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Read & Download The Naturalist Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È 1867 Philadelphia Amateur naturalist Walter Ash is on the brink of setting off to travel up his beloved when fate intervenes obliging his only son to take his place More at ease among his books than in the field Paul Ash takes a reluctant leave of absence from Harvard'As it transpires however neither the region nor its people have forgotten Paul The lays claim to him in no uncertain terms but it also works a peculiar magic on both his father's lovely widow and her friend a uiet little uaker named Rachel Weaver who proves strangely at home in the wil. Well this checks all the boxes for literary fiction 1 Not propelled by plot 2 No surprising twists 3 Lack of conclusive ending As a bonus you get to wade through a lot of untranslated Portuguese

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1867 Philadelphia Amateur naturalist Walter Ash is on the brink of setting off to travel up his beloved when fate intervenes obliging his only son to take his place More at ease among his books than in the field Paul Ash takes a reluctant leave of absence from Harvard's Museum of Compa. Like her last book Fauna Alissa York's excellent new novel The Naturalist could be read as a beautifully evocative description of the natural world in this case focused on the and the rich variety of wildlife found there particularly reptiles in this case ranging from anaconda snakes to giant turtles For a reader who is moved by nature and its grand variety like myself the texture and habitat of the many animals portrayed can almost overwhelm the subtle human relationships that are the real core of this bookIt took reading the novel a second time as soon as I finished a first read to appreciate fully the ways in which York ever so uietly and carefully traces the ties amongst Rachel Paul Iris Walter and the family with which he became linked on the deep within BrazilWalter was an American naturalist who worked in the met and married a local part Indian women named Zuleica committing to stay there with her and her family Her death in childbirth leaves him a son Paul and pushes him to leave returning to the US where he eventually meets and marries a wealthy widow Iris who shares his love of nature and reptiles Just as they are planning a return to the he is killed in a ghastly freak accident But Paul and Iris resolve to carry on his expedition accompanied by the young friendassistant of Iris RachelThe trip then becomes an entry into a wonderfully beautiful but often dangerous world but also a complicated reconnection with the family that Walter had left behindYork captures the contrasts and social dislocations that such a nineteenth century collision involves between life in a US city and the raw frontier of the Iris and Rachel shed their layers of skirts for bloomers and become used to naked villagers as the book proceeds But even powerful emotionally Paul sheds his US upbringing and discovers the strength of the family from which he was taken These social and cultural adjustments are all handled effectively by York without defining uite what is happening yet showing the power of indigenous life reshaping the assumptions and values of the US explorers who come instead to explore themselvesAt the same time barely acknowledged passions and human longings play out with the same force as the drive noted in the book that brings the thousands of sea turtles back to nest on Ilha das Tartarugas No spoilers here but the reader will be moved by the way York hints at and develops the emotions involvedThis is a very fine book There is no grand and obvious plot no declarative lessons being preached But the power of nature and the strength of human ties flow beautifully together to capture the reader

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The NaturalistRative Zoology to accompany his grieving stepmother and her young companion to the fabled River Sea Paul holds no memory of the place though he was born there; he was still an infant when his father carried him out of the jungle and away from the mixed blood family he might have known. There are many excellent reviews of this book which list the same major reasons as I have for giving this book a low review 1 too too much Portugese a skilled author could have conveyed the communication problems with much less Portugese 2 much too much detail about the species in the many of whom are creatures with whom the average reader would have little experience fascinating if you are a naturalist and especially love reptiles otherwise not and 3 very little and very inconsistent character development with a make up your own ending finish to the story which ends abruptlyMy review would be redundant Read the other reviews I tried to be fair I endured this book to the end although other reviewers posted reviews saying that they had put down the book before completing reading it I didn't believe the book could be as bad as the reviewers saidI was wrong It was worse Much worseIf I had to describe this book in one word it would be BORINGHowever if you have a fascination with the environment and an historical glimpse of it in the 19th century you might love this book because there are probably few other books around written like thisIf you like travelogues you might like this bookIf you like flowery description you might like this bookJust because I don't like it does not mean that you wouldn't enjoy it But I will probably never pick up another book by this author