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Read & Download The Watcher 107 í It is not the darkness in him that I fear It is the darkness in me Her mother is seriously ill Her job is tiring and stressful There is darkness within her a craving for pain and raw hard sex The mysterious Club Phoenix offers Kelly Mitchell all these things But surrendering control at the doors of the dungeon is an addictiveRendering control at the doors of the dungeon is an addictive feeling and with each visit she falls further and further into oblivion All she has to protect her are her safe words and the carefully intent eyes of the Watcher He is Kelly’s lifeline But will the Wat. #ARC given in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the second Tara Crescent book I've read and oh my God she can create such great characters I love her uniue storytelling and I was so excited when I was handed this review copy The Watcher will be included in The Darker Side of Love anthologyThe book follows Kelly a successful fashion designer and a woman with one great fear; Alzheimer Her mother was diagnozed with the disease at a very young age and at 53 she has forgotten her own daughter Kelly is terrified that she herself will have the same illness and her terror leads her to make some important and life altering choices Miles St Clair is her childhood friend and the only person who is there for her He supports her financially so her mother can have the best care posssible Kelly has always been secretly fascinated with Miles but realizing that he probably doesn't care for her romantically she has always kept her distance Fearful that her mother's disease will eventually lead her into darkness she seeks satisfaction through sex She decides to join a club and under Miles' assistance she finds one Club Phoenix is the place where she explores her sexuality through the watchful eye of the Watcher; a man who inrigues her with his magnificent green eyes and utter silence during the sessionsSpiralling into several BDSM scenes she starts losing herself Intimacy is forgotten until an incident forces her to choose between emotionless sessions and loveI loved the book even if I was at times mad at Kelly for her reckless actions I hated the fact that she let the possibility of Alzheimer cloud her judgment but at the same time I couldn't help but like herThe thing I loved most about this book was Miles I don't know why but from the start I developed a soft spot for him He didn't disappointThe ending was uniue What an ingenious way to end the book Bravo to the author5 Stars from me

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It is not the darkness in him that I fear It is the darkness in me Her mother is seriously ill Her job is tiring and stressful There is darkness within her a craving for pain and raw hard sex The mysterious Club Phoenix offers Kelly Mitchell all these things But sur. Too much BDSM humiliation going on Definitely not my thingI don’t understand why some BDSM books portray either the lifestyle or what goes on in the sex clubs so differently than others Some make it all seem so much about trust between the participants and pain and pleasure and the men giving the women orgasm after orgasm Other times it is all about female degradation and shaming and making them crawl on the floor and beg and calling them awful names I can’t see who would sign up for that This book tries to show Kelly’s reasons for becoming addicted to going to this sex club I can technically see how someone with a hard life such as she has would want to be a submissive now and then to let someone else take charge and not have to think or make any decisions But if you are taking care of a Mother with early onset Alzheimer’s dealing with possibly having the gene for it yourself working a high stress job and other things like that wouldn’t you want to be taken care of instead of treated like crapAnyway the watcher part is pretty hot though the ending leaves a lot to be desired Just not my cup of teaBlog|Goodreads|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|BookBub

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The WatcherCher catch her before she loses herself completely Will he keep her safe Will she even want him to NOTE This is a dark steamy book Happy endings are optional While all scenes are consensual they are filled with harsh sadomasochism rough sex anal play and humiliation. Review for The Watcher by Tara Crescent“Dream of forgetting Dream of remembering Dream of oblivion my pet”WowReally Just Wow I’ve read at least ten titles from Tara Crescent and she has never once disappointed me but The Watcher this one caught me off guard I was warned it would be dark potentially disturbing what I didn’t fully grasp was how devastatingly emotional this would be I know I say this in almost every review for Crescent’s books but her ability to put SO much heart into a novella length story just amazes me Not only does she have a storyline that will suck you in but her characters are so well developed that I swear I crawled right inside the body of her heroine and LIVED her storyKelly broke my heart We all have those moments in our lives where we stand at the fork in the road and we can choose left or right Kelly’s Watcher IS that fork for her Finding an outlet to lose herself to give away her power Can her Watcher keep her safe as she runs headlong into the unknown“I feel like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole” I literally want to just pour out every feeling I have because of this character and why I felt it so intensely but if I do that it’s going to completely ruin the story for you I refuse to do that So you’ll just have to fall into the rabbit hole with Kelly and see what happens If you dareMiles is a billionaire Brilliant responsible and steady Everything about him screams stability He is exactly the kind of guy everyone would want that Kelly might want except she wouldn’t dare I have a bit of a lovehate relationship with Miles He so obviously only wants the best for Kelly but he is determined to let her find her way instead of helping her find the path “You are than your sexual desires What you crave in the darkness of the night does not define you”The Watcher is a complete FIVE star read I have to warn you the content is out of this world insane when it comes to the dark aspects And I’m not speaking of the physical acts but the mental and emotional sides of the story will definitely get in your head I loved every minute of the roller coaster And the ending Well that was pretty dang epic When you reach the fork in the road what direction will you chooseReview by the Head Whore at Mommy’s a Book Whore