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If I Could Turn Back Time review æ 103 ´ Told with Beth Harbison's wit and warmth If I Could Turn Back Time is the fantasy of every woman who has ever thought If I could go back in time knowing what I know now I'd do things so differentlyThirty seven year old Ramie Phillips has led a very successful life She made her fortune and now she hob nTold with Beth Harbison's wit and warmth If I Could Turn Back Time is the fantasy of every woman who has ever thought If I could go back in time knowing what I know now I'd do things so differentlyThirty seven year old Ramie Phillips has led a very successful life She made her fortune and now she hob nobs with the very rich and occasionally the semi famous and she enjoys luxuries she only dreamed of as a middle class kid growing up in Potom. It's hard to remember now why I picked up IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME I think it was the promise of time travel which I tend to enjoy But the blurb hints at one of my major problems with the book IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME falls into that old pattern of successful self made woman figures out what she really needs is to be emotionally honest and find her soulmateIn the end I think IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME did some interesting things but they tended to be too little too late The execution of the beginning didn't grab me When Ramie wakes up after her disastrous 38th birthday party as a seventeen year old she falls into a tendency to repeat information over and over as if the reader might've forgotten a detail from the previous two pages The timeline also doesn't uite work Ramie is clear that the first time she lost her virginity was six months after her eighteenth birthday but that she and the guy broke up at their graduation party a few days after her eighteenth birthdayThe biggest problem is that all of the interesting stuff is rushed and crammed into the ends of the novel IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME starts to complicate things and introduce the idea that Ramie is driven and motivated and wouldn't be happy as just a housewife having children Her career doesn't get completely jettisoned which I definitely appreciated but the actual romance ended up being just a sketch of an idea after her romantic life was built up so muchIF I COULD TURN BACK TIME has some interesting ideas but I just couldn't get invested Does any almost forty year old woman really think that her high school boyfriend might've been the one I don't think Ramie was fulfilled at the beginning of the novel but I was never convinced that focusing on her high school romance was a good focus for reflecting on her regrets

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Ac Maryland But despite it all she can't ignore the fact that she isn't necessarily happy In fact lately Ramie has begun to feel than a little emptyOn a boat with friends off the Florida coast she tries to fight her feelings of discontent with steel will and hard liuor No one even notices as she gets up and goes to the diving board and dives offSuddenly Ramie is waking up straining to understand a voice calling in the distanceIt's her mothe. If you had the opportunity to go back to high school to change your path in life would you This is the uestion that If I could Turn Back Time tries to answer On the eve of her 38th birthday while Sailing on a yacht with her friends and acuaintances Ramie Phillips reflects on her life and the choices she has made she realizes that she chose a path of practicality and safety and as a result has become cold Post reflection she winds up hitting her head while diving overboard When Ramie awakens she has returned to her childhood home to discover it is the eve of her 18th birthday Ramie now has the opportunity to correct the mistakes she made when she turned 18 She reconnects with her parents and her high school boyfriend and ultimately discovers that changing her past is not the answer she needs to embrace the present in order to gain the life she desiresIf I Could Turn Back Time is a fun summer read I highly recommend

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If I Could Turn Back TimeR Wake up You're going to be late for school again I'm not writing a note this timeRamie finds herself back on the eve of her eighteenth birthday with a second chance to see the people she's lost and change the choices she regrets How did she get back here Has she gone off the deep end Is she really back in time Above all she'll have to answer the uestion that no one else can What it is that she really wants from the past and for her future. Ever wonder what it would be like to wake up the day before you turn 18 againWhile out on her yacht with friends Ramie is partying it up when she cartwheels right off the yacht and wakes up the day before her eighteenth birthday When she fell into the water She was 38 so waking up right before you turn 18 again is definitely a trippy experience for Ramie Getting to do things differently right some wrongs and all that made for an interesting storyRamie was an interesting character one that I didn’t think I would connect all that much with but in little ways I did This book made me think to when I was 18 the choices that I made back then Would I change things or not It made me remember the kind of person I was back then How different things were back then and how the choices I made then molded me into the person that I am right now Would I risk losing everything I have now to maybe change my life for the betterEven after reading through Ramie’s journey I’m not sure if I would or notThis was an enjoyable book and I probably would have enjoyed the book if the middle didn’t drag and if the lessons being taught in this book didn’t come off as so freaking preachy There were times when I would put this book down because I didn’t want to roll my eyes down the street I felt that I was being preached to and I’m not a fan of that in the books that I read for fun I thought this book would be a lot lighter than it actually was and even though I enjoyed the beginning and the end the middle was hard to get through at times I wanted to speed things up a lotIt was a solid story but not uite what I was expecting and wanted I will definitely be reading books from Harbison though because the beginning to this book was strong and the ending did a great job of wrapping things up so I’m game for Grade 3 out of 5