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Rs The unity of the church was broken when the pope rejected this call for reform and excommunicated Luther starting a chain of events that did lead to the institutional fracturing of Christendom and to a plethora of alternative Christian theologies But as many including conservative Catholics now admit the church did in fact need reforming Today the church including its Protestant branches also needs reforming Some of the issues in contemporary Christianity are very similar to those in the late Middle Ages though others are new But if Luther’s theology c. Where Christ is PresentA Theology for All Seasons on the500th Anniversary of the ReformationEdited by John Warwick Montgomery and Gene Edwards VeithWhere Christ is Present is a book of contemplation with each chapter written by different author Through this book we will take a look at the Church of today in contrast to both its beginnings and when Luther acted upon his convictionsHave we unknowingly fallen back into the trap which Luther found the church of his day mired in Have we rejected the truth of Christ's message in favour of works and self justification If so we are no better off than those who spent their lives in fear that they could never buy enough merit with earthly priests to earn a chance to fall before God in His seat of judgment much less gain salvationBut does this fault lie with us or with Luther for fighting against the ills he saw within the church Has our lack of unity hurt and hindered our spiritual growth Or has it rather been a blessing allowing believers to come to their own conclusions in regard to Scriptural validity and their own consciencesThese various writers will help us to weed our way through to the truths about the Reformation and what Martin Luther's motivations were when he stood up to the church Each chapter includes bibliographic source references so that we can see that their ideas are not just pulled out of a hat like a magician's trick but rather painstakingly researched and vettedEach chapter is enlightening but during my reading three really resonated with meChapter 5 The Way of Salvation The Gospel by Rod Rosenbladt in which various church doctrines are compared in how they view the Fall its effects and how Christ's death and resurrection SAVE the sinnerChapter 6 The Means of Grace The Word and Sacraments by Harold Senkbeil in which we delve into how we attempt to bridge the gaping divide between us and God Do we turn to the Word The SacramentsChapter 9 Christian Liberty the Arts and JS Bach by Craig A Parton in which music in regard to the Christian and worship is explored Should our music change with the world around us Or should it be drawn from the Scripture Different denominational views are shared as we go through this chapterThis book is both informative and thought provoking Be sure to have a dictionary nearby as there are a few words that you'll need to look up as you work your way through You won't be sorry that took the time to read this book and explore the Church of today and yesterdayI was provided a copy of this book through iRead Book Tours in exchange for my honest review

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Where Christ is PresentAn be blamed however unfairly for fragmenting Christianity perhaps today it can help us recover the wholeness of Christianity The religious climate in the early 21st century is simultaneously highly religious and highly secularized It is a time of extraordinary spiritual and theological diversity In the spirit of the anniversary we are observing this book will propose the kind of Christianity that is best suited for our day The remedies offered here are available by way of the same theology that was the catalyst for reforming the church five hundred years a. I found this book wonderfully interesting As a former Lutheran I was especially interested in the history of the church and how the influence of Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses on the church door I have always admired him for his bravery but mostly I have admired him for truly reading the Bible and sharing what God's Word is truly about He wanted it to stop being about what the priests told us it said and some of this was very legalistic and about what God was telling us in His WordThis book is very interesting even if you're not a deep theologian I love theology so I was very excited to read this book and it did not disappoint It's not a book that is easily read without thinking however it's not so above your head that you'll struggle to understand it I found it very easy to understand which is a plus It is broken down into twelve chapters each written by an expert My favorite chapter was chapter nine This is titled Christian Liberty the Arts and JS Bach I have long been a lover of Bach because of my Lutheran background no doubt and I found this chapter so interesting I enjoyed reading about the musicians and artists that were theologians first and this influenced their work they did I also loved how they talked about freedom comes from Christian liberty first The book reflects how far our church has fallen from the true theology of the Bible and what Martin Luther had wanted There is comparison about how divided we are in our theology even among the Christian churches This is a very timely book and one that I highly recommend to everyone This is not a light and easy read but it's an important read and I would love to see everyone read this important book I give this book 5 out of 5 starsThis book was provided to me for my honest review by iRead Book Tours

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Where Christ is Present Free read ¶ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Five hundred years ago the church of Jesus Christ underwent a Reformation A lot happened after Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the castle church door in Wittenberg But the fallout was not simply the start of Protestantism The Roman Catholic Church alsFive hundred years ago the church of Jesus Christ underwent a Reformation A lot happened after Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the castle church door in Wittenberg But the fallout was not simply the start of Protestantism The Roman Catholic Church also recast itself in response to Luther’s call for reforms And contrary to common belief Martin Luther did not set out to start a new church Rather he was trying to reform the church that already existed by reemphasizing its essence namely the “good news” the gospel that Jesus forgives and saves sinne. An explanation as to why I chose to read this book in the first place might provide a helpful foundation before I launch into my review uite simply I was curious For someone who has grown up in the Christian church and who has attended churches of a wide variety of denominations over the years I realized that I know very little about Lutheranism I realized too that I know surprisingly little about the man who began the whole “protesting” movement of which I am a part My curiosity was heightened by some recent dissatisfaction with the Protestant church at which I now worship as well as my increasing dismay at some changes taking place in the Christian church at large What if anything sets Lutheranism apartuite a bit as it turns outCurious laypeople like me will find Where Christ Is Present a helpful timely resource that covers a wide range of topics within this very specific subject Its appeal will be fairly limited however to those who are seeking information and understanding into the Lutheran denomination and willing to wade through a lot of rather arcane terminology And who are either coming at this book from other denominations Protestant as well as Catholic or Orthodox or who are already Lutheran and wish to strengthen the apologetics of their faithThough informative thoughtful and articulate it is–as books like these tend to be–on the dry side and therefore only serious students will be interested in reading every essay I found the most helpful ones to be those written by editors Their overviews informed and intrigued me All essays however are set forth in the Table of Contents and so readers can easily decide which ones might interest them the mostI was surprised to learn of the very specific differences between traditional Lutheranism and other Protestant denominations as well as some of the liberal branches within Lutheranism It certainly made me look thoughtfully at this denomination and greatly increased my appreciation for the work begun nearly 500 years ago by its founder Martin LutherThanks to iRead Book Tours for providing me a free copy to review All opinions are mine