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PDF ✓ BOOK Sprängaren ¹ MONEYEXPRESSCARD ✓ Stockholm is bustling with preparations for the upcoming summer Olympics when a bomb explodes in the city's new Olympic arena One of the most powerful women in Sweden Christina Furhage is blown to bits The police begin a wild and desperate chase for the killer while crime reporterStina Furhage is blown to bits The police begin a wild and desperate chase for the killer while crime reporter and mother of two Annika Bengtzon discovers connections no o This was my final Transworld Challenge book and I'm pleased that it wasn't my first I loved my first three choices but felt pretty let down by this oneWhat could have been a great action thriller was really spoilt for me by the amount of uneccessary and often irrelevant and tedious detail about the life of the main character Annika She's a gutsy heroine but not a likeable one and I got totally fed up by reading about how many taxis she took how many coffees she drank and how many salads she ate A plot which involves the destruction of Olympic venues sounds great it could have been a terrific story but for me it read like a soap opera and not a very good one at thatThere is a cover uote from Harlan Coben he says edge of your seat suspense the only way that this would make me get closer to the edge of the seat is not the suspense but because I'd dropped off to sleep

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Ne else sees Thus begins the first stand alone crime novel by Liza Marklund which follows the impulsive and passionate reporter Annika Bengtzon on her thrilling assignment I have been trying to figure out why I have not been an Annika Bengton fan as several of my GR buds are I figured it out with this book Liza Marklund reminds me of an NN version of American authors such as Lisa Jackson romance mystery writers where there is too much focus on the romance life of the main character I loath books like that and this series has progressively been getting worse in that area I thought there was not enough focus on the mystery twistedness and that it was WAY too light in its mystery aspect I was reading the series to review the author's upcoming release but feel with this book that I have enough to skip the next two in the series I just can't do it any I would recommend this series to any lovers of American romance mystery readers looking for an in to lighter Nordic Noir but would discourage any heavy NN readers such as myself to look at other authors

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SprängarenStockholm is bustling with preparations for the upcoming summer Olympics when a bomb explodes in the city's new Olympic arena One of the most powerful women in Sweden Chri After posting my review of Livstid yesterday I had a long online discussion with notgettingenough about the meaning of the word feminism and whether it was a good thing It says something about the power of Liza Marklund's novels that after reading one I found myself in the curious situation of being a man defending feminism to a womanMarklund is a single issue author she's writing to support her notion of feminism This word can indeed be interpreted in many ways Marklund is using it in a narrow sense She thinks that women are not treated well at most places of work and that this is very wrong She shows over and over again how men refuse to accept that women can do as good a job as they can even in cases when it is uite clear that the woman is in fact performing better than her male colleagues Her novels are full of examples of men using crude sexist sterotypes to downplay women's ability to contribute and to marginalize them She shows how painful this is for women and what a dreadful effect it can have on their self esteem and mental health She's very convincing It's particularly frightening that she's writing about Sweden which is probably the fairest and least gender biased country in the world If it's this bad in Sweden it's clearly going to be much worse nearly everywhere else It would be easy to say that since Swedish women have such a good deal compared to women elsewhere she should shut up Another way of looking at it is that Swedish women have made enough progress towards sexual euality that they can say this kind of thing and be taken seriously Several of Marklund's novels have topped the Swedish bestseller list I view that as extremely positiveIn my humble opinion one of the reasons why feminism has done so well in Sweden is that Swedish feminists like Marklund have intelligently prioritised their demands They have focussed on euality in the workplace reasoning that if they can succeed there the rest will follow Marklund believes passionately that women should support each other at work She is not trying to convince you that sex is rape that all women should be lesbians or anything remotely similar Annika Bengtzon the heroine of her series is heterosexual and perfectly happy with her sexual orientation She has had a complicated and messy private life which at least as far as I can see is in no way intended as feminist propaganda In Paradiset she got involved with Thomas a married man who ends up divorcing his wife and marrying her In Livstid Thomas leaves Annika for another woman In private life Marklund clearly believes that all's fair in love and war Marklund is splendidly bitchy about Annika's rivals inter alia we learn that one of them is frigid and has really small boobs This is one of the things that gives the series its undeniable charm and stops it from being a dull piece of feminist preachingAs you can tell she sold me and I'm not even a woman Most people consider Sprängaren to be her best book I really liked it