghostbusters What about Hillary Huber Emma Bering and Paul Boehmer ’s performance did you likeI loved their narrations Hillary and Emma had the majority of the time but Paul made a great impression in me I mean his performance about working as ghostbuster and Patrick Swayze’s ghost was hilarious I don’t think I will ever forget about that And the girls did it great too What I loved the most was exactly what scared me the most The ghosts voices And of course THE RAPPING IT WAS AWESOME Would you consider the audio edition of Ghosts from Our Past Both Literally and Figuratively The Study of the Paranormal to be better than the print versionI will have to wait until my paperback copy arrives to answer this uestion I was interested in this book the moment Andrew Shaffer announced it because he is hilarious his writing is awesome and I LOVED GHOSTBUSTERS when I was a kid I’m not going to tell you how I was called Slimer when I was a kid because that would be telling too much about my past— wait I think I just did face palm —So I had to read this book I usually buy ebooks or audiobooks but then I saw the excerpts in and I knew I had to get it in paperback So when it arrives I’ll let you all know If you were to make a film of this book what would the tag line beDUH First there will be a movie WOOHOO And secondly this book has the 100% support of the movie makers which makes it awesome Listen to this podcast where Andrew talks about how this book is tie to the movieWould you recommend this audiobook to a friend If so why YES To all the comedy readers and ghostbusters lovers you all gotta listen to this audiobook and if you are not into audiobooks you gotta get the book or ebook and read it It’s pretty awesome And to all the Original Sinners Fans Tiffany Reisz does a cameo in this book which is a plus