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Book Ý Secrets Russkaya MafiyaOath Keepers MC #1 É 224 pages Download Þ Sapphire knight ë Running scared I’m forced to start completely over I escape to Tennessee where no one knows who I am I try to blend in and decide that a huge University will be the easiest way TaHe find me Will he hurt me againI have a secret you see I need a savior someone who can help me be freeI never expected to meet Tate MastersonStrong sexy and stubborn; with his alluring hazel eyes tattoos an TITLE SecretsSERIES Russkaya Mafiya Book 1 AUTHOR Sapphire Knight GENRE Contemporary RomancePUBLISHED March 7th 2015MY RATING 4 StarsI was gifted a copy of this direct from the author to get me out of my book funk bluesA GIRL ON THE RUN No one knows who I am or anything about me and that gives me a sense of safetyI MET THE MONSTER WHEN I WAS SIXTEEN AND HE WAS SEVENTEENOne of my most favourite genres is Mafia and I can not believe I've not seen or read this already This is also the first time I've read anything by this authorThe only reason why I've not rated this 5 stars is because with past mafia books I've read they have had that dark gritty element to them this is very mild to what I tend to read romance lovers will enjoy this thoughI loved how the Russian men spoke in their native tongue and beside it it was translated for us in English so we didn't have to go back each time to look up the translation at the beginning of the book Want to play KpacoraDepends on what exactly that means TateI lick up the side of his neck and he shivers He makes a rumbling sound in his throat and it's so sexyIt means I get to feel that sweet cnt wrapped around my cck little lamb I want to make you feel good againThe sex between these two was soooooo freaking hot Very explicit in detail steaming panty wetting hot Puts some of the erotic books I've read to shame The connection you get with all these characters is real the angst the friendships manipulation in it's rawest form love running from a troubled past you name it this book has it allBecause I'm one sick puppy I would've liked gore with it being Mafia the grit that has you sitting on the edge of your seat kind of feeling because that's how I see the Mafia in my mind they are people to be feared ruthless killers that you do not want to get on the bad side ofI loved Tate even though some of his cave man tendencies made me want to jump in the book and hit him over the head with my cast iron frying pan I did love his panty wetting character This is the type of man that could steal me own me and eventually break me

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Running scared I’m forced to start completely over I escape to Tennessee where no one knows who I am I try to blend in and decide that a huge University will be the easiest way Tainted scared and alone will This book is a college age romance featuring a heroine on the run from her abusive ex boyfriend and a hero that is a boss in the mafia but going to the same college as her As you can tell from the two star rating I had issues with this book The main issues were related to the writing it needed to be better The story was written in first person and the inner thoughts and conversations were stilted and annoying to read There were so many sentences that had exclamation points at the end as well The heroine and her friends came off as pretty immature and flighty for their ages We have to read so many of her thoughts and they are just so immature and rambling about stupid things The hero did not feel realistic as a Mob boss to me at all The funniest thing was that he randomly gets mad about the ex boyfriend harassing her and shouts out to anyone who could hear that he was the Russian Mafia What self respecting mobster yells that out in public Also funny was that the heroine was standing right there and didn't even notice that he said he was in the mob which she didn't know She was not the brightest star in the sky she seemed interested in how hot he was and how much money he hadSo basically this book did not work for me because of the mediocre writing the unrealistic story and the immature characters

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Secrets Russkaya MafiyaOath Keepers MC #1D Russian accent I never had a chance; he took one look at me and decided I was hisTate has a secret too; the Russkaya Mafiya is in his bloodHis secret could help save me but will Tate embrace it or destroy u Great ideabutAfter seeing the cover and the synopsis I just had to read this bookEmily is starting her new life she's finally escaped her past and is looking to keep a low profile and this is fine until the first day of class when she meets the bubbly Avery Avery turns out to be a great friend and drags Emily out of her shell Emily meets Luka Tate Masterson and wow does he take her breath away not only is he hot but he has the whole Russian accent thing going on how's a girl to resist thatBoth Emily and Tate have secrets and what will happen when those secrets come outFirst let me say I absolutely loved the idea behind this and I really wanted to like it but yes there's always a but firstly the writing wasn't brilliant the conversations felt stilted and immature now I'm well aware that I'm not the target audience for this book but my children and their friends are around this age and it just didn't feel right at allAlso I didn't particularly like Emily and I know she's suffered horribly in the past but I just didn't buy it she'd fly off the handle all the time she's supposed to be worried about her past catching up with her but she can't even get round to making a single phone call to check and then she has a huge TSTL moment that I just couldn't get overSo this book had potential but for me anyway it wasn't realised