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DOC Á READER Where Is Baby's Pumpkin FREE ´ In Karen Katz's distinctive style an adorable baby searches throughout the house for her pumpkinE an adorable baby searches thro This is a very sweet book and I read this book to my niece when she was 6 months old She came to my house and she liked seeing the colorful pictures and liked when I lifted the flaps and when I got to the last page she enjoyed the book and my nice loved how baby kept searching for her pumpkin I gave this book to my niece when she had was going to her first fall festival This is a very cute book and I recommend it to young children that are 2 3 or 4 years old The child will learn to help search for baby's pumpkin as you read this adorable book to her When she is old enough to read she can memorize this book and read the book all by herself without any help from her mom or dad reading it to her

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Ughout the house for her pumpkin My daughter loves this book especially the fuzzy black cat which she loves to touch However there is some serious copyright infringment going on in this book there's a friendly ghost Hmm anyway this is still a great Halloween flip book

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Where Is Baby's PumpkinIn Karen Katz's distinctive styl Really put a much needed smile on my face