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Summary Damsel to the Rescue (The Darkhorse Saga #1) 108 ↠ Terrilyn Darkhorse descends from a long line of successful prince rescuing damsels Now that she’s sixteen she’s expected to uphold the family tradition But Terri would rather remain at home tending her garden perfecting her plant magic and staying far away from the highlyTerrilyn Darkhorse descends from a long line of successful prince rescuing damsels Now that she’s sixteen she’s expected to uphold the family tradition But Terri would rather remain at home tending her garden perfecting her plant magic and staying far away from the highly competitive world of damsels Then the local prince is kidnapped and Terri’s mother makes her an offer If she rescues. After finishing this book I thought it was okay I've read the author's Xander Corelel series and completely loved and was blown away by that If you haven't read that series then do This tale though ambitious didn't have the same appeal for me for a few reasons I'll add the disclaimer that I read this book over several weeks instead of a couple of days so I think that took some of the punch from the readWhat Damsel to the Rescue offers is a fantasy adventure story that swaps gender roles and challenges the status uo In this world girls are the active heroes sent out to rescue princes while princes' only role is to exist to be saved by damsels It's an interesting premise for sureThe story has a lot of imagination and each chapter basically drops the lead Terri into the the thick of things She ends up traveling with a motley crew of other damsels she is in competition with a sidekick and an ornery horse It takes a bit to get started but once the adventure aspect of the story kicks in the pacing of the book remains consistent throughout Terri is a reluctant damsel who'd rather be anything but and has a cantankerous introverted personality Her sarcasm and banter with others and hearing her internal thoughts offers some humorous lines in the story and being a curmudgeon is fine But because she's in a bad mood so often Terri is a really hard character to warm up to That ultimately knocked down some of my enjoyment Her character grows a lot in the book to have affection for others but she wasn't my favorite person for much of the read I did like though that Terri was not beautiful or perfect in body She wore glasses and was a normal girlI was a bit confused as to what demographic the story was aimed at Due to the ages of the characters late teens and a Wizard of Oz type feel it seems to be a younger YA novel However mild swearing occurs fairly often and there is off page sexual content that feels like it should be for an older audience If it's for young girls who want to read about strong female leads some of that impact is taken away because a point of view of the plot is from an active male character Not that having a male pov is bad but it made me scratch my head in this caseThe overall message of the story is to be who you are and to buck expectations placed on you if it overrides your personal happiness This applies to all regardless of gender and each person has their own value to offer Based on that I can get why there's a female pov and a male povIt's also a bit strange that nearly every damsel was made to be in an mf couple by the end of the story Again I wasn't sure what tone the author was going for I would think it would have a flavor of independence and not needing a man kind of thing but the story doesn't go that way Yeah the ladies choose the guys they want but I personally would've liked if most of them remained single andor ended up in ff mm pairings to shake up the stereotype someThat's another item of confusion I was thrown a bit because the title infers it's about one damsel It's not But as far as damsels go we do only get Terri's point of view in the story not the rest of the damselsOverall it's a decent tale If you like somewhat tame fantasy adventure you may enjoy this 35 stars

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Abandoning them because the monsters are being controlled and directed at her and the other damsels a feat only a Dark Lord could accomplish Terri’s magic improves with every challenge she faces but she knows it’s not enough If she wants to succeed she’ll need to break the rules and recruit her rivals to help her defeat the most powerful Dark Lord the world has seen in five hundred year. Very fun book

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Damsel to the Rescue The Darkhorse Saga #1The prince Terri can have the family’s second estate Trellis to turn into her own gardens Terri has wanted Trellis since she was a little girl so she sets out with her best friend Rune as her official sidekick hoping to avoid the other damsels altogether Which would be easier if they didn’t have to keep rescuing rival damsels from basilisks and man eating trees But Terri can’t justify. Cranky introvert protagonist but is just a knight in sour armor trope but is a woman so it's different but not reallyGender swap role fantasyThis is just so hilariously ironic when you know about the author She was saved by a Swedish man by him marrying her She is completely dependent on her husband which makes her a STEREOTYPICAL DAMSELJust lives off her Swedish Engineer husband who loves doting on her She spends her days in her apartment eating carbs and writing tweets that will be ignored by those who are doing things with their lives while she has the ultimate privilege of living off of a spouse This will get eaten by the tumblrianas twitter identity politics fanatics who live in bubbles of financial privilege I am autistic and was not enad by this