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Read Death Without Company ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ Walt investigates a death by poison in this gripping novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Cold Dish and Dry Bones the second in the  Longmire Mystery Series the basis for LONGMIRE the hit Netflix original seriesFans of Ace Atkins Nevada Barr and Robert Ed at the Durant Home for Assisted Living Sheriff Longmire is drawn into an investigation that reaches fifty years into the mysterious woman’s dramatic Basue past Aided by his friend Henry Standing Bear Deputy Victoria Moretti and newcomer Santiago Saizarbitoria Sheriff Longmire must connect the specter of the past to the present to find the killer among them. I wouldn't say this Wyoming crime novel was anything spectacular I mean it is good just not great but it's the humor that Johnson uses as he did in book 1 that makes this an enjoyable read I'm not sure if I'll tackle the entire series but this was definitely good enough to make me want to add part 3

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Walt investigates a death by poison in this gripping novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Cold Dish and Dry Bones the second in the  Longmire Mystery Series the basis for LONGMIRE the hit Netflix original seriesFans of Ace Atkins Nevada Barr and Robert B Parker will love Craig Johnson New York Times bestselling author of Hell Is Empty and As. ”A life without friends means death without company Adiskidegabeco bizita auzogabeko heriotza” Basue ProverbOne thing that Walt Longmire will never be short of are friends He also will never have to look far to find an enemy either but when your bestfriend is a Cheyenne warrior named Henry Standing Bear tested in the killing fields of Vietnam you are never in trouble than the two of you can't climb out of ”It was three against two but I had the Indian and that always evened things out” When a Basue woman named Mari Baroja is found dead at the local assisted living home Walt has no idea how complicated his life is about to become His friend and mentor Lucian former sheriff of Absaroka County and current resident of the same home insists what looks like a natural death is murder Now Walt has known Lucian for most of his life and he thought he knew everything there was about him He was wrongIt turns out that Lucian has a relationship with Mari dating back than fifty years and he still bears a visible dent in his head compliments of her four brothers These revelations raise uestions especially regarding the disappearance of Mari’s abusive husband Charlie Nurburn Mari because she outlived her four brothers inherited a significant amount of land rich in natural resources It is starting to get complicated and now Walt has found a motive for murder The murder weapon of choice is straight out of an Agatha Christie novel The misidentity aspects of the plot also had me thinking of Dame Christie As bodies start to pile up I was starting to think a drawing room would be showing up for the final reveal Walt is soon looking for a 6’5” methamphetamine addict for answers Hard to hide even in Wyoming when you are even taller than the local sheriff People remember seeing you The problem with a man that big wired on meth is he can get you killed Walt has a near death experience trapped under the ice of a river trying to bring this man in for uestioning ”They say that your life passes before your eyes but that’s not what happens What happens is that you think of all the things you didn’t get done big things small things all the things that are left”Remember that Indian well as long as Henry is breathing Walt will always have a than even chance of surviving anything Their relationship is closer than brothers and when you see one the other isn’t far behind If you mess with one you have to calculate the odds of messing with both of them My advice don’t mess with them Wyoming weather will kill you even if you just slip up a littleWalt has woman problems make that women problems His wife died a few years ago and her presence is a shadow over every woman he looks at with any degree of interest He is looking at Maggie a friend for a moment with wise eyes ”When I looked she was looking at me with the sea blue at full tide She smiled just a little and then turned back to Henry It wasn’t fair It wasn’t fair to chase a ghost through someone else’s body to try and capture a part of someone who was lost by taking someone who was found”Walt also offers some great advice for women ”I looked over at her; if women knew how good they looked in the dash light of oversized pickup trucks they’d never get out of them”It’s true so true People talk about bar lighting but dash board lights have that smoky atmosphere beat hands down I bet it doesn’t hurt the way men look either Now Walt’s problems with Maggie are minor leagues compared to his issues with his deputy out of Pennsylvania Vic Moretti ”In the dim glow of the stained glass of the billiard’s light and the Rainier beer advertisements my chief deputy looked like some courtly renaissance woman the kind that would poison your wine”Run you are thinking run like your boots are on fire and the stream is a mile away There are reasons why women like Anne Boleyn can tear a king and a kingdom apart They can change history withjustonekiss ”I started to step around Vic but when I did she turned and slipped my left hand into a reverse wristlock that suddenly brought my head down to her level I could smell the alcohol on her breath The big tarnished gold eyes blinked as she reached out and nibbled my lower lip gently sliding into a long slow vacuumShe kissed like she was pulling venomHer hand glided down the back of my neck the nails leaving scorched earth as they went She pulled her face back and I wasn’t sure if I could stand She studied me for the effect lessening the pressure on my left hand as I rose away from her