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Download Familiar Taste Of Poison ePub ê ↠ moneyexpresscard ¹ Last year Todd met a girl and fell in love He found a passion that he never knew existed It was incredible perfect even he finally met someone who could touch his unfeeling heart He honestly believed that he'd found the one his other half His soRightThen in the same place he encounters her again and the hate he's sure he feels is shattered by a turn of events that neither of them had anticipatedCan Todd make Beth change her mind Will she ever feel for him what he does for her Can Todd settle for having less than all of her Will they ever find out who set out to destroy themMost importantly though can Todd save Beth from herself and give them both the happy ever after they deserveIn Nothing Girl The Only Exception #1 we heard how Beth fell for an obnoxious domineering American boy How he pursued her relentlessly and forced her t good thing it was a freebie Granted I didn't read the first one so maybe there's a reason why the girl ran from the H just to be so easily persuaded to go back to him some months later other than the fact she might have forgotten he was an obnoxious prick who has a teenage relationship w everyone emotionally speaking and makes mental allusions to the fact she is pregnant and therefore slow to catch everything on several times Argh

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Last year Todd met a girl and fell in love He found a passion that he never knew existed It was incredible perfect even he finally met someone who could touch his unfeeling heart He honestly believed that he'd found the one his other half His soulmate But that was before she destroyed him Now all he feels for her is hatred that and a familiar taste of poison he'd sworn never to experience again Once Todd vows he'll never let anyone under his skin He's going to keep the hate he feels right over his heart to always remind him that no good can come of love That shouldn’t be too difficult Arc received in exchange for an honest review Oh wow that was a fantastic ending to Beth and Todd's story I was super excited when I was contacted by the author to let me know she had persued the ending in this great series I understand everyone has their own opinions regarding stories like this but book 1 Nothing Girl blew me away and at the end of Familiar Taste of poison I'm feeling that same goofy smileThis book is a continuation from Nothing Girl so it is a must you read that 1st Taking Todd's POV in this book has a new perspective on a delicate relationship that has had than a few ups and downs 6 months on and Todd is a pissed off man 6 months since Beth aka Tink left him but he can still see her in his apartment still smell her still hate her but not really He loves Beth but after she left him and he dissappeared off the face of the earth these 6 months have been downright horrible returning to London Todd is waiting at a bar for JJ to show up to pay an outstanding amount of money for works Todd's company had completed and not been paid for He never imagined that instead of smug JJ he ex friend he comes face to face with Beth but something is massively different with her look She takes flight as is her coping mechanism and Todd takes after her Minutes later he discovers his Tink is pregnant and in all of his caveman glory demands to know if the baby is his Discovering the answer to that uestion will change his life forever Now Todd must not only win his one and only love over but her very gay and very protective best friend Grady Not giving a crap who he has to steam roll in the process Todd will take care of Beth and the baby not willing to give her up again or give her the opportunity to run again Todd puts to work a new home for them a steady life for Beth and slowly breaks down those walls that have up stead fast for 6 months But with someone trying everything to sabotage not only Todd's business but his rocky relationship with Beth he must make her understand he is there for the long haul he not going anywhere That is not enough for Beth her growing up was not a pleasant one so her trust in anyone other than Grady is a tough road but Todd refuses to give in to her or Grady's hits on him So wining over Beth will not be Todd's only hurdle he must take on best friend Grady another confidant of hers JJ the one who picked up her broken heart during those terrible months and his overbearing parents Although this is a love story it is not your sweet romance Beth has had a hard life and that shows in her character Todd's dominance is amusing and hot but as a pair they fight together for their family as extended and loving as it is I'm sad to see the ending of Beth and Todd but happy for their happy ending Congrats Dani don't ever let anyone pull you down You killed it Great Job

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Familiar Taste Of Poison The Only Exception #2O see herself as the beautiful woman she is The way he sees her Todds little Tink a girl who is worthy of love regardless of being raised to believe she was nothingBut just as she dared to believe him reality stepped in to bitchslap her in the face That slap almost destroyed them both reminding her of the nothing girl she truly is Now It’s Todd’s turn to be heard only this time he’s not going to go uietly into the night He’s got too much to lose Can Todd and Beth finally get their Happy ever after Find out in Familiar Taste Of Poison the concluding part of The Only Exception seri GreatLoved the book it was a Great end to the series Todd n Tink were great love there chemistry The first one book only her side n I liked that d second was Todd version would of bee nice if it would of gone back n