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Cold Shot Chesapeake Valor #1In college Griffin McCray and his four best friends had their lives planned out Griffin and Luke Gallagher would join the Balti PD Declan Gray would head to the FBI and Parker Mitchell would go on to graduate school as a crime scene analyst But then Luke vanished before graduation and their world and friendships crumbledNow Griffin is a park I need to stop writing notes while reading books and instead JUST READ I get way too picky when I'm jotting down notes for a review I think I miss out on the pure fun of just reading a good story I haven't even made it through the first two chapters and already I've got way too many critical notes see spoiler below I truly think this story is going to be uite good but in order to enjoy I'm going to have to tune outturn off my inner critic So far I love the author's descriptive writing style but cannot stand all the little contrived bits view spoilerCh 1 Grave diggersthieves at historic Civil War battlegroundcemetery 'Looks like we found ourselves a soldier and some fine artifacts' Griffin clicked on his flashlight holding his weapon steady 'Oh I'd say you found yourselves a whole lot than that' Yeah boy I like this guy already I get a hushed feeling of awe and sadness as I read the author's descriptions of the different sections of Gettysburg I've never walked around Devils' Den and Little Round Top late a night as Griffin is doing but I have been there at dusk on a cloudy drizzly day and it definitely feels uite eerie actually it feels like that even on a sunny day Love Finley's snarky funny inner thoughts about Griffin Finley's at a concert hall on a blind date she doesn't want to be on set up by her mother The guy asks her if everything is copacetic Too funny My father born in the 1920's uses this term Love Griffin's snarky impatient thoughts about Finley Can't wait 'til they actually interact on the page I'm anticipating some fun banterCh2 Griffin calls and leaves a message for Finley to ask her to come examine the remains unearthed by the grave diggers to determine if they are Civil War era He doesn't give her any details in his message Just tells her there's a situation and she needs to come asap It takes her two hours to get there and during that time he never once looked at the remains and noticed flesh on the bones whereby he could've cancelled the call to her and called the FBI CSI instead Isn't he a trained agent Conveniently ever so it started raining hard enough that he had to throw a tarp over the ground and he supposedly didn't get a chance to look at the remains but then after standing under a tree for two hours waiting for her the rain conveniently once again ended and he just then noticed it There was plenty of time for the local cops to arrive and take the perps away etc but nooo time for him to glance at the unearthed body Of course not Finley's an hour's drive away from Gettysburg During the time it takes her to get there she never once returned his call and talked with him to see what was so urgent She just jumps and runs when he summons her on a Saturday night Doesn't anybody have cell phones And she shows up to a rainy muddy historical gravesite in a cream colored dress and 3 inch heels bringing her blind date with her Seriously well naturally it was polite of him to insist on accompanying her to a work related situation Without a vehicle of her own since he had picked her up for their date she hadn't been left with much choice Say what Can you say contrived by author It's not as if Finley is an ER doctor or something; couldn't her date have taken her home where she could change clothes and make the one hour drive to work by herself And THEN she turns around and sends the guy home Just dismisses him and thanks him for chauffeuring her have fun on your hour drive back home Don't need him to carry the plot any So how will she get home later Oh Well Conveniently Griffin shockingly offers to take her home Contrived And obvious With her blind date standing next to her Heat radiated up her neck at the sight of Ranger McCray's physiue broad shoulders taut muscles and rugged features illuminated by the shadowy moon The breathtakingly handsome man had been both the bane of her existence and source of tingly excitement for the past five months Eye roll Seriously His taut muscles were illuminated on a dark rainy cold November night in the middle of a graveyard She refers to him as Ranger Grumpy That's actually uite cute his flattened palm fastening his silk tie in place as he swooped forward to shake Griffin's hand Love this descriptive writing; I can totally picture this happening She compliments him on his keen observation that the body has flesh on it and therefore might be a crime scene instead of a Civil War era body Really She implies that a trained park rangerlaw enforcement officer wouldn't normally make that kind of accurate observation of a dead body