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G a witch or a ghost or a superhero–Penny is always one of the Beatles along with the rest of her familyBut this year she’s got the Club and the support of an amazin. Brace yourselves because I am about to talk some shitThis short story was hideous from start to finish I can't believe how hypocritical Penny Lane Bloom can be; this girl is trying to give us a goddamn lecture on feminism for a paragraph and just goes straight to SLUT SHAMING girls in the next one another thing that drove me crazy about Halloween was how some girls used it to dress up in as little clothing as possible Sexy Nurse Sexy Teacher Sexy Nun notice a theme Are they really dressing up in a bra and hot pants for themselves Of course not It was always for a guy Or to get attention from a guyWe were so above thatEXCUSE THE FUCK OUT OF MEYOU HAVE TO BE FUCKING KIDDING METhis girl that just talked about how the members of that stupid ass club were dressing as uote fabulous females How can she even be an idol to girls in her high school when all she does is criticize teens that like to dress in form fitting clothing or wear stilettos She has this type of hypocritical and disgusting thoughts all the darn time I have dressed as a Sexy Devil and have an I of 140 my best friends have dressed as Sexy Bunnies and are some of the funniest bitches in town It was all for a Halloween party and we were feeling ourselves that night We looked hot as fuck because we wanted good pictures good memories and to receive compliments from the other girls at the party who were dressed as Sexy Fucking Anything because they wanted to And to read a book that wants to send such a girl power message and talks like this about other women just frustrates me and makes me sick with their respective girlfriends Pam and Audrey The word 'respective' was only to reference to which girl dated which guy since by their outfits there was absolutely no respect going on Pam was dressed as continues to shit on the girls' outfits because for some fucking reason a young woman cannot expose skin in front of a man because it automatically makes her a whore and that is a bad bad thing And it's the end of October In IllinoisStay classy ladiesHOW CAN SOMEONE HAVE NOT NOTICED WHAT A BITCH PENNY IS AND GIVE THIS SHORT STORY MORE THAN ONE STARYOUNG GIRLS READ THIS BULLSHITYOUNG GIRLS PROBABLY THOUGHT PENNY WAS A FEMINIST ICONWell she is judging who goes to Hell and who gets to enter Heaven with her respect deserving minions because if a woman shows her midriff she is off to Satan That hooker got no respect for herself or for Judge Penny Lane Bloom who is terrified of freedom of fashion for all I can tell Go fuck yourself Penny the worth of a woman isn't lowered based on what she wearsReseña de El club de los corazones solitarios 1er libro ña de A Hard Day's Night 1era historia corta ña de Two of Us 2nda historia cortaña de From Me To You 3era historia cortaña de Mucho más ue un club de chicas 2ndo libro

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A Hard Days Night The Lonely Hearts Club #1 1G group of girls who all have each other’s backs So when someone tries to ruin Halloween for one member the Club sets out to prove revenge is a dish best served en mas. Author Elizabeth Eulberg is best known for her romantic young adult contemporary realistic fiction The Lonely Hearts Club published almost five years ago which was full of music fun and humor It was the story of Penny Lane Bloom who caught the only guy she ever loved with another girl and it changed her life for better or for worse All guys are unreliable Yes that’s right except the Fab Four The Beatles And inspired by one of their songs Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club she started a club called The Lonely Hearts exclusively for girls who have sworn not to date high school boys anyA Hard Day's Night is the first book in The Lonely Hearts Club #11 series and takes place before the twenty seventh chapter of The Lonely Hearts Club and revolves around Halloween which incidentally is not one of Penny Lane’s great loves At the point of time when this short story takes place members of the club aren’t allowed to date When Halloween comes around in the month of October Penny Lane is uite excited But her spirit is dampened when someone plays spoilsport for one member of the club How the club members rally around that member is what A Hard Day’s Night is all about If you have loved Elizabeth’s other books you’ll certainly enjoy this uick read

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DOWNLOAD A Hard Days Night (The Lonely Hearts Club, #1.1) î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Penny Lane Bloom founder of The Lonely Hearts Club has never loved Halloween Her dad’s a dentist so she’s never been allowed much in the way of candy And forget being a witch or a ghost or a superhero–PePenny Lane Bloom founder of The Lonely Hearts Club has never loved Halloween Her dad’s a dentist so she’s never been allowed much in the way of candy And forget bein. Very cute Did the perfect job of making me want to re read The Lonely Hearts Club and get my hands on We Can Work It OutIf you're not a fan of the books already this might be the way to get into Eulberg's writing and her girl power world