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kindle Ç Al Masih al read Ñ moneyexpresscard Á Hassan Blasim är författaren som revolutionerat den arabiska litteraturen – från Finland 2014 fick han sitt internationella genombrott då The Independent utnämnde Irakisk Kristus till årets bästa översatta bok Boken rankades dessutom som ”Book of the Year” i PublisheTus skildrar det infernaliska tillståndet i dagens Irak och för tankarna till magisk realism till Kafka och Borges men också till den arabiska sagotraditionen It was a strange collection of short stories passed off as fantasy I guess maybe there were some fanciful things but the subject matter and underlying themes deal with the brutality of war I could only read this in small doses Like one story every few months I can only imagine what it must mean to be an author and your cannot beor isn't published in your own country

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Tnämnde Irakisk Kristus till årets bästa översatta bok Boken rankades dessutom som ”Book of the Year” i Publisher’s WeeklyBerättelserna i Irakisk Kris The violence which permeates Blasim's short stories is reflected in their language; jarring collouial and awash with vituperation Blasim's depictions of Ira and Finland abound with a sense of loneliness and isolation of love and loss juxtaposed with a sense of magic with the miraclous power of fiction whereby Blasim is able to conjure lives and stories from his head just the old lady Sarasar grieving for her lost son whilst being held captive by the beauty of the waters of the Nabi is able to spring forth trees via her imaginationThe strongest stories in this collection are 'A Thousand and One Knives' which juxtaposes the story of a man crippled by war whose sole passion is refereeing youth football matches with a trick whereby he can make knives disappear with the cruelty and callousness of the Irai regime and 'Crosswords' which depicts the disintegration of a man who is possessed by the ghost of a police man whose death in a suicide bombing attack he witnesses Indeed these stories represent Blasim at his best his ability to coalesce the gritty realism of his story with fantastical elements reminds the reader of the best elements of magical realism and its ability to represent the horrors of a world dominated by violence and oppression Interspersed within this are the feeling if isolation and solitude of the various Irai characters who have sought asylum in Finland; its bleak cold and aloof atmosphere standing in stark contrast to the blazing heat and kaleidoscope of colours and emotions encountered in their native Ira Although at times the writing can come across as slightly jarring and clumsy whether through an issue with the translation or whether this is reflective of Blasim's slightly unrefined style overall these short stories represent a powerful depiction of life a Ira beset with violence and Finland best with emptiness of people striving to find a meaning in the world which appears to be devoid of any 

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Al Masih al iraqiHassan Blasim är författaren som revolutionerat den arabiska litteraturen – från Finland 2014 fick han sitt internationella genombrott då The Independent u This is the first 2014 IFFP book which has a fascinating strangeness similar to the Best Translated Book Award listed titles Hassan Blasim's and I'd guess the real Ira is like a fictional dystopia except it's not fictional None of that overly familiar creeping ominousness techniue as an author slowly pulls the curtain back on invented horrors no need for silly games here all this is part of every day life I've never read any modern Arabic fiction before so I'm going to sound like a patronising idiot and describe this as a mixture of gritty realism and Arabian Nights like fantasy There's a cover uote from John M Harrison and that indicates this is hardly straight realist fiction The stories are also funnier and dirtier and filled with drink and drugs it's a rare character who isn't stoned at some point than I would have expected I have no idea of how material like this is really regarded by most people in the Arab world aside from the obvious views of fundamentalists Blasim's work has been banned in Jordan one of the few Arab countries where it has been published in print There's so very much happening here a rush of images and events different things several times a page sometimes also off kilter metafictional uses of author as character Too much? I don't think so it's all part of the unusualness emphasising a different world A few of the stories feel like short action movies I had imagined life in Ira to be at least as strictly controlled as that in the Soviet Eastern Bloc but what The Irai Christ presents is a wild west lawlessness at least when the secret police don't catch you and inflict terrible punishments These are mostly stories of young ish men some mobile between countries armed at various points whether for crime war or self defence and in their youth they get into the sort of lascivious scrapes that I thought characteristic of their well off counterparts in mid twentieth century European literature reading illicit literature like Rimbaud visiting prostitutes trying to talk to beautiful inaccessible girls described like that it reminds me of Fellini films This article mentions Arab writers' growing up reading European authors and that the South American writers who popularised “magic realism” were influenced by Arab traditionBlasim now lives in Finland such an interesting combination of cultures I daresay such a comment sounds pretty annoying to people from these places and a few of the stories are set there not always flattering about the placeI really want to re read this collection it's very rich and there must be all sorts of detail to pick up on a second read and it's only 140 pages but I've promised it to a friend so notes on the stories will have to suffice for now These little summaries really don't convey the strength and strangeness of the writing Song of the Goats People gather for a storytelling event by a radio station that specialises in broadcasting citizens' past experiences during the dictatorship and wars Most of the story then concentrates on a boy and his experiences of his family and of being a fugitive – so much lively and bizarre and disgusting than that sounds This whole story is in the Kindle sample – it's a good introduction though not all the stories are so violent There is uite a lot of violence but there isn't much fine detail about individual events and internal experience of them it's like the level of detail you'd get in news reportsThe Hole Fleeing a robbery a Baghdad shopkeeper falls into a deep hole at the bottom of which sits a djinni and the corpse of a soldier from a completely different war blurbThe Fifth Floor Window Men in hospital Also childhood reminiscence of capturing scorpions with a female friend The Irai Christ A soldier with the ability to predict the future finds himself blackmailed by an insurgent into the ultimate act of terror blurbThe Green Zone RabbitA Wolf An Irai man living in an unspecified western country comes home from a night out and finds a wolf living in his flat Crosswords A deviser of crosswords survives a car bomb attack only to discover he is now haunted by one of its victims blurbDear Beto Narrated by a former stray dog who was adopted by a dissolute Finnish artist Partly reminiscent of Kafka in the way it's not an entirely convincing narrative by an animal as we've grown used to them being done sometimes it could be as if he's forgotten he's a dog not a person Or maybe that's the point I had various gripes with some of the stories in a Kafka collection here Perhaps a metaphor for refugees but the story this book is too bloody weird to have any straightforward meaning proper art under that interpretation 'Dear Beto' would provide rather threatening views of both sides If the underlying theme of the collection is “trauma and the curious strategies human beings adopt to process it” as stated on the back cover then yes it fits just not with the most palatable viewsThe Killers and the Compass A boy and his psychopathic gangster older brother A compass with mystical properties Why Don't You Write A Novel Instead Of Talking About All These Characters? A party of middle eastern refugees are arrested in Hungary and taken into a refugee residential centre The narrator is one man but sometimes he is Blasim sometimes he has another name background and identity Sarsara's Tree A woman is found wandering in the wilderness She has the power to make poisonous trees spring up all around herThe Dung Beetle Various themes and narratives fold into this including many paragraphs and anecdotes addressed to a doctor doctors They could be spoken one person or many Evidently a riff on MetamorphosisA Thousand and One Knives A mixed sex group of friends have magical power over knives some can make them disappear some can make them reappear