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Serving aboard the Ananke an experimental military spacecraft launched by the ruthless organization that rules Earth and its solar system computer scientist Althea has established an intense emotional bond not with any of her crewmates but with the ship’s electronic systems which speak deeply to her analytical mind than human feelings do But when a pair of fugitive terrorists gain access. I picked this up because the I saw that the main character shares my name ; And because I love sci fi So I was predisposed to love the book Unfortunately I just wasn't able toThe premise Three crewmembers are aboard an experimental spacecraft on a top secret mission about which even they do not know all the details The action begins when they discover and capture two men who have illicitly boarded their craft Are the men simple burglars or space pirates Or are they affiliated with an infamous terrorist group which intends to bring down the entire interstellar empire known as The SystemThe System sends a senior investigator Ida Stays to interrogate the prisoners Before she gets there one of them escapes He's presumed dead but the investigator is none too pleased However at least she's still got one captive to uestionAnd then well the bulk of the book is the inuisitor a completely two dimensional character uestioning the guy and what he tells her He's mystifyingly forthcoming sitting down and blabbing his life story even though Ida's much vaunted interrogation techniues don't seem to consist of much than Talk to me And if I think you're lying I'll give you a truth serum Meanwhile there seems to be a ghost in the machine that machine being the ship's AI Althea the engineercomputer tech bumbles around trying to fix things getting emotional about the situation and trying to cover up how very confused she is about the malfunctionsWell that's about it I felt like I kept waiting for the story to get started but it never did The style of the writing felt like it ought to be a not too deep but entertaining exciting space opera but we just all sat there on a malfunctioning ship with some people talkingIt's been mentioned in multiple other reviews but I'm also compelled to chime in that the publisher's blurb comparing this to 'Alien' and 'Gravity' is wholly baseless All three stories do take place in space and feature astronauts That's where the similarities endMany thanks to Del Rey and NetGalley for the opportunity to read As always my opinions are solely my own

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LightlessTo the Ananke Althea must draw upon her heart and soul for the strength to defend her beloved ship While one of the saboteurs remains at large somewhere on board his captured partner the enigmatic Ivan may prove to be dangerous The perversely fascinating criminal whose silver tongue is his most effective weapon has long evaded the authorities’ most relentless surveillance and kept the t. wwwmelissa413readsalotblogspotcomI do not think the blurb is correct in stating this has any semblance what so ever to do with Gravity or Aliens and I'm not sure why it was described this way I thought the book was great in the beginning You have the 3 person crew which consists of the Captain Domitian the scientific officer Gagnon and the system mechanic Althea They are aboard the ship Ananke which is just one ship in the System Intelligence Agency I liked the fact that they were on their way to Pluto They traveled around to the different planets in our galaxy They had intruders board the ship that were affiliated with a terrorist agency Their names were Ivanov and Gale using just last names here Domitian and Althea caught them and put them in separate holding chambers Gale ends up getting away downloads a virus to their ship and takes off in the escape pod I thought all of this was very exciting and I loved Althea trying to figure out what Gale had done to her computer it was causing a lot of trouble with the ship in different ways The boring part to me comes when Ida Stays from System Intelligence comes to interrogate the prisoners She is very upset they let Gale get away but it is what it is A whole drawn out section of the book is about this interrogation with Ivanov about things that happened in the past and with the terrorist group It's just a never ending conversation I'm sure it will be fine for some people this is just my opinion but I found after so long it was just boring and tedious However all of the things going on with Althea and the ship is really interesting She finds out and disturbing things that have been done to the the ship and how it is changing I can't really say what happens as that will give away the ending I can say the ending is good and I wonder what is going to happen in the future I would like to thank NETGALLEY and RANDOMHOUSE PUBLISHING GROUP for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC for my honest review


CHARACTERS ✓ Lightless ð Serving aboard the Ananke an experimental military spacecraft launched by the ruthless organization that rules Earth and its solar system computer scientist Althea has established an intense emotional bond—not with any of her crewmates but with the ship’s electronic systems which speak deeply to her analytical mind than humanRuth about his methods and motives well hidden As the ship’s systems begin to malfunction and the claustrophobic atmosphere is increasingly poisoned by distrust and suspicion it falls to Althea to penetrate the prisoner’s layers of intrigue and deception before all is lost But when the true nature of Ivan’s mission is exposed it will change Althea forever if it doesn’t kill her fir. This book starts off as a full 5 star winner and then drives off a cliff down into the broken 1 star rocks at the bottom So I'm settling on 2 stars No You know what One star And here's why In space no one can hear you yawnYes as numerous others have said the marketing copy of Gravity meets Aliens is bullshit A good book can compensate for bad blurbs; this one can't You can also read a plot summary in a dozen other reviews so I won't go thereWhat I will say that hasn't been said before is that this is a short story not a novel At best it's a novella There's just not enough content to sustain 300 pages Maybe 20 As I said it starts off great but then we get 200 pages of a cardboard character interrogating a prisoner and nothing either of them says is at all interesting The characters don't have interesting backgrounds the world building is partially formed and the dialogue is jejune This seems to be some sort of half baked version of Orwell's 1984 in spaaaceThe thing that kept striking me as bizarre was that the book reads like it was written in 1959 There are computers but terminals are scattered throughout the ship I don't think anyone even has a smartphone or tablet It feels like a convoluted way to get Althea to try and correct a computer virus across from the cell holding the prisoner but the cell has a food slot or something in it so the two can talk I kept trying to picture it and just kept coming back to 1950s sci fi flicks It's not even as sophisticated as the silliness in Lost in Space or Voyage to the Bottom of the SeaThere isn't even a reason for the bad guys to be on the ship They find it by accident and decide to rob it as if it's a gas station Yet this is a super secret experimental spaceship with a super smart computer running it and it's powered by a black hole And why are there only three people on board It's clearly cavernous and needs lots of upkeep witness Althea literally running hither and yon from remote station to remote station yet it doesn't have even a skeleton crew It barely even has maintenance robots just arms on wheels like Dummy from the first Iron Man movieOnce the bad guys install a virus on the ship the only recourse is to cut off the computer's control by throwing a dead man switch which is placed inside a giant chamber holding the black hole Was this stupid thing designed by an especially incompetent Evil Overlord It's as if Higgins said In bad SF they don't have handrails; screw that I'm putting the switch next to the most powerful force in the universe And the only thing keeping people out will be a hatch held on by two wingnuts Talk about a killswitch Yeah the guy who designed the ship gets spaghettified by the black holeBesides falsely insisting on the GravityAliens comparison the cover also says the author has a degree in physics I kind of doubt that If true this book is so relentlessly dumb that I have to assume said degree comes from Trump University It says Cornell but it can't be the Cornell can it More like The Rocco Cornell University of Typewriter RepairAt the end of the story Althea tells the computer that they can't stay in the solar system because the ship will perturb the orbits of the various planets Which would make sense if there were a loose black hole sailing through the system but how the hell is the thing under control A black hole that can disrupt the planets would be too big to contain The one here has to be microscopic or it would have long ago devoured the ship not just the clumsy guy wh