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She Bites kindle ✓ eBook Free ´ moneyexpresscard â Dr Robyn Sparks is a veterinarian with a dark secret she moonlights as a self appointed vigilante who deals her own brand of justice to animal abusers by murdering them If you do bad things to dogs Robyn does bad things to you She Bites tells the story of a talenNship is a roller coaster ride of tangled emotions and legal close calls Ultimately Robyn has to make a choice whether to continue down her destructive path and kill a twisted psychopath turned professional dog fight promoter or to pursue a romance with a cop who believes morality is best served by the hand of the la She Bites by Roger Arsht Caitlin HawkerShe Bites by Roger Arsht and Caitlin Hawker will have you thinking twice next time when she says don't worry I don't bite Compassion is a weakness or is it? Well sadly for those who cross Dr Robyn Sparks the only compassion she has is for the furry kind not for the human kind  To better understand Dr Robyn Sparks you must understand her passion is protecting and caring for those who trust and love unconditionally their human owners Dr Robyn Sparks is a compassionate veterinarian and takes what she does very seriously and believes that any and all who mistreat their pets should have than a fine or jail More than what the courts can hand out They should suffer the ultimate punishment Euivalent to the deed they committed and Her disillusioned  divisive methods leave plenty to be talked about No one can say though message not received  At the same can't help but smile even as uestionable the methods someone is fighting for those who can't defend themselvesThis vet with a mission her techniues will have vampires salivating With her utter detailed and deadly work and the torture she inflicts on her victims She just may be the modern day Ripper respectable low profile someone you least expect until it's to late Fighting for the rights of animals one at a time It will leave all those abusers salvating for the day when PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and a hefty fine was all they had to worry about  Then you have the detective Jack Williams he has a therapy corgi dog Lizzie that helps him with his traumatized story that developed from a serial child killer  This story is written with great depth both characters suffering from inner demons but one enjoys it better than chocolate luscious This thriller horror and brutality of animal within is not for the sueamish With also the horror of dog fights and the results that come from itThis has graphic abuse of animals and a vigilante that takes the dog fighting society on full board There is not just a dark tale of terror but it does have light in it also tweet Robyn and Jack I enjoy a book that keeps me staying up and need to turn the page for As an animal lover it's nice to see Dr Sparks speaks for the animals when they couldn't

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With sick and injured animals provides Robyn with a view of life’s most tender moments as well as a view of man’s most brutal behaviors Robyn’s regular habit of sending bad people to the pet crematorium is interrupted when she meets Jack Williams a damaged detective who is fighting his own demons Their relatio Veterinarian Turned Vigilante Combats Dog Fighters – and Scares ReadersWhat animal lover hasn’t dreamed of revenge against an animal abuser?She Bites a dark thriller explores this strange blending of compassion and revenge with the tale of Dr Robyn Sparks a canine veterinarian who has had enough with animal cruelty After witnessing numerous accounts of it come across her operating table especially from dog fighting she determines to end it ForeverThis vet by day vigilante by night woman is first introduced to us covered in blood from her latest murder and trying to stuff the remains into a pit bull sized bag for cremationThe smile that creased Robyn’s face as she prepared to dismember Blevins would have chilled the blood of anyone unfortunate enough to witness it After locking the door to the operating room something she would never neglect to do again she approached the corpse “Trust me Mr Blevins this won’t be pleasant Well not for you anyway” Then police detective Jack Williams walks into her veterinarian office one day to get help for his hurt therapy dog Lizzie Jack’s vibrant green eyes catch the attention of Dr Sparks as does his compassion for his dog This romance gives readers a bit of a break from the dark side of Sparks and becomes a thrill ride for the reader as we try to determine how the cop dating a serial killer romance is going to work out Will Jack find out what Robyn truly is before it’s too late? Or will she kill him too?Also mixed in with the noir are doses of humor such as with the nosy bossy Ms Smyth Anders a client of Sparks “through the wonders of Botox rhinoplasty and chemical peels she resembled an expressionless twenty one year old mutant” and the police psychologist who texts under his desk while talking to his patientsThe novel is smoothly written and a page turner reminiscent of a James Patterson meets Steven King Authors Roger Arsht and Caitlin Hawker blend their voices and talents to produce a book that will leave readers wanting Arsht is a high school English teacher who first met Hawker while she was a student in his school Remembering her dark fiction that horrified him and the other teachers he looked her up years later to see if she wanted to collaborate on a book with him to give it a horrific voice She did and the match up is perfectWhile a enjoyable horrifying? read the book is also part social platform rendering the awful side of dog fighting in terms that the reader won’t likely forget The horrors of dog fighting are so brutal I had to read those parts with my eyes half shut so was thankful for the scenes with Lizzie Jack’s therapy dog and the other animals that added some warm fuzzies into an otherwise harsh worldThis book would appeal to readers of horror and thrillers as well as any animal lovers who would like to place a well aimed kick into the behinds of animal abusers – preferably with a stiletto heel attached She Bites rewards the reader with a bit of justice and leaves the uestion – how far would you go to stop something so brutal as dog fighting? This evil indulgence is a must read for all dog lovers

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She Bites Dr Robyn Sparks is a veterinarian with a dark secret she moonlights as a self appointed vigilante who deals her own brand of justice to animal abusers by murdering them If you do bad things to dogs Robyn does bad things to you She Bites tells the story of a talented veterinarian who dispenses brutal judgment Her work She Bites by Roger Arsht Caitlin Hawker is my kind of thriller I am always on the lookout for a new twist to a familiar story and they supply a fantastic oneShe Bites is action packed from the get go and I love it Dog fighting is a cruel ‘sport’ and I do not understand how anyone can get any enjoyment from treating an animal that only wants to please with such crueltyWant to take a walk on the dark sideread onDr Robyn Sparks is not only a veterinarian but a vigilante doling out punishment to animal abusers Having critters in a book adds a special little something for me and increases my enjoymentI love that Robyn Sparks cares so much for animals that she will stand up for them when others don’t She is a strong determined woman and after my own heartShe wants them to feel the pain and she dishes it out with a vengeance She is a female DexterWould I go that far? Would you?Have you pissed her off? Wellllll if you have she will be paying you a visit and She Bites It WILL be hazardous to your healthWhen Jack Williams a detective with his own issues comes into her life it becomes even complicatedTwo damaged souls are drawn togetherby a dog Their terrors may be different but their motives are the sameIs one bad and the other good? Yin and yang?When dealing with vigilantism moral uestions are raisedJusticeis it legalillegal? What would happen if everyone took the law into their own hands?I don’t see how this can end well but I want it toThe writing makes the story flow smoothly and the suspense is a nail biter How can he not figure out what is really going on with her? How can she keep her secret? Will the authors be able to put their thinking caps on and come up with an ending that I will be happy with yet find ‘believable?’ That you will find ‘believable? All I can say isyou will have to read it for yourself to find outI love it will highly recommend it and I will be looking for of their workI voluntarily reviewed a free copy of She Bites from Roger Arsht Caitlin Hawker and Archway PublishingTo see visit fundinmental