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eBook Í ePub Pacific Silicon Chips and Surfboards Coral Reefs and Atom Bombs Brutal Dictators Fading Empires and the Coming Collision of the World's Superpowers é 97800623154ValleyToday the Pacific is ascendant Its geological history has long transformed us tremendous earthuakes volcanoes and tsunamis but its human history from a Western perspective is uite young beginning with Magellan’s sixteenth century circumnavigation It is a natural wonder whose most fascinating history is currently being madeIn telling the story of the Pacific Simon Winchester takes us from the Bering Strait to Cape Horn the Yangtze River to the Panama Canal and to the many small islands and archipelagos that lie in between He observes the f I'll admit I'm not a Winchester fan But I'll also admit a deep ha interest in the history politics and science of the Pacific OceanI'll admit this may be among Winchester's best books But it left me cold His writing is so fussy and pedantic it's big and important; you should be paying attention and repetitious Not to mention ass backwards This is a 25 3 star bookWho else but Winchester would start with a huge chapter devoted to atomic and hydrogen bombing As it happens I briefly have been to Kwajalein and although I have no reason to doubt the continued uninhabitability of Bikini Kwajalein is boring not atom baked The whole chapter felt as if the author wanted to set readers 100 feet underground on a racial guilt trip with only a brief mention of all the testing done in Nevada US and no hint of the unnecessary fatal cancers such tests caused to people such as John Wayne Stupid sure; racist noThe chapter about Sony is nothing new What caught my eye was what Winchester left out Morita san may have been worldly sophisticated and patrician but wrote an autobiography mocking Americans for being too fat and lazy to build good products uite ironic given Sony's market share and the near absence of electronics manufacturing jobs in today's JapanAlthough much would come back to anyone who saw The Endless Summer and Gidget the chapter on surfing and Hobie and Clark may have been best because Winchester was content to tell a simple good story without imparting any unnecessary political spinThere followed about four undistinguished and indistinguishable chapters about global warming andor pollution It was good to see the midget submarine Alvin again I had a tour when I was a teen thanks to an uncle who worked at Woods Hole Oceanographic And there's something undeniably beautiful about the Pacific smoker vents of hot gasses at the ocean's bottom making possible all sorts of weird marine life in fearful darkness and pressure But most of the writing felt like a tongue lashing Even if rats not man largely are responsible for the extinction of Pacific seabirds 16 out of 300 species since Captain Cook's time hardly a huge number Interestingly however Winchester admits nothing will be done about warming if it exists because any attempt to reduce carbon emissions would condemn the Global South into perpetual third world statusI confess Winchester intrigued me in his final chapter tying the dangerous clash over international waters and airspace in the South China Sea China's nonsensical Nine Dash Line map to the eruption of Philippine volcano Mt Pinatubo in mid 1991 The explosion buried the US bases at Clark Field and even important Subic Bay Naval Base under a foot or of mud making each unusable America withdrew its forces and Winchester not implausibly theorizes China's military entered this volcanic power vacuum Still Winchester feels too much like a stem winder preacher For those interested in the Pacific Ocean I recommend an altogether different book Walter McDougall's Let the Sea Make a Noise which I've reviewed You won't get the cool technology But you will get a cool if odd author with much to say about politics There's preaching but in interstitial Platonic dialogues which can be read or skipped as the reader chooses

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All of a dictator in Manila visits aboriginals in northern ueensland and is jailed in Tierra del Fuego the land at the end of the world His journey encompasses a trip down the Alaska Highway a stop at the isolated Pitcairn Islands a trek across South Korea and a glimpse of its mysterious northern neighborWinchester’s personal experience is vast and his storytelling second to none And his historical understanding of the region is formidable making Pacific a paean to this magnificent sea of beauty myth and imagination that is transforming our live Mr Winchester is amazing His reading enthralls as does the subject matter He thoroughly covers countries politics ecology on on yet manages it elegantly

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Pacific Silicon Chips and Surfboards Coral Reefs and Atom Bombs Brutal Dictators Fading Empires and the Coming Collision of the World's SuperpowersFollowing his acclaimed Atlantic and The Men Who United the States New York Times bestselling author Simon Winchester offers an enthralling biography of the Pacific Ocean and its role in the modern world exploring our relationship with this imposing force of natureAs the Mediterranean shaped the classical world and the Atlantic connected Europe to the New World the Pacific Ocean defines our tomorrow With China on the rise so too are the American cities of the West coast including Seattle San Francisco and the long cluster of towns down the Silicon Simon Winchester takes pride in being a traveler It was another traveler the explorer Ferdinand Magellan who in 1520 gave the largest body of water on our planet the name by which we have known it ever since After surviving a trip through the straits now called the Straits of Magellan at the southern tip of South America his ships sailed into a very welcome calm sea He named it pacific for peaceful And it was no doubt uite calm in comparison to the somewhat livelier waters of the Atlantic It is big enough at 59 million suare miles that you could cram all the landmass of earth into the Pacific basin and still have a couple of million suare miles left over Sucker is humongous The Biggest Kahuna from vastoceanscomWriting about the biggest piece of blue on the blue planet No Kibbie not where Smurfs come from might prove a daunting challenge Where to begin Where to end What to include What to exclude Decisions decisions decisions To make his task manageable Winchester opted to focus on the years since 1950 and look at some of the events that tell tales of lives at the edges or even in the middle of the ocean I suppose this is like anyone’s top ten list for anything There are always those who would grouse about the inclusion of this and such while others would no doubt lobby for the addition of their personal favorites Bottom line is if you trust Winchester’s reportorial judgment you will probably be ok with the choices he made For those of us who have read his earlier work this is an easy yes I’m not saying that I necessarily agree with all his choices but every element on which he fixes his gaze is interesting and his well honed tale telling skills add that other part of a well written work of non fiction making the journey he takes us on an engaging one He is a gifted guide and while humor is not his main goal here he does get in a chuckle or two My favorite was of a bit of English understatement Sir Eugene Goosens the towering and talented figure of English music who while conductor of the Sydney Symphony had begun the process that led to the building of the Opera House turned out to be a man of highly exotic sexual tastes And that to the Australia of the time was most decidedly not on While in Sydney Goosens became romantically involved with a woman named Rosaleen Norton who was a pagan a keen practitioner of the occult And a lady who had a liking for both flogging and unusual kinds of misbehavior with animals mostly goats Can’t you just see that being broadcast on the BeeB by an expressionless news reader Or delivered by John Gielgud with the same dead panache he used in Murder on the Orient Express when asked about an injury “Yes there is an old contusion The result of a slight fracas in the mess sir with regard to the uality of a pudding known as spotted dick”Simon Winchester from The IndependentWinchester’s subject choices are diverse He is something less than radiant in his feelings about the nuclear testing done by the USA on Bikini atoll while looking at the science involved the politics of testing the treatment of the locals and of the impact on American military personnel and the environment He changes channels to the beginnings of SONY and the consumer electronics revolution in Japan hangs ten with a look at the globalization of surfing culture draws on the origin of the line that divided North from South Korea considering both history and political impl