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Terra Nostra Free download Ì 104 ç Terra Nostra ist der bisher umfangreichste und ehrgeizigste aller großen lateinamerikanischen Romane Seine 1129 Seiten beherbergen hundert Charaktere; er umgreift die Zeitspanne vom Römischen Reich bis zum Paris des Dezember 1999; der Schauplatz ist das Spanien des sechzehnten Jahrhunderts aber auch Mexiko NordeReift die Zeitspanne vom Römischen Reich bis zum Paris des Dezember 1999; der Schauplatz ist das Spanien des sechzehnten Jahrhunderts aber auch Mexiko Nordeu. This massive meditation on the Conuest and its effect on imaginations moralities and all related matters pertaining to worlds both New and Old hit me like a cinder block I recall going to Day's Espresso at the time such a locale offered magnificent lattes they made me fat I didn't care I loved this book There is a well of intertextuality within which is nerdy yet effective

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Ropa Italien und die Levante Phantasie und Aufbau dieses Buches flößen Ehrfurcht ein der Autor versteht sein Handwerk meisterhaft Gene H Bell The New Republ. Stop me if you have heard this beforeA Mexican writer walks into the hotel bar He joins his fellow Latin Americans an Argentinian a Chilean a Peruvian and a Colombian Julio Cortázar Jose Donoso Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel Garcia Maruez and says “ — Todos los buenos latinoamericanos vienen a morir a Paris” Every good Latin American comes to Paris to die They all laugh in agreementThe date is December 31 1999 The end of the Millenium The world is ravaged by microbes causing world starvation and there is an order out to curb the population growth The Mexicans have brought back the fight to the death Aztec ball game shown on the screens The Russians distribute copies of the works of Trotsky and will shoot them if they are caught reading the books In Río de Janeiro the military orders a perpetual carnaval so people can party themselves to death The French decide their fates through debates on television Ah the French are so civilizedA very distopian story But the only continuous thing playing on the screens is a show about the 16th century Spanish king Philip II And the bulk of the enormous 950 page book centres around Felipe known as El Señor son of Felipe El hermoso and Joanna Regina La Dama Loca and married to the English ueen Isabel La Señora The cast runs some three pages and includes his friends known as los soñadores or “The Dreamers” who are friends of the young king and spans some twenty years Yep a soap operaWhy Felipe II Felipe was the king of the Spanish empire He didn’t want to leave Spain and for the most part neither left Escorial the tomb like palace he built for himself and according to the story didn’t put much faith in the new world even though so much money came in it Sadly to finance his plans he borrowed to the hilt and often defaulted He claimed that the Christians Jews and Muslims lived in harmony but also chased them out of Spain He claimed that he never touched his English wife and yet both relied heavily on lovers In other words a soap operaThe book has moments of brilliance and utter shear beauty in the language There were times when passages went on too long and I thought he was rambling The characters are all flawed and that makes them worthy of reading There is a description of the Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch that is breathtaking So why did Fuentes write this book Perhaps to say that the conuistadors left Spain to conuer a new world and once there the same corrupt ways corrupted the new world Felipe asked one of his conuistadors if he found paradise No only hell And as the dystopian world collapsed in 1999 reflecting on the past meant seeing everything come full circle Have we really advanced or are we truly victims of history repeating itself The Spanish rule sure doesn’t bode well especially from a Mexican point of viewPublished in 1975 Fuentes tackles magic realism time travel and assorted tricks like including himself and his colleagues in the story Time seems irrelevant and yet very relevant He even includes a story of the Roman emperor Tiberius covering two thousand yearsDid I like it Yes no and everything in between Why so long I asked And yet as I neared the end I realized that I would miss the book That was a very odd feelingI have read most of Fuentes’ books and he wrote a lot and not even sure where to put it I read an old New York Times review that says if you are going to fail fail big I wouldn’t put this down to failure Epic Massive Yes Very good at least Very long One month to read Yes Very big

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Terra NostraTerra Nostra ist der bisher umfangreichste und ehrgeizigste aller großen lateinamerikanischen Romane Seine 1129 Seiten beherbergen hundert Charaktere; er umg. I don't think I was the right reader for this book it seems to have settled uneasily within meI am tempted to say the book is about politics and above all political forms An alternative and ahistorical Philip II married to Elizabeth of England fights to impose his will and Catholic orthodoxy on the heterodox rebels of the Low Countries The external politics is mirrored in his construction of El Escorial as an embodiment of the Orthodox unity he is trying to impose however even this mighty fortress proves not to be safe from heterodoxyThe figure of Philip is opposed by three six figured brothers among others one of whom surfaces as a Casanova amongst the nuns serving in El Escorial But all the opposition within time failsThe idea of opposition is broadened by the Old and New Worlds acting as mirrors to each other The New World seems to offer to the characters the possibility of something alien to the tradition of Empire than is established in Europe a tradition that has the Emperor Tiberius at one end and Philip II at the other trying to prevent change to maintain orthodoxy broadly envisioned and by so doing maintaining powerPart of the challenge is overtly political and part through stories Stories can be transgressive because narratives we see shape and form reality This is demonstrated through the stories that a group of refugees from Spain including the future Philip incognito tell to each other The political challenge is shown failing to overthrow the idea of Empire Opposition then manifests itself in deviance as with the figure hiding among the nuns of El Escorial who then becomes the prototype of Don Juan In this way we see how stories create counter narratives that embody resistance to the dominant Imperial power which in Fuentes' take asserts itself ad astra not just in the political field but in all areas of human lifeBut even stories including the one we are being told can only triumph outside of time and so the end of the novel is set in 20th century Paris and is a moment of revolutionary eschatology Humanity dies off amidst signs and wonders The last man merges with the last woman in what might be the union of the Old World and the New and then makes love to itself The figure of the last man in this case a six fingered one naturally and the last woman might be a sign of how far Fuentes is going the relative positions of men and women the narratives we exist within of what men and women are and what each can do are themselves power structures immediate to most lives than the political structures exemplified by the figures of Tiberius and Philip II in this novelIt's a big novel and sweeps up a lot of material A socio political Arabian Nights one story flowing into the next Much of this is rich in allusion with deliberate contrasts and confirmations built into the story Old World versus New Philip II is a new Tiberius each an individual as well as the exemplar of an attitude towards life My problem is that it started to feel unconvincing the kind of thing full of surface flash and fizz that is very exciting to read as a teenager but is in retrospect too obvious given the degrees of subtly possible in the novel On the other hand it would make for a striking opera with ballet seuences Or there again perhaps I'm simply too puritan and not imbued with the spirit of carnival to be a connoisseur of this novel