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Free download Lily Renée, Escape Artist ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ In 1938 Lily Renée Wilheim is a 14 year old Jewish girl living in Vienna Her days are filled with art and ballet Then the Nazis march into Austria and Lily's life is shattered overnight Suddenly her own country is no longer safe for her or her Wn country is no longer safe for her or her family To survive Lily leaves her parents behind and travels alone to England Escaping the Nazis is only the start of Lily's journey She must escape many tim. 35 StarsIt would have been practically impossible to write one of my usual reviews on this wonderful graphic novel from Trina Robbins because it is so shortI had drawn and coloured in within the lines too a sprawling and epic graphic review of this novel and it was spectacular but just as I was about to scan in my masterpiece onto my computer It um broke coughSo yeah you’ll have to make do with this bog standard review This graphic novel follows the story of Lily Renee Wilhelm an Austrian girl who was sixteen when the Nazis forced her family to uproot and move to Vienna After witnessing the horrifying and brutal acts that took place in this period Especially the mention of Kristallnacht an event that I learnt about in my history GCSE but never read any books that depicted it Lily is sent to England in a short lived scheme set up by Germany to protect the children from the inevitable war Before I started this book I knew nothing about Lily’s life and I found her story of surviving against the odds to become a hugely successful comic book illustrator fascinating But I couldn’t help but feel like this book was a ridiculously fast paced and rushed in some partsI would have loved to have read about Lily’s time in England and for Ms Robbins to have explored the complex feelings that the British undoubtedly felt towards Lily along with the other AustrianGerman children who were evacuated while their cities were being ravaged by German bombers Also I think the story would have benefitted from a bit detail on what happened to Lily when she landed on America and how she became to be a noted illustrator There were a lot of gaps that could have been filled in by just adding a few pages just to clear things up and make the transitions feel less hurried as they did It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of graphic novels and the aesthetics of this book did not disappoint me It is blatant that Ms Robbins is a master illustrator and knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to creating affective and beautiful drawings The vivid and lavish colours of the illustrations really complimented Lily’s fascinating story and the tragic history of the period After a few hours snooping on the Internet I feel it is well worth researching the life of Lily Renee Philips Her life is a fascinating and remarkable story and one that I feel should be much widely known about I received a copy of this book from the publishers You can read the review for this book others and plenty exciting stuff at my blog here

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In 1938 Lily Renée Wilheim is a 14 year old Jewish girl living in Vienna Her days are filled with art and ballet Then the Nazis march into Austria and Lily's life is shattered overnight Suddenly her o. 25 Starsdeducted5 Star for the crazy abrupt ending

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Lily Renée Escape ArtistEs from servitude hardship and danger Will she find a way to have her own sort of revenge on the Nazis Follow the story of a brave girl who becomes an artist of heroes and a true pioneer in comic books. It seems only natural that the biography of a comic book artist should be told in a graphic book Lily Renée Wilhelms was the 14 year old daughter of well to do Jewish parents in 1938 Vienna Austria The family had many friends in Vienna but when Austria became part of Germany that year they lost not just their friends but eventually everything they owned In 1939 Lily was invited to by her English pen pal to come live with them She became part of the Kindertransport before it ended in September 1939 England should have been a refuge for Lily but her pen pal’s mother turned out to be a rather cruel woman who expected her to do all the housework and shopping She also neglected to feed her during the day so Lily was forced to live only on high tea in the eveningEventually she ran away and took work as a mother’s helper for various doctor’s families But in 1940 England considered people of German and Austrian descent to be Enemy Aliens and they were placed in internment camps Again Lily was forced to run away to London where she is encouraged to turn herself in to the police Because she is still a minor Lily is again placed on another Kindertransport this time to the United States Sadly up until now she had no idea what had become of her parents but she is told that her parents are in now New York so when her ship docked the family is finally reunited Away from the war and the Nazis the Wilhelms family begins to adjust to living in New York City Lily works as an artist for catalogues but soon her mother encourages her to apply for a job at Fiction House Comics From there she worked her way up from eraser to penciling a character named Jane Martin to getting her own character Senorita Rio As a long time lover of comic books I thought this graphic memoir was uite well done The story of Lily's life was clearly presented and there were short but thorough explanation of some of the events that impacted the lives of her and her parents My only problem was the timeline Sometimes I felt I was led to think some of Lily’s experiences lasted longer than they turned out to be At the end of the book is section called ‘More about Lily’s Story’ This includes a short glossary of German to English terms that are used followed by a section that gives the reader broader explanations of many of the different things in Lily’s world that they might not be familiar with ranging from such topics as the difference between Nazi Concentration Camps and British Internment Camps to a description of the Automat an inexpensive eatery that no longer existsThe artwork in Lily Renée Escape Artist From Holocaust Survivor to Comic Book Pioneer is excellent The drawings are clearly and cohesively done portraying the events that impacted the Wilhelms family as well as their reactions The colors are vivid and somehow seem so appropriate for the period this memoir covers The author Trina Robbins is herself a comic book artist one of the founders of the all women’s comic book ‘Wimmen’s Comix’ She is also a writer and historian of feminist pop culture She is a co founder of Friends of Lulu of Little Lulu fame my favorite comic book which is dedicated to women and comicsOn the whole I think that Lily RenéeEscape Artist From Holocaust Survivor to Comic Book Pioneer would be an excellent story for middle grade readers who are curious or are learning about the Holocaust and I would recommend this graphic biography to anyone with an interestThis book is recommended for readers age 9 12The book was a received as an E ARC from Netgalleycom It will be released on 1112011More information about Lily Renee may be found at Woman in Comics