It's as if author puts in these little contrived bits just to make the puzzle pieces fit in this case so Finley could swing her lingering gaze to him and give him a compliment Little things aren't thought out or don't add up Finley's in her date clothes and evidently did not go home to change first or get her own car YET she pulls her work gloves out of her silver seuined clutchtiny purse that she took on her dressy date to the concert hall Wait what She takes her forensic anthropologist civil war grave digging rubber gloves on her dates And keeps them in a small seuined clutch No tools Just gloves Really 'Unfortunately you never know when remains might be discovered and I like to be prepared' Oh give me a break When was the last time Civil War remains were discovered at a concert hall I am now going to try to turn off my inner critic I actually think this is going to be a really good story but I can't enjoy it while reviewing it in my head as I read I just need to let go of all my perfectionist tendencies and read to enjoy Oh no just NO 'Any chance you have a change of clothes in the ranger station' Bat eyelashes Because I'm a TWIT and wore a cream colored dress and 3 inch heels to a muddy grave site on a rainy November night Besides it would be especially yummy to have to wear some of your big manly clothes Sure But first let me warm you up not that anyone mentioned being cold with my manly man jacket draped over your shoulders so you'll feel all safe and cuddly I made up that last uote but that's basically what happens NO And no It's just not flowing smoothly or naturally In order to fit all the desired little bits in the author contrives stuff and it's just too obvious Okay I'm gonna try again to read without critiuing Here goes Oh NO I just glanced briefly ahead to next chapter Instead of going to the restroom or the ranger station to change out of her dress and into the sweats he brings her she just starts changing clothes on the other side of a tree 'I used to have to change clothes at swim meets growing up so I can put the new outfit on before taking the dress completely off' I paraphrased that nonsense But seriously Come on That's inappropriate especially since there's no real urgency without the CSI people or the FBI people there yet; she could have just gone and changed like a nice normal person but NO now we've got Ranger Grumpy getting the sexually charged tinglys because this woman is changing essentially in front of him Contrived hide spoiler

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Ranger at Gettysburg having left life as a SWAT team sniper when a case went bad The job is mostly uiet until the day he captures two relic hunters uncovering skeletal remains near Little Round Top Griffin just wants the case to go away but charming forensic anthropologist Finley Scott determines that the body is modern a young social justi I need book two right now And a third book the day afterand another the day after that Seriously this is one of my favorite crime fighting teams ever I'd like another book with Griffin and Finley as main characters before we even get to the next guywhich I highly suspect will be a ParkerAvery match We have to find out what happened to Griffin's sister Jenna and who her killer is and find out if Luke is alive or if Kate's suspicions are wrong I even want to hear about the plucky Miss Tanner Shaw—though it seems perhaps she wasn't intended to become a major repeating character I hope to see of her anywayI loved that while the romance was obvious the men treated the women both as euals and as ladies and there wasn't all sorts of touchy feely lusty stuff And the Christian comments while minimal were perfectly to the point and fit well with the story—not jammed in for the sake of making a pointIt's very plot driven but the characters feel real and relatable Easily among my top reads this year so farand I've read some really good ones already

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Cold Shot Chesapeake Valor #1 kindle Ó eBook 9780764211973 Free ✓ In college Griffin McCray and his four best friends had their lives planned out Griffin and Luke Gallagher would join the Balti PD Declan Gray would head to the FBI and Parker Mitchell would go on to graduate school as a crime scene analyst But thenCe lawyer missing since spring and all evidence points to the work of an expert sniper When FBI agent Declan Gray takes over the case past and present collide Griffin soon realizes he'll need to confront some of the darkest days of his life if he and those he cares about are going to escape a downward spiral of murder that crosses continents Cold shot 35 I immediately loved the characters and the relationship or non relationship between Finley and Griffin I loved the intensity of starting with digging up a grave looking for treasure and finding a fresh dead body that wasn’t supposed to be there lying in the ground loosely covered It pulled me in and kept me in