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Autonomous review ´ 103 ß William Mackler is about to go on a road trip of a lifetime After winning a contest—and nearly dying in the process—he becomes the proud owner of Autonomous a driverless car that knows where you want to go before you do #Worthit To sweeten the deal he gets to pick three friends to go with him on a cross country trip to see theiCross country trip to see their favorite band For William a reckless adrenaline junkie this is the perfect last hurrah before he and his friends go their separate ways after graduation But Autonomous is than just a car without a steering wheel It's capable of downloading all of the passengers’ di. When William Mackler wins the Driverless Derby contest he gets the brand new driverless car Autonomous William gets to bring four friends with him on this fantastic road trip On what they plan to be the best trip ever soon becomes a catastropheDO NOT READ THIS BOOK I'M WARNING YOU NOW DO NOT READ THIS BOOKI hated every minute of it I complained about read it I don't even wanna talk about it any I was expecting a book filled with suspense conflict and thrill I was sorely disappointed after I cracked open the book and read the first chapter I should have stop then But I thought it was going to get better But it didn't DO NOT READ

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Gital history from the good to the bad to the humiliating The information is customized into an itinerary that will expose a few well kept secrets but it will also force William to face some inner demons of his own Think you know Autonomous The real uestion is how much does Autonomous know about yo. Otto starts out friendly enough I mean he obviously has good taste in choosing William of all people to win the Driverless Derby What's that Who's Otto Oh that's what we call the ultimate prize they are attempting to outlast each other to win Their very own driverless car that looks like a cross between a sports car and a spacepod with so many features and options your cyber loving head would spin Oh and yes I DID say choose becausewell that car roll was a little TOO well timed as was the injury that took out a stubborn player and while they say the rest was a coordinated effort to dislodge weaker opponents I'm calling their bluffOtto seemed too much like a heavy handed presence to be controlled in such a way Anywho contest won road trip begun and we're on our way on a cross country tip they won't soon forgetbut not for the reasons originally intended You see while William wants to give his friends the summer of their lives they are being chauffeured around by a machinea machine that learnsa machine that is developing a personalitya machine that can uncover their darkest most desperate secrets because NOTHING is ever really gone once its created especially in a digital worldWhile being toted as a cross between Fast and Furious and Christine and in truth it does have elements of both car lust and possession I think it's real strength isn't in shadowing these greats but following it's own course of AI intelligence and the true reach of our digital footprints Though it doesn't singularly follow any one of these paths which does in truth muddy the waters a bit on the story when it gets off on a tangent like the laser tag game even in the semi confusion it's trying to teach you something trying to show you a different side of the automated world we all seem to love The lack of human input the lack of control experienced during crucial moments of the story pulls the layers back on the convenience those robotic options providebut the story isn't truly about debunking wonders of the mechanized world It's also a GREAT reminder to be conscious of what we put out into the world digital or non because you never know whose feed it may cross and the way it may be construed; intentions are hard enough to read face to face let alone across the virtual chasmAn interesting read for Young Adult fans who crave action adventure high flying technology as well as all the colors of the human condition Take her for a spin just don't forget who's in controlcopy received for review

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AutonomousWilliam Mackler is about to go on a road trip of a lifetime After winning a contest and nearly dying in the process he becomes the proud owner of Autonomous a driverless car that knows where you want to go before you do #Worthit To sweeten the deal he gets to pick three friends to go with him on a. This wasn’t funIt should have been Secrets lies and an over the top dream car that can take you anywhere and do almost anythingBut ohI found myself stuck on a road trip from hell some young adults I simply didn’t like This is less a near future tech thriller than it is a coming of age as our rather unlikeable characters discover truths about each other and themselves Our car becomes a bit of a character itself which I kind of liked – but it turned out that I soon found our car annoying than our human charactersI still liked the tech I liked the idea of what our future might hold – dangers and all But the book simply wasn’t fun and the thrills were not so thrillingARC Provided via Net Galley