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PDF Í BOOK What Now? ë ANN PATCHETT ë Based on her lauded commencement address at Sarah Lawrence College this stirring essay by bestselling author Ann Patchett offers hope and inspiration for anyone at a crossroads whether graduating changing careers or transitioning from one life stage to another With wit and candor Patchett tells herBased on her lauded commencement address at Sarah Lawrence College this stirring essay by bestselling author Ann Patchett offers hope and inspiration for anyone at a crossroads whether graduating changing careers or transitioning from one life stage to another With wit and c Ann Patchett’s What Now? was inspired by the commencement speech she gave at Sarah Lawrence College her alma mater It’s a short read in which she explores the inevitable uestion of “What now?” that we are all often asked at pivotal turning points throughout life post graduation post championship post career change and at many other milestones There are numerous TBD moments in life Patchett reminds us to embrace them ”It was for me the start of a lesson that I never stop having to learn to pay attention to the things I’ll probably never need to know to listen carefully to the people who look as if they have nothing to teach me to see school as something that goes on everywhere all the time not just in libraries but in parking lots in airports in trees”I have enjoyed most of Patchett’s fiction books I’ve read and also really enjoyed The Getaway Car a short memoir about her life and about writing What Now? was a uick enjoyable read though I didn’t like it as much as The Getaway Car There is still something to be gained for everyone here This book would likely have the biggest impact on young adults unsure of what they want their next steps to be ”Hours and hours of my day are spent with my eyes glazed over thinking waiting trying to figure things out The muse is a sweet idea like the tooth fairy The muse supposedly comes down like lighting and fills your fingers with the necessary voltage to type up something brilliant But nobody ever made a living depending on a muse The rest of us have to go out and find our inspiration write and rewrite stare and stare and stare until we know which way to turn”

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Ploration genuine and resonant As Patchett writes 'What now?' represents our excitement and our future the very vitality of life She highlights the possibilities the unknown offers and reminds us that there is as much joy in the journey as there is in reaching the destinatio I listened to the audiobook What now? written and read by Ann Patchett a favourite author of mine This book is based on a commencement address she made at Sarah Lawrence CollegeI love listening to her voice She offers inspiration and hope and stresses the importance of listening and staring With humour and honesty she tells about the twists and turns in the path she followed to reach her goal of becoming a novelist college graduating cooking teaching and waitressing demonstrated how she answered the uestion What now? at the many crossroads of her life I enjoyed learning about Ann Patchett's past and could identify with asking the uestion What now? at various times in my life 35 stars

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What Now Andor Patchett tells her own story of attending college graduating and struggling with the inevitable uestion What now?From student to line cook to teacher to waitress and eventually to award winning author Patchett's own life has taken many twists and turns that make her ex ????????I found Ann Patchett's short essay What Now? in the library and wanted to give it a read Patchett is the author of the successful novel Bel Canto and several other books What Now? is an expanded version of the commencement address Patchett gave in 2006 at her alma mater Sarah Lawrence University Far from graduating and setting out to work I have just retired from a lengthy career of over 30 years Thus although not part of the specific audience for Patchett's essay I am again at something of a crossroads of the type Patchett describes I face the uestion What Now? many times as people ask me what I plan to do in retirement And I respond as Patchett did when she heard the uestion herself with something of frustration The uestion marks in the title of this review are meant to be appropriate They show better than anything else with the possible exception of the many photos accompanying the text the nature of the book and the open ended character of the uestion Patchett uses the uestion marks repeatedly in separating out the various sections of her essayDrawing well on her own experiences Patchett shows how people face the uestion What Now? at various apparent turning points of their lives where will you go to college? what will you do after graduation? when should I change my job? and of course what will I do when I retire? The essay gives a good sense of how this uestion can be frightening invasive and befuddling She also shows how the uestion can be parried or redirected Sometimes a person needs to wait and reflect and take life in the moment An individual changes life moves on and direction is taken unobtrusively not only in seemingly critical moments of choiceLearning is continuous and comes in unexpected places Patchett describes an encounter with an adherent of Hare Krishna years ago at a Chicago airport While Patchett was leery of the man and his sect his goal was not to convert or to seduce Rather the Hare Krishna adherent wanted only to talk and to help Patchett with the mundane task of moving her heavy baggage from one section of the large airport to another distant part of the terminal Patchett learned from the young man's eagerness to talk and from his devotion to God as he understood God in the life he had chosen at least for that moment The Hare Krishna adherent had answered the uestion What Now by his life In other episodes Patchett shows how she unexpectedly spent time after her graduation from Sarah Lawrence in simply wandering and in working as a waitress at a chain fast food restaurant She seemed far from her goal of becoming a writer but learned things in unexpected ways from people she would not have thought had anything to teach her She came to her dream in a circuitous way Other people develop their dream as they go alongI do not feel especially stressed at retirement or at thinking about what to do But I did feel stressed much of the time as a younger man as I faced the What Now? choices Patchett describes college Law School career advancement and the possibility of uncertainty and disappointment There undoubtedly was much to learn as I faced these What Nows? Patchett's essay is simple and wise There is something to be said for both change and patience And people find what they need in unexpected placesRobin Friedman