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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream review í eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö Pubblicato nel 1971 sulla rivista musicale Rolling Stone il libro narra del viaggio di un giornalista sportivo e del suo avvocato a bordo di una ChevroleAmerica di uegli anni l'America degli sconfitti persi in un baratro che le droghe ed i miti andati in frantumi non hanno potuto colmare Il romanzo è accompagnato da una Piccola Enciclopedia Psichedelica composta da nomi prestigiosi e inatte. the indisputable thompson of his time

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Buggy Il viaggio si rivela allucinante esilarante e disperato I due protagonisti sotto l'effetto della droga assistono a una trasformazione totale della realtà che assume le più imprevedibili sfaccettature Il romanzo disegna il uadro dell'. Whoop whoop yeehaw arrrrghflurszlegastle shit shit shit drugs make you crazy Yes yes they do So the first uestion is exactly how many drugs did Hunter S Thompson actually imbibe when writing this book Either one too many or not enough would be my answer First off I'd like to critiue the author photo on the inside sleeve of this book Hello there's Hunter S Thompson staring out from the page He is wearing what can only be described as a three tone patch work denim shirt and old skool Aviators and draped in an American Flag He's standing in front of a clever montage of boiled sharks jaws a la Robert Shaws boat house in Jaws another couple of miscellaneous animal skulls and a hunting knife which has been jabbed into the wooden shelf Aside from the fact that I'm a vegetarian and not at all patriotic towards America or even my own country I have to say that three tone denim is an extremely ill advised look Mr Thompson; one might even go so far as to say a mighty fashion faux pas hence the loss of a star in the ratings Moving onI didn't hate this book or loath it but I didn't exactly love it either but am at the same time weirdly impressed and drawn in shucks i'm upping the rating to a fat five stars Cult status for this sort of thing is freuently imposed by people who look at this sort of tale as a potential bible to live by Listen up kids taking this amount of drugs would fuck you up so good that you would probably shit your brain out of your own ear and not even notice I've never taken so many drugs as to shit my brain out of my own ear but I did once have my own Fear and Loathing style road trip experienceA few years ago I was travelling from the Iranian Border to a town in a mountainous read as not touristy region of Turkey on the train Three gentleman arrived at the station dressed as deeply religious local individuals full on beards prayer beads traditional shalwar and skull caps loaded their motor bikes onto the rear of the train and proceeded to the yatakli car sleeper car After a while I encountered them again in the dining car and pretty uickly became sure that they were not local After some hard eye balling across the carriage we eventually struck up a conversation and it turns out that said gentlemen were en route back to their home town country of the Czech Republic having just been to Afghanistan Their behaviour was a bit erratic and the random disguise was clearly falling apart after a large amount of beer and spirits were consumed Every time we entered a tunnel they'd jump up on the tables and chairs wave their arms over their heads and should wooloolooloooloooooo for as long as we were in the tunnel Yes you're thinking this is not the behaviour of a saneun stoned person Clearly When the beer had run out and we still had another 12 hours of train trapped boredom to endure they asked if I would like to join them for the rest of the journey and participate in a party On offer was a share of some of the high end products that they claimed to have brought in bulk from Afghanistan Having seen Midnight Express I declined and returned to my seat About an hour later one of the individuals was so out of his mind that he decided to go into the main carriage and tried to climb into the overhead luggage rack for a sleep after mistaking it for his own bed then getting into a big argument with people who were unhappy about a man drooling and snoring on their suitcases The gendarme were called rather unluckily there was a whole platoon of them travelling at the rear of the train The gentlemen were removed from the train screamed at severely kicked and pistol whipped had a few AK47's pointed very levelly at their heads and advised in no uncertain terms that this was not an acceptable way to behave The bottom line Apparently you can only get away with this kind of behaviour in Vegas

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American DreamPubblicato nel 1971 sulla rivista musicale Rolling Stone il libro narra del viaggio di un giornalista sportivo e del suo avvocato a bordo di una Chevrolet rossa La meta è Las Vegas dove si tiene la Mint 400 sgangherata corsa di moto e Dune. Yes I see all the raving reviews and the four and five star ratings but I honestly don’t remember the last time I was so bored and annoyed by a book Barring a massive conspiracy maybe I just didn’t get this book This is what I got from the book Please help me if missed something We drove than 100 miles an hour while drunk and high WAHAHAHA We ran up a huge bill and fled the hotel without paying it WAHAHAHA We picked up a teenage girl and gave her drugs and then left her alone all scared and paranoid WAHAHAHA We nearly strangled the poor cleaning lady WAHAHAHA Do the good people who’ve never done and will never do and in reality will be uite appalled by the things described in this book really find these tales so interesting and charming Or did this book offer subliminal messages about human nature or sociopolitical conditions of its time that I missed What does this have to do with the heart of the American dream Describing the book as some kind of a backlash against the Vietnam War and the fraudulent Nixon administration must be another joke that I don’t get This book somehow reminded me of Sexual Life of Catherine M People waving their filthy laundry – the stench going up to high heavens – in our face just out of sheer narcissism Look at me Aren’t I greatThis book must have been really cool and hip when it was published in 1971 If anyone writes a book like this these days the only thing that I have to say is grow the fuck up