willing my injured leg to stop trembling”To hell with the Catholic church Ohwaitwrong century The evocative scenery of Wyoming and the fickleness of the weather and the cast of characters that Craig Johnson moves around with such deftness and assuredness is not like reading a mystery It is like drinking a cold beer with your skin stained with work sweat It is like driving an old pickup that smells of grease and rust It is like catching lightning in a bottle A cup of coffee and a Longmire will work fine until you need something stronger to drinkThere is humor in the books that for some reason isn’t translating as well to the TV series It is deadpan and will catch you so unawares that you will laugh out loud You will become so enmeshed in these characters that when someone does something nice for Walt you will feel like they just did it for you When they feel pain you will feel a twinge in the same place Highly recommended for those who like books about the American West or for those who just like great writing For those who may have missed it here is the link to my review of The Cold Dish

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Death Without CompanyThe Crow Flies who garnered both praise and an enthusiastic readership with his acclaimed debut novel featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire The Cold Dish the first in the Longmire Mystery Series the basis for LONGMIRE now on Netflix Now Johnson takes us back to the rugged landscape of Absaroka County Wyoming for Death Without Company When Mari Baroja is found poison. I have so much I want to say about this book Since there are many many summaries out there I'm going to skip over that part and go straight to my impressionsI'm a fan of the Longmire series on AE but I had never thought of reading the books until I was told by a friend that it would give me much better insight into the series She also cautioned that although the television series is based on the books I should keep them separate as I was readingI found this to be very true as I read and I found that I came to like the character of Sheriff Longmire even than I already did The book is told in the first person from his point of view and his prolonged silences make so much sense now I usually really hate reading books written in the first person because the narrator can be difficult to relate to or unreliable but in this case it really works This is a man who is blend of humor and tragedy and this makes him uniuely suited to be the narrator of what can sometimes be a difficult story to tell Longmire narrates from the perspective of his age and experience He still feels deep and powerful emotions but he has created a space in his consciousness where he view and report these feelings dispassionately What makes him the lawman he is however is also what makes it so difficult for him to connect with other people Thankfully other characters sense that they are what tether him to reality and Longmire's greatest asset are the people he surrounds himself with All of these themes about man against naturehimself community and frontier are explored through a prose style I found delightfully pleasant to read Like so many authors writing in this genre Craig Johnson could have chosen to get caught up in long winded descriptions of nature or Native American spiritualism; these elements are present but they are shared with care and meaning The people are most important part of the narrative and Johnson's writing style forces me to slow down and work a little harder to collect the clues It's a prose style that welcomes the reader and encourages sitting down and resting a spell; it really makes me want to to know what happens next The theme of community is powerful and I was surprised by the variety of communities within Absaroka County It takes a uniue personality to survive life on the frontier and these hardy people put down roots that can reach back for generations Walt Longmire and his Cheyenne best friend Henry Standing Bear have grown up together over a lifetime that has included being enemies before being friends Lucian the old sheriff seems like a Hollywood caricature of the frontier sheriff but as the book progresses there is a sense that he maintained law in a place that didn't always have much patience or use for it Deputy Victoria Vic Moretti is the transplant from the big city she's foul mouthed and dismissive of this different view of life but she's also drawn to put down roots and create a home for herself in a place that accepts her the way she is Young Santiago Saizarbitoria is added in this second installment and I liked him as much as all the ladies in the story do The list goes on and on and it seems like everybody has a story woven into the tapestry of the town; this isn't the big city where neighbors never meet these people survive by learning to walk the fine line between independence and interdependenceOne of this book's most important themes is the sense of place the American Frontier as a living place I've heard many people say that Americans don't have a culture like people from other countries but this isn't true American culture is steeped in the frontier and even people who live in large urban areas identify with the fierce independence toughness and resilience of the pioneer The frontier is where people who were different went to reinvent themselves to start over fresh and the characters in Death Without Company remind the reader of this but in a thoroughly modern sense No matter how technologically advanced we get as a society or how liberal our views become there are still places in this country where man stands resolute not only against his fellow man and the forces of nature but also against himself This is the most excited I've been about a series in a long time and I find myself both sad and happy Sad as in Why the heck did it take me so long to start reading this series Happy as in There are nine books in this series Yee haw