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review A Starlet in Venice (Nights in Venice #3) Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Every single man who looks at me wants me To them I am merely a sexy body there to play a leading role in their wet dreams I am never anything Except Liam Liam Callahan wants only friendship from me and I should be delighted I certainly?t want to be bent over his lap and spanked I don’t want to be tied up and flogged and I definitely don’t want him to make love to meDo. A Starlet In VeniceTara CrescentThis story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest reviewTara Crescent continues to write one winning story after another and this one does not disappoint This is the third story in this series and I think it is my favourite Tatiana Cordova works as a well know actress and her best friend is Liam Callahan who is the Manager at Casanova BDSM Club They spend a lot of their spare time together hanging out eating dinners and watching movies They are both are harbouring secret love feelings but are scared to act out on them in case their friendship suffersOne night she goads him into punishing her and causes him to spank her This is above all of her expectations and she finds herself wanting Tatiana has never been able to enjoy sex she has never had an orgasm and her girlfriends all suggest that Liam should be the one to change that status for her After the punishment when her emotions and adrenalin is running high she says “ Liam will you make love to me” Thus begins that love story that is Tia and Liam Now Tia has been through a lot of crap as she was growing up and she does not feel she is loveable because of the three secrets she is holding on to She needs to be able to open up and share these in order to move forward with her life Hopefully Liam is man enough to be there for her both physically and emotionally “When it is the woman that you love it isn’t just sex that matters It’s intimacy”With those thoughts and feelings he is bound to be there for her but he needs to tread carefully least she spookI thought this story was the best It dragged me in from the beginning The characters have tremendous depth to them Tia’s history is heartbreaking but it makes her the strong person that she is I thought the sex scenes were perfect just a little bit of kink the right amount of sex and yet still very believable and easy to read I liked that there was an indepth story as well I dislike reading a book that totally focuses only on bedroom scenes There is just something I tend to love about best friends becoming lovers I was rooting for them from the beginning I would rate this story a 55 and would eagerly read another story by Tara Crescent

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Every single man who looks at me wants me To them I am merely a sexy body there to play a leading role in their wet dreams I am never anythi. 5 rabbit Stars This is the story of the last girl at the orphanage The actress Tia who was never looked at for than her body tits ass and vagina She may be beautiful but she also has 3 big fat secrets Tatiana I had three big secrets No one knew them all and these secrets shaped the person I had become I had never shared them with anyone because to tell them would be to strip me barre Revealed by them I would be raw and naked and completely vulnerable And I couldn’t let myself trust anyone that much Tatiana meets Liam in the last book and has formed a very long friendship with Liam but she has learned that shes in love with Liam But Liam also has a secret Hes in love with Tia but he wants her to tell him she wants him first When she called my name it spoke to my soul And every single time since When it is the woman you love it isn’t just sex that matters Its intimacy Tia sees Liam with a submissive at this club Cassanova –he owns it and wants that from Liam And she trains a bit to be his submissive with paddles clamps and whips oh my Liam really does want Tia for his girlfriend and any way he can have her And proves to her that her body should be worshipped they are than sex and they are amazing together And at the end of the book they realize their hearts beat as one and they are the lucky ones This is the conclusion to the Venice books all three of our orphans found love eachother and a purpose And they also found a whole lot of kink  Tara is one of my favorite BDSM authors and I have greedily ARC Bought everything she has made If you want a BDSM scene to make you feel like you are there than Tara is your girl I recommend eating chocolate and wearing lacy underwear during your reads P

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A Starlet in Venice Nights in Venice #3Ng Except Liam Liam Callahan wants only friendship from me and I should be delighted I certainly don’t want anything else from him I don?. I have been enjoying this series with Antonio and Lucia in A Thief in Venice and Enzo and Alice in An Heiress in Venice but I must say my favorite is Tia and Liam in A Starlet in Venice Enzo Antonio and Tatiana Tia grew up together in an orphanage in Venice None of them had it easy but I will say Tia had it the worst and she kept it to herself instead of telling anyone what was happening with her Because of what happened to her Tia had a hard time connecting with men Liam is friends with Tia and a Dominate at a BDSM club her feelings have been growing towards him but she is unsure what she can do about it since she doesn't want to lose his friendshipGreat story definitely some sad parts but a HOT readI received an advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